Heaven in the Afternoon,Clitheroe.Easter Sunday.!!


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Heaven in the Afternoon,Clitheroe.Easter Sunday.!! Details

Heaven in the Afternoon

on Bank Holiday Sunday.

........20th of April.

........3.00 til 8.00.pm.

at the "Grand",on York st,

Clitheroe,BB7 2DL.

Across the Board Soul Music.

today's D.J.s are

Phil Duckworth (ex Accy)

Ian Ellison (Horwich R.M.I.)

Derek Smith(Greenlands)

Dave Lowe (Rammy.)

Steve Wilde (the Grand.)

If you haven't been here

your missing out.!!!!

Large Oak Dancefloor.

Gantry Lighting.

Superb in House Sound System

In House Cinema Screen

Just £6.00. on the Door.

Always a Warm Welcome

at this Venue & a very Friendly Crowd.

No shorts or trainers please,it is "Sunday".

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Why No Shorts or Trainers on a Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :g:


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The promoter is Steve Wilde I think. Not sure anybody wears shorts and trainers to soul nights and days? Do they? No matter what day it is?


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Great event today, and no shorts or trainers in sight, too cold for shorts and I can't dance in trainers.


Thanks to all concerned for providing us with an afternoon of great music and some fascinating videos as a back drop in what is a top class venue.


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The grand is a public building owned by Ribble Valley Council and the promoters decision to refuse entry to a member of the public does not accord with the ethos of the Coucil. It is an arts fcility open to all. Maybe it might be worth addressing this direct discrimination with them to prevent any further humiliation of a member of the tax paying public.


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Billy, I would have been refused entry. I have opened a thread on this in all about soul  


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I'm not sure where you get to but quite a few guys wear shorts to dance in at Soul Nights, Dayers and Nighters including Simon, has Billy has stated

We went to The Grand and the venue is brilliant and has a fantastic dance floor, we enjoyed all the sets and the sound system is very good

It is the first Soul venue I have come across with a dress code which IMHO is wrong and I think the promoters should review this policy

Fred n Suzanne


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Shiner get yourself down ta th'Optician,there were quite a few trainers on show.


Even World Champion dancing in trainers and also one of the Jocks had trainers on (SHOCKING) lol,


Glad Elli wasn't refused entry, he did the best spots.


Enjoyable afternoon at a very good venue.


( and all this happening under the nose of the Soul in the Sun Police )


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You knew I couldn't resist replying even though my wife says just ignore them.!! lol.

For starters when your my age 62.! you have a certain standards you adhear to. One of my standards is to dress smart but casual when I attend another soul event(every wk) because rightly or wrongly I believe you should make an effort when you go out to look tidy.This is probably down to being a Mod in my youth.? We all looked (or so we thought) the dogs when out and about.

If people choose to wear shorts or trainers or silly baggy pants or badges with places that they have never been or never will because they closed long before they were born,??then that is entirely up to them.


As for people replying re venues that they have also never been to( &hope they never will ) that is something else.

The venue is "NOT" owned by Clitheroe borough council, it it privately owned & the owners are perfectly happy with the way we run the event.

Please do not come to this event wearing "SHORTS".please go to other events & enjoy yourselves wearing shorts.& more importantly

"GET A LIFE.!???

p.s.we never had a problem when we ran the Windsor suite at K.G.H. (before Richard) with shorts or any of the many charity events over the yrs so why start now.???


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On a lighter note (i'll make it "Short".)Great turnout once again at the Grand,the floor had been re varnished & was in tip top condition for a change.

All the D.J.s did 2 half hour spots which kept us all on our toes & was very enjoyable, may do it again.

Top tunes from all the lads or so i'm told. Busy despite the fact there was a plethora of events on once again.!!

Eddy Edmundson (Soul in the Sun)& Clive Farley (Campbells) are our guests next time (May 25th)also a Bank Holiday.See you there. Steve.


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Sorry to hear the news ... On such a special day - Easter Sunday .



The destruction of the holy temple  (1 Corinthians 3:17) King Soul o Man


The sentence of death etc .            ( 2 Corinthians 1.9)


It is written that you may be Psalm 23.4  - I would ask you also read James 4:12


It would appear if you read everything that is written - Some of us may not be going

to "Heaven " after all .


P:S :


Could you please play " Standing on solid ground - Sidney Barnes at my next trip

to "Heaven " - Sorry couldn"t make it yesterday - Choir practice !




I will say a prayer - Hoping your still alive & the temple has not been reduced to ashes

prior to the next trip to "Heaven "           


Finally : 


Sometimes its easier to write down your thoughts and feelings - It can help you understand them better


T :08457 909090  for assistance if it all gets too much.













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Sorry Philip, didnt mean to offend you personally mate but as you can imagine someone starting a post with a complete "lie" got to me a little. The guy is obviously an attention seeker.!!


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