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ady croasdell
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The best of Northern Soul as spun in the Capital for the past 40 years

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I'd never attended the Crossfire Allnighter, not really sure why, think I'd had the idea it was an oldies fest. It's advertised as an oldies night but when I enquired of my friends they told me that it wasn't the same old same old Northern Soul top 100, not that they're bad records, it's more a case of them being overplayed especially as DJs know that they'll fill the dance floor at some clubs, so they're a safe bet.

I checked out the DJ roster and was impressed: Irish Greg (Capitol Soul Club), Nick and Dawn Brown (Scenesville), Val Palmer, the first lady DJ at the 100 Club nighters, and Jim Watson (Soul On The Square) plus of course Ady Croasdell. There are also two other rooms, Boogaloo and Psych beat to cater for the Mods.

Attending turned out to be a good move, some excellent records played, many bringing back happy memories, and a nice mix of tempos. I like fast tunes but struggle these days to dance to many of them.

Among the records played were: Speed Up (Betty Moerer); Feminine Ingenuity (Ruby); It Really Hurts Me Girl (Carstairs); Same Old Thing (Olympics); Voodoo Mademoiselle (September Jones); Crying Time (Brenda Holloway); The Reason Why (The Dolls); both sides of Carol & Gerri; and so many others. As I say above a real mix of styles.

The only times I've attended this venue, 229 Great Portland Street, has been the New Year's Allnighters over the last few years. The venue has always impressed me, spacious and the dance floor is really good. I danced more than I usually do, had a great time. No doubt will suffer later.

The left hand side of the room near to the stage was a mini 100 Club with many of the usual faces, so good to see you all. And a good mix of ages too. It was great to see Andy and Tracy from the Midlands there, don't see them that often in London.

As is so often the case nowadays it began to clear out at about 3pm leaving the hard core nighter people. Ady did the last set and kept the floor moving, in fact it had been busy most of the time. The last record was Charlie Rich's Don't Tear Me Down, then it was all over and time to leave.

Hopefully I'll be returning to Crossfire next year, thanks to Ady, the DJs and the staff of the Venue, very pleasant I thought.


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I've never been to Crossfire, who are the DJs Ady? Obviously your good self. When you say oldies does that mean 120 mph Wigan Casino tunes or is there a variation in tempo?


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mark right ,you will luv it fews ups tems and mid , under play ,going miss this ,one in germany w ender,billy


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Thanks Mark and Billy, think I'll give this a go, assuming I'm still alive after the boat trip and haven't fallen over the side. I was told at Phoenix Got Soul last night that the guests are Irish Greg and Dawn and Nick Brown. So a return to the halcyon days of the Dome and Scenesville.

All our records are oldies but personally don't want to hear the NS top 100 in order, they are all great records, some heavily overplayed at some venues admittedly, but en masse not my cup of tea. A mix of tempos is what I like at a nighter or soul night. And let's face it, those really fast records kill me these days, at Sean and Talita's wedding reception a few months ago I danced to I'm Lonely, I'm Troubled by the Locations, I'd been drinking wine, and had to rest afterwards. I'd never attempt that when Butch plays it at the 100 Club.


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For those who asked is is a London DJ's line-up inc Ady, Jim Watson (Soul on the Square), Nick & Dawn Brown (Scenesville), Irish Greg (Capitol SC) and Val Palmer (100 club)


Crossfire 27.jpg


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X Fire is always a great night, venue and dance floor is spot on, as with all venues nowadays, there are usually a few numpties early on spilling drinks on the floor near the bar, but they don't tend to stay long and the room is plenty big enough for the serious dancers closer to the stage.

Sound system is spot on and if you feel like a wander, there are 2 other rooms and a large area off road for a natter and and fag if you fancy.

It is right next to the Great Portland street tube station, a couple of good pubs over the road for a pre nighter drink and meet up with you mates, if you fancy a bite to eat, then Pizza express is above the venue.

Don't bother getting tickets on line, by the time you have given them all the details of your family tree and what blood group you are, after being stung with the booking fee, credit card fee and conversion to sheckles fee you only save about 50p, so get them on the door. 

Flights and train booked and i'm even bringing the Mrs

See you on Sat




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Have a good time in Germany Billy !

Still trying to decide whether to drop in on this event ! 

The New years bash with Flynny was excellent !

Geoff , theres lots of variety, so the only negative would be that you can't be in all the rooms at once ! 

Anyone else going from Norwich ?


regards to all Frank


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Hi Frank,

Hope you can attend. The venue is good I know, the NYE nighters there are brilliant with a dance floor that is superb. It'd be nice to see some of the 100 Club reprobates there. It's not just the music, it's your friends and the atmosphere.

Good luck Billy in Germany, don't forget your playlist.


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