Heaven in the Afternoon,Clitheroe.


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Heaven in the Afternoon,Clitheroe. Details

Heaven in the Afternoon.

at the "GRAND" York st.

.....Clitheroe. BB7 2DL.

Across the Board Soul.!

(I.e. all genres of Soul.?).

todays D.J.s are ....................

With a Sunday Celebration of Steve,s.!

Steve Clayton (Leyland) :elvis:

Steve Lane (Accrington) :P

Steve Wilde (Whalley) :wave:

& of course, Dave Lowe :lol: (Gt Harwood)

Event runs 3.00pm til 8.00 pm.

This Venue is beyond description :g:!!!

but here goes.. :lol: :lol: :lol: ..??

Large Oak Dancefloor.

In House Cinema Screen.

In House Sound System.

Mood Lighting Gantry.

Adm £6.00.on the Door.

The Usual "Warm"!! welcome from Ann ,Steve,Lesley & Malc.

phone no 01254-247076. e.mail stephen.wilde4@btopenworld.com

Always a great atmosphere & a very friendly crowd to boot.!! :thumbup:

............Get yourselves down here, you won't regret it.!! :)

No shorts or trainers please, its Sunday ?

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2 Broken Ribs ,,2 collapsed discs - Heaven fast approaching ........................



In about 7 days ( And counting down )


MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm :Yes ....should be able to get in  -

Been keeping the faith for as long as I can remember .


Couple of "Tramadol" may even be able to have a dance ",) 


Providing of course that my "prayers" are answered and the play some of the Northern Soul music I like .


"Thou shalt dance on the sabbath day" Be a shame for that large wooden dance floor not to be used for the obvious .


Dave Lowe -   Guaranteed a dance now - save the best till last  - Only cause you always have a similar taste in music and you don"t talk too much in between records - Stop - Start - Stop start not good at my age ! 


Usually a few others in Heaven with some different tastes in music ( Across the board ) so something for everybody  .Often smile @  " Strictly come dancing " - had some lessons - could n"t resist in showing you all 


So : All being well  ........................... Psalm 23.4


Maybe see you in HEAVEN ?





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It's that time of the month again ,time for a slice of Heaven in the Afternoon :-)

got the three Steve's on this Sunday ( Steve Lane's set last visit was top drawer )


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Smiling !


Three Steve,s on a Sunday - Four if you include me !


However ..you can"t preach to the converted 


There was one chap spinning a few tunes that appeared to not only keep the floor filled to capacity.

to a packed dance floor - people applauding at the end of every classic NORTHERN SOUL track.


I do not need to hear him ,I just need to listen to the music I like & come to dance too .


                                                 - DAVE LOWE -


Thank you for playing some of my favorite tracks all in the same set ! 


                                " People move on - Legends continue " -


If you can publish when & where your on next I can complete my Northern soul night/day out calendar for

2014 in advance .







                          Win the crowd - Message in there somewhere !!!!!!


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Ninja. You keep me entertained with your blogs. You have a way with words. Can,t stop chuckling. Once again you hit the mark as always. Keep it up. 


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Another great day at HITA, good sets by all Steve's keeping the dancefloor busy. ... sorry! Good set by Dave too


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Really enjoyed it, a place where you can play the odd unknown track and get a great response..... there`s something strangely special about the place.

Thanx to Steve and Anne for inviting me and the dancers for .....dancing.  d;0)


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Smiling - Sorry No - For as long as I can remember on my visits to many venues over the 40 + yrs


You hear the ...Its in the other box sketch - Still makes me laugh


Bit like a trip to the shoe shop ..for the bargain pair of shoes .. Size 10  


"We only have sizes 6 & 7s" - Cut the fronts off shall I ..


This guy plays - NORTHERN SOUL tracks - and has never failed to play anything I have requested .




Across the board - Covers most things for most people and these days you have to cater for everyone .

So - Just to save me some time & money  - Guaranteed a good day/night out  -If this guys names on the 



If your at the next one - will catch up - I actually left early due to broken ribs /collapsed discs out of breath dancing while Dave Lowe was still on stage @ 7:pm ish the tramadol had started to wear off !!!!


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I've known Dave since around 1969 and have DJed with him on a number of occasions and count him and Lynn very good close friends.


Glad you appreciate my sense of humour :thumbup:


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Strangely Special .....what ??? in a Royston Vasey kind of way ???p.s. i have done some research by the way on your definition of a "Velvet Hammer"and can now carry on dancing to Happy without those horrible images POPPING UP !! Bollocks ....a cocktail or a woman of authority ....shag all to do with thwacking a lady in the mush with a  certain appendage,....Thats just your own take on it !!! Tried though when i got home !!


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A reet gud do n no mistake, proper job them lads spinnin them theer shiny black plastic whatsits, aye a bobby dazzler of a do


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