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FARE £5.00 OTD 7:30 TIL 01:00

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2011 Dates and DJs

Sat Jan 22nd Pat Brady & John Parker

Sat Mar 26th Ginger Taylor

Fri May 27th Steve Thomas

Sat July 23rd Eddie Wainwright

Sat Sept 24th Sean Chapman

Sat Nov 26th John Manship

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Soul Source Events - Reviews and Talk

Welcome to the NORTHERN LINE WARRINGTON DJ Eddie Wainwright Event Review Section

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Welcome to the NORTHERN LINE WARRINGTON DJ Eddie Wainwright Comments sectiom

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Due to work commitments I’ve been unable to prepare timely write-ups after the last couple of events we’ve held this year. But after taking a week off work (and having done most of the painting and decorating jobs the long suffering Mrs Penn had lined up for me) I’ve managed to find time to bring you up to date and post a few of the highlights for me personally from this year so far.

Before we take a look back at the events themselves, on behalf of Moz (Maurice Arnold), Biff (John Griffiths) and myself I’d like to thank everyone who’s attended The Northern Line. Without your support there would be no event and we’re thrilled with the positive comments and encouragement (and occasional constructive criticism) you’ve given us. The Northern Line is your night (not ours) and by sharing your opinion with us hopefully we’ll continue to improve and continue to give you a night to remember.

A huge thank you also has to go to each and every one of our guest DJ’s in 2011. With some of the biggest and best names on the scene gracing the decks we’ve been genuinely humbled that guys of this calibre have gone out of their way to support us. Every single guest has commented on the positive reaction that you’ve given them and, to your credit and as a result of the welcome they’ve received from you, every single one of them so far has offered to come back for additional spots in either 2012 or 2013.

Every single guest DJ has judged the mood of the night and this has resulted in a packed dance floor for most of their spot. Even some of the less well known tracks that have been played have got a good reception as they’ve been skilfully blended with the tunes (and tempos) that people are perhaps a little more familiar with. I won’t attempt to list each and every track that’s been played: I’ve just picked out a few that are representative of each guest’s spot.

January 22nd Pat Brady & John Parker

What more can you say? One of the UK’s most well renowned DJs and record dealers teamed up with one of his best buddies and one of the UK’s best collectors for a 1 ½ hour spot. We were in for a busy dance floor and a fair few big ticket tunes thrown in for good measure...we weren’t disappointed!

Sam Ward – Sister Lee

Checkerboard Squares – Double Cookin’

Jackie Day – Before It’s Too Late

The Trips – There’s That Mountain

Mel Britt – She’ll Come Running Back

The Hytones – You Don’t Even Know My Name (thanks Pat – Chris)

Tommy Navarro – I Cried My Life Away

J D Bryant – I Won’t Be Coming Back

Gene Toones – What More Do You Want

The Salvadors – Stick By Me Baby

Timmie Williams – Competition

Walter & Admirations – Man Oh Man

March 26th Ginger Taylor

Ginger’s first time at The Northern Line was a lucky break for all concerned. Not only was Ginger able to fit us in around another long standing booking just before our flyers were printed, but he filled the floor for an hour with a mix of well known dancers and a couple of bank-busting mega rarities. For me, the pick of Ginger’s spot was:-

What Kind Of Lady – Dee Dee Sharp

I’ll Never Stop Loving You – Carla Thomas

Sad Girl – Carol Anderson

You Can’t Stop A Man In Love – Rueben Howell

That Driving Beat – Willie Mitchell

Rita & The Tiaras – Gone With The Wind

My Life – Joe Jamma

Love Slave – Antellects

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – Bobby Freeman

She’s Gone – Hamilton Movement

Timi Yuro – It’ll Never Be Over

27th May Steve Thomas

Steve was a regular guest for Biff, Dave Truscott & myself when we ran The Birchfield in Widnes and it was great to have one of Wales’ finest DJs working with us again. Steve epitomises the collector DJ, he plays with conviction and scours the net and builds a great network of contacts to get great (and rare) records for bargain prices. His tales of bargain buys certainly bring tears to my eyes and his spot brought blisters to many feet! Here’s a selection from Steve’s guest spot:-

Bobby Valentin – Use It Before You Lose It

Art Freeman – Slippin’ Around

Chubby Checker – You Just Don’t Know

Jades – I’m Where It’s At

Len Jewell – All My Good Good Lovin’

Yum Yums – Gonna Be A Big Thing

Parisians – Twinkle Little Star

Brice Cofield – Ain’t That Right

Isonics – Sugar

Tangeers – Let My Heart & Soul Be Free

Betty O’Brien – She’ll Be Gone

23rd July Eddie Wainwright

I’d never heard Eddie DJ before but as he was recommended to us by none other than Pat Brady himself then we had to be onto a winner. Eddie is a very big name DJ on the scooter scene and I think he and I just about recognised each other from way back before I took an 11 year sabbatical from the scooter rallies. Based on the snapshot of Eddie’s collection I saw back at Moz’s later that night and what I heard during his guest spot, it won’t be long before Eddie is a household name on the Northern Scene. Records to die’s the tunes that (for me at least) sum up Eddie’s hour with us.

The Trends – Thanks For A Little Lovin’

Jokers – Soul Sound

Herb Ward – Strange Change

Lou Lawton – Knick Knack Patty Whack

Timebox – Beggin’

Isley Brothers – Why When Love Is Gone

Cecil Washington – I Don’t Like To Lose

Otis Lee – Hard Road To Hoe

Brooks Brothers – Looking For A Woman

Joanie Summers – Don’t Pity Me

Jackie Day – Naughty Boy

Moz, Biff and I did our level best to maintain the quality and replicate the full dancefloors each of our guests left us with. In the main, I think the consensus is that we did a pretty good job with most people staying right to the very end of the night with many positive comments and observations being offered.

Whilst we are getting new and different faces at every event there now seems to be a hard core of around 100 or so faces that attend each time. These ‘regulars’ whose support is greatly appreciated (not just locals but travellers from across the North West) are generally supplemented by around another 70 – 100 people who might not be able to attend every other month, but do nonetheless help create an atmosphere that you just can’t bottle. We’ve only had 2 nights so far with slightly lower than normal attendances these being November 2010 (with temperatures of minus 15C if memory serves) and on 23rd July (when an unfortunate clash of local events, plus a wedding and a 50th Birthday all contributed to a slightly reduced turnout). That said, even with these challenges there were still very healthy numbers on both of these nights. We’ve been promised that the local event that clashed was a genuine accident and that it won’t happen again (if it does clash we’ll know it’s not an accident), the summer wedding season is coming to and end...and we’ve banned all 50th Birthdays! So from now on it’s a full house get there early if you want to be able to park your bum as seats are at a premium.

Joking aside, it’s been a brilliant 2nd year so far and with two events left (Sean Chapman and John Manship are our guests in September and November respectively) we hope to see 2011 out in style.

Once again, many thanks for your support. You have helped make The Northern Line the success that it is...and I promise to get the write up’s done ‘on time’ in future.

Chris Penn

(On behalf of Maurice ‘Moz’ Arnold and John ‘Biff’ Griffiths)


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Hi John,

Thanks for sorting this out for me. As a total Luddite I'd managed to make a right old mess of posting the the right place.

You are now have official responsibility for all of the Soul Source 'posts' in future! Though I will have a stab at the write ups as promised.

Chris 'The Technophobe' Penn


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