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A twice yearly event at the famous SHEFFIELD CITY HALL in 3 rooms(Motown, Northern, Club Classics/ Modern Soul Anthems / All Nighter and Underplayed Gems)


Advanced tickets £10 from the Box Office on 01142-233701 and on line or from Tony B


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Not too many Advanced tickets left. Call the Box Office to reserve on 01142-233701



Modern room; 9.30 DAVE NEEDHAM 10.30 JOHN KANE 12 KEV ROBERTS 1 TONY B 2.30 CLOSE


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Big city soul at Sheffield City Hall last night with big numbers. Arrived ½ hour after opening and greeted by large queues outside and already hundreds inside. Fabulous upmarket venue with something for everybody in the three rooms and estimate 800ish there. Had a ball in the packed ‘northern allnighter’ room with Steve Foster, Sean Hampsey and Melv Walker, in between managing to catch great sets from Tony O and John Kane in the ‘Modern’ which was well and truly into the groove..... . Equally busy in the main ballroom. Well done all .


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Im going to give hopefully a totally unbiased crtique of this night as last time i remember some people posting allsorts based ontheir personal likes and dislikes, i will put one or two of my personal thoughts at the end but i think after the last bashing last time an impartial view is needed.

I went down to meet some friends who are soul music lovers but dont neccessarily frequent soul venues who id not seen for over 8 years and as their daughter is at Sheffield uni and they were visiting from leeds we decided to kill two birds with one stone and have a meet up at the city hall.

Im a vinyl only man and have grown away from oldies etc not that i dont like them, but i tired years ago of the same old same old, so i hope my comments below are taken bywhat me and my club soul loving friends liked it so it was good to have views from two ends of the scale

So billed as

SHEFFIELD CITY HALL in 3 rooms(Motown, Northern, Club Classics/ Modern Soul Anthems / All Nighter and Underplayed Gems)

when i arrived at 9:15 the place was probably 60% full the main room was in full swing with Steve White putting his radio presentation training to good use and delivering a very professional performance floor 50% full and

his choice of tracks were the stuff that got us all into Northern a great selection of early motown from the reaction from the floor all looked good, however the sound system did seem a bit distorted

I poked my head into the Alternative northern room nothing was going on in there no dj just a cd playing

Same on the other side of the hall in the Modern / club classic room

I met gazillions of old friends i hadnt seen for ages and of course a large section of the Barnsley posse whom ive kicked around for years with were there

By 9:30 Dave needham had kicked of the Modern selection and played some brilliant rarely heard modern gems, i met my friends at the bar at 10pm and we went round the venue which was now id say close to capacity.

All rooms filled very quickly. The main room was packed and Out on the floor Dobie Grey was playing, not my preference of genre these days but as id said earlier the stuff that got us all into the scene and a full floor

John Kane then stepped up in the modern room and as always he ignited the room with his infectious style and great choice of music, i had quite a few dances but wanted to make sure i got round the venue frequently to see what was transpiring in each room.

In the alternative Northern room Sean Hampsey had the room bursting it was difficult to get into the room and how any of the acrobating, spinning dancers managed to complete their moves is beyond me it was so tight,

but i stayed in there for about 20 minutes enjoying the original vinyl of Mr hampsey Albeit they were Classic Northern sounds but the room had a special BUZZZ

As i walked back to the Modern room i noticed how much louder and distorted the sound in the main room had become and in the modern room if you stayed in the bottom quarter of the room nearest the door, the main room sound drowned out the modern room, i was 3/4 way up the room some of the time and the sound still impacted on the smaller room. John Kane finished his set and kev Roberts came on and promptly played his whole set from his laptop.

Now i know the modern rooms have been techno setting and CDs are the norm etc but his set was club classics from sister sledge thinking of you, mary jane girls all night long, raw silk do it to the music, and on a quick rekoning of the set, he could have done the whole thing on £35 worth of vinyl, (but thats just my vinyl head coming out, maybe i should just embrace technology and not carry massive heavy record boxes around with me when i DJ) my club soul friends commented like me, nice sounds but ones you can listen at home or hear frequently at weddings and that they come to venues to hear something different and they felt a bit robbed, three of them went up and complained to Mr Roberts,

But fair play the ad does say club classics and thats exactly what they were ...but there are better club classics than that, ones which from what i saw, a very knowledgable crowd would have savoured, in short one lady said "all the good work and atmosphere that dave needham and john Kane had built up was knocked down a peg or two, sure there were people who were dancing but the room had emptied from packed to about half full it did feel a bit life less, and a few technical problems that had the music off for a minute or two and the mike going down didnt help.

I kept near the door so i could hear the main room and on toilet trips kept going into the other northern room and as i said earlier not my preference but ive got to hand it to the djs the floors were full right up to about 1 when many people started to drift home

My friends had spent time in all rooms and in the main they said they were, well not massivley dissappointed coz theyd seen me after 8 years but they felt a bit deflated with the night.

From a quick critique

If people are paying good money, £10 or £12.50 however you payed, is not cheap, get the sound systems improved. ive ran venues and its not always about the room accoustics, there are ways of improving the sound for instance in the modern room get a system that will cope to the size of the room to start with, putting remote speakers further down the room playing back up that would help kill the sound from the big room

But did the promoters produce what they advertised....Yes

SHEFFIELD CITY HALL in 3 rooms Motown, Northern, Club Classics/ Modern Soul Anthems / All Nighter

but not sure of Underplayed Gems.all what i and my freinds heard heard were pretty common to us.

Did the crowd who were in enjoy themselves ..yes in the main,

the large Barnsley contingent had mixed views on the sound and music but because it was a birthday outing. from a social aspect it went down well.

Did the promtoers do a good job in promoting it... hell yes sean hampsey said to me later in the evening hes ran venues in Sheffield for years and struggled to get numbers hall was packed so hats off to you, its not easy promoting and sinking money to promote a night of that scale, and lets face it, it is a business and the promotors have to get the best bang for their buck.

Will the next one be as doubt, if the modern room stuck as a modern room without the club classics id probably venture back myself,

The other small room could be club classics and the big room would benefit from the great music and crowd that were in the nighter sounds room that i saw when Mr Hampsey was on.

I hope its a fair critique and didnt get my vinyl head on too im off to talk to my daughter about technology,....



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This was our first time at the city hall! sorry to say but the jury is still out! the only thing I would like to say is in the main room the DJs played it safe!

its a big old floor to fill! yes Steve White got the mix right of music! scrap the the 2nd room of northern put more yorkshire venue DJs on in the main room, they know their crowds! I could go on for ever! this is input I am not criticising, I run soul venues its not easy to get it right first time , but I do listen to the people who attend and cherry pick the best bits to make their soul night one to remember!

Nigel & Elaine

ps no I am not after a spot LOL ! there are some great djs in yorkshire they should be given the chance to play to a home crowd.


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Hi Geordie,

Got to agree with you but one small 'correction' if you wish. We arrived a little early - 8:55 and were not alowed in until after 9:05 - bit picky but 5 mins in the evening chill seems a lot longer.

Inside we found a nice little table to the side of the stage and made ourselves comfortable. The first 1/2 Hr or more in the Main Room was CD/Tape or PC based, No DJ on Stage. Mr White did appear after 9:30 and the rest is as.

No DJ to welcome you ?? Not really Cricket chaps.


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Hi Tezza, my clock mey have been a bit off i was definitely at the main door at 9:15 but i did have to wait quite a while myself as i didnt have a pre booked ticket as it was a last minute call the night before from my friends to say "meet up were in sheffield", so it was probably 9;30 ish when i eventually got down into the bowels of the city hall and steve white was talking, so as you, i had a delay on the door and yes a tad chilly...

One thing i didnt add but maybe should have put in the original post....DJ's give courtesy to your paying guests make a list so the guy following doesnt play the same tune.

In the modern room Micheal wycoff Looking up to you got aired 3 times, George Benson Love x Love 2 times, I heard tunes in the big room and the same in the alternative room,

Years ago DJs made an effort and turned up listened to pre sets by other djs and didnt repeat, we certainly commented about it and for me unforgivable ... it is basically telling the paying public Im not making the effort, coz we dont give a chuff about you...

the people i was with stayed and had a few dances even though some of the tunes werent what they wanted to hear or would normally dance too, (wedding tunes you see) as it was an expensive do and others i know had to travel so in effect even if your not satisfied youve got to try and make a night of it, i was waiting for Kool and the gang ladies night BTW.... disappointed it didnt get a play and also oops up side your head didnt get an airing either LOL...

I could have gladly left at around 12:15 after Raw silk plonked out of the speakers but my friends who id not seen for years wanted to see if it improved we did eventually give up and went at 1:10

What the venue did remind me of was the Tamla Motion Nights at Scunthorpe Baths years ago where Motown and Northern were played to people who love jimmy mack and third finger left hand and sing along to the radio there was certainly an eliment of the crowd who were in who were like that, I know because I talked to two lovely people, Steve and mary, who'd seen it advertised and popped along. although there was a good core of die hard soulies as well.

So to reiterate was it something id normally go to No, but did the promotors do what they said yes was it a successful night for them yes



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Thanks to Geordie and other contributors.

As I am sure you understand, dealing with a massive City Centre venue that isn't an All Nighter can be a toughie.

We attract all types of middle ages plus a sprinkling of new enthusiasts too.

Some of the points raised are valid and we'll take those critiques on board and there will be tweaked improvements.

One thing though......the figures do not lie. 3 promotions so far at the City Hall and increased numbers at each one, so clearly we are on the right track.

Always striving to get the balance just right. Thanks again for the comments-much appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply and thanks for taking the comments on board,

Its easy to take offence many promotors do and its easy for people to slap a venue and to give bad feedback and often people dont mention the plus sides and i hope i got those in too, i hope you took it in the spirit it was meant nothing was a slur against individuals (although my original vinyl only monster was struggling to get out as you may have guessed LOL.... )

And as i posted, and will paste it in again

Did the promtoers do a good job in promoting it... hell yes sean hampsey said to me later in the evening hes ran venues in Sheffield for years and struggled to get numbers hall was packed so hats off to you, its not easy promoting and sinking money to promote a night of that scale, and lets face it, it is a business and the promotors have to get the best bang for their buck.



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got to agree with all comments it did what is said on the tin so no argument . firstly a big thank you to the two 16 yr olds dancing with the bottles of lager yes you were right for the last 40 years i have been dancing all wrong and i will practice your technique from now on. also bit confused with the tune " will the people with the bottles leave the dancefloor now" which was played about six times before security sorted it . said that i met friends had a good laugh a fantastic venue and to be honest ovo its a bit like the horse burger it taste ok so if you didnt tell me i woudnt have known .


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