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Next Night at The Cheshire Lounge

Wednesday 29th December 2010

"Christmas Holiday Mid-Week Special"

Guest DJ's: Melvern Bell & Geoff Allman

(We were thinking about promoting this night as a "Red Hall" Reunion but that's so "Last Year"! )

If the snow continues to fall don't worry as we will be set up from about 21.00, so pull on your "Hunters / Ugs" and get out of the house for some " Soul Sanctuary". A guaranteed "Party Popper / Tinsel Free Zone", without this means of escape how are you going to make it until New Year? No need to worry about "Tickets & Booking Fees" just turn up and POTD. As always the Music and Sound system will be to the highest standard - would you even consider anything less?


Future Nights For Your Diary:

Seductive Soul @ The Cheshire Lounge

Saturday 22nd January 2011


Future Dates Up To February 2012

Saturday 26th February 2011, Saturday 19th March 2011, Saturday 9th April 2011 (early due to vacation to Baltic Soul), Saturday 21st May 2011, Saturday 18th June 2011, Saturday 16th July 2011, Saturday 20th August 2011, Saturday 10th September 2011 (week early due to holidays), Saturday 15th October 2011,Saturday 19th November 2011, Saturday 17th December 2011, Christmas Mid Week Special - Wednesday 28th December 2011, Saturday 21st January 2012, Saturday 18th February 2012, and the beat goes on........

Above dates subject to confirmation with The Cheshire Lounge

June 2010 Jukebox for all who kept on asking for an update. Lot's of "Early Doors" tracks and personal favourites - please note you can adjust volume / set play list to "Shuffle".

Files not "Trimmed" so some may take a few seconds to start up

If you are unable to see these two "Flash" Jukeboxes, advise you download


Want To Stay Over for Seductive Soul at The Cheshire Lounge ?

Weekend deals at both the above for double and twin rooms - if staying over easy to drive out for a "Shopping Day" at The Trafford Centre or have a lazy day in Altrincham or Hale before coming down to The Cheshire Lounge (5 mins in a taxi).


Many Thanks to all our Guests who braved the elements on Saturday 18th December



What Types Of Music are Played?

All types of "Quality" Soul Music are played by the DJ's who have a passion for the music - be that Modern Soul, Jazzy Grooves, Crossover Soul, Y2K, Jazz Funk, Mellow Grooves or any other musical type that oozes that one important factor : "Soul"

Seductive Soul Radio Show

1st Saturday / Sunday of the month

Midnight until 2.00am on Starpoint Radio and Friday afternoon at 1.00pm

DJ :Jim Hargreaves


Click above to visit


January 2011 Seductive Soul Radio Show

December 2010 Seductive Soul Radio Show

Advise you "Right Button Mouse Click" the required file and then either "Open In New Window" or "Save Target As" to save file to your local machine. Depending on your speed of connection to the Internet it may take a few minutes to prepare / download each file. You can also click directly on the links but as the files "buffer" it may look as if your PC is doing nothing but give it a few minutes and the files then should start to play.

The Cheshire Lounge.

(previously known as The Nags Head)

Want To Have A Look Round "The Cheshire Lounge"?

Please Click Photo


Above photo is of the club area before the "make over" in January 2010



Aerial View of Location of The Cheshire Lounge from Jim's Helicopter

Think the above easily shows the location of The Cheshire Lounge in relation to the M56 / A556 but to help one or two people trust the following details are of assistance:

From M56 - exit at Junction 7 - follow the slip road and filter left onto the main A556. Immediately indicate RIGHT and move over to the RIGHT lane of the dual carriageway, filter into the "Safety Island" and then cross the opposite carriageway into the drive which leads to The Cheshire Lounge (look out for "Light Blue Lights" in trees). If you miss this right turn you will come to a set of traffic lights (1 mile) and the "Swan Premier Lodge" will be on your left - TURN ROUND and head back to the M56 and The Cheshire Lounge will be on your left hand side as you approach the main Lymm roundabout (entrance immediately before the Department Of Transport Wagon Weighing Area)

From M6 - Exit at Junction 19 - follow signs for Manchester Airport on the A556. After about 1 mile you will come to the main traffic lights at Mere (Mere Golf Club). Keep straight on through these light, after about 300 meters there is a SPEED CAMERA!, keep going to the next set of traffic lights (Swan Premier Lodge on RIGHT). As above, keep straight on for exactly 1 mile and turn left into the drive which leads to The Cheshire Lounge (look out for the "Light Blue Lights" in the trees). If you overshoot this left turn, head down to the main Lymm roundabout, go all the way round the roundabout to come back to the A556 and then keep right and filter off into the "RIGHT safety Island" after about 100 meters, and then cross the carriageway into the drive leading to The Cheshire Lounge.

How Easy is that! - If you need any maps for the car please click the following link and download / print off document.


Please click link or picture to view slideshow.


Please click link or picture to view





Hilton Birmingham May 2008

Click Above Link Or Above Collage To View Pictures


Click Above Link Or Picture To View Pictures


Click Above Link Or Above Collage To View Pictures





Searling and Tee yet again put together another "Weekend Of Magic" at the Birmingham Hilton. As normal I have posted too many pictures of the weekend (especially of Ashford and Simpson) but hopefully they will help in expressing the quality atmosphere which existed all weekend. Just click the above links to get to the Picasa web space and then run the slideshow. If you want any of the photographs, please download using Picasa (view the individual picture and click download on the right side of the screen).


Microphone stands, cables and horrid red lighting made things a bit tough on this occasion to get ideal pictures.


Kenny Thomas


Martha Redbone James "D-Train" Williams


Jeff Hendrick

Click any of the above to view the slideshow of this fantastic Soul Weekender. If anybody would like any of the original (very large).jpg's or just in standard form that you can sent on to others, just drop me a mail (chris.priestley@seductivesoul.com)

Seductive Soul Picture Gallery

I have always taken photographs but I realised that there were certain periods in my life where I wish I had taken more "snaps" of various activities where I had an involvement. With the new "Digital" technologies coming more affordable, I acquired my new toy and went off to enjoy the "Paparazzi" life style. Many "Toys" later and normally under the influence of alcohol, I have been known to take the occasional "Good Snap". The following are a cross section of "snaps" taken at various events over a number of years. I will try to keep these pictures "current" as I realise if they are old / you were not there - they are pretty damn boring! (sorry). Please feel free to copy any pictures you want and if you want a large file size original, just mail me at chris.priestley@seductivesoul.com



Ledisi Adriana Evans Maysa Leak


Lenny Williams

Smooth FM Luxury Soul Weekender - Hilton Hotel Blackpool - January 2006 - click pictures or titles to access slide show

Photo Album

Best-Adriana-Picture-low.jpgAdriana-Afternoon-With-Tea.jpg Adriana Evans - Prestatyn March 2005

HowardH.jpgphilandglen.jpg Hilton Hotel Blackpool - January 2005

Links To Other Site We Like

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The "Daddy" Of Soul Sites

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Roger William's Site.

Soul Intent - Modern Soul Site run by those nice guys from South Yorks .

Phone: 07836 722218


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