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Friday 30th January - Saturday 31st January - Sunday 1st February 2015

The Carousel Hotel

663-671 New South Promenade, South Shore Blackpool FY4 1RN

3 Star Refurbished Hotel with 2 Bars, Lounge & Gourmet 21 Restaurant

Over 20 DJs in Two Rooms Playing Something For Everyone

Ballroom Playing Northern. Motown & Classics

Beatroom Playing Modern, Xover, RNB & Rare

Weekend Itinerary

Friday Welcome Party from 2pm-2am Both Rooms

Saturday Party 2pm-2am Both Rooms

Sunday Gary Cann's 60th 2pm-12am Ballroom

Weekend Passes Available For Non Residents Only £10 per person

For Further Information Contact BlueSkyOkeh

Tel 01535 605566 Mobile 07973 689576 email

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Lancaster soul club will be in attendance looks a proper weekender if the okeh club is anything to go by cheers mark


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First time at this weekender...

should be advertised as a modern weekender...

NO decent music until maybe 10.00 pm Friday night...

the music during the day is so poor....

sat afternoon having to sit through modern music .... Not happy very poor value and disappointing 


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Actually Everyone Seems to have had a great weekend in Blackpool, @the Carousel & feel it unfair your comments & opinion, puts a downer on this venue, In my opinion,the music policy is across the board, And certainly was, In the main room on Friday & Saturday night Which caters for Northern souł,& Did do Whillst the smaller room played underplayed & modern tunes,1979/2014 There are other venues which my cater for your tastes by the bucketload out there and suggest You try them in future, to avoid dissappointment. What a Fantastic Weekend with friends, And some belting tunes played new and old The whole thing was formidable IMHO Ya just can't please everyone all the time but you can be assured musically this venue had some Eye opening Ear -candy for the hearing At least Atb Andy


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Find it difficult to justify some of your comments on the Okeh weekender.

I cant offer a opinion on the Friday as I only attended for the Saturday and sunday, but the music on the Saturday afternoon  was predominantly from the 1970s early eighties with some modern tracks mixed in amongst it. Maybe as you obviously did not know any of the tunes you tarred them all with the same brush -as modern.


The weekender has two rooms playing specific genres of music, the larger of the two room playing northern with crossover mid tempo tunes that may get played in both. The second smaller room is predominantly modern,70s and crossover tunes with the odd funky and 60s thrown in.


I frequently spent time in both rooms on the Saturday night and found that both rooms were at the time playing completely different music.


As for poor value, to get bed,breakfast and evening meal at a 3/4 star hotel on the sea front at the price which was asked is pretty decent to be fair and the food served was exemplary.


If you went to this weekender expecting to hear the likes of Mitch Rider ,Yvonne Baker, Major Lance,

Lou Pride all day and night I can understand your gripe and maybe the event could have been more music specific in its advertising.


First time at this event for me but thoroughly enjoyed the weekend both musically and socially.

Spent most of Saturday evening in the smaller room and although a fair bit of modern was played, some of the tunes on offer were strangely different to say the least and modern is not really my choice of music.


Hopefully you will find the event that's right for you sometime in the future.


regards ROY


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I think this is a fabulous weekender, the venue, the people and the music was superb.

The music was completely across the board and there was something for everyone.

Each DJ did a brilliant job and it was nice not to hear the same records repeated as so often happens at lots of other weekenders.

People have different tastes in music and sometimes it depends on how long you have been on the scene and where you go as to what you are used to hearing. Some venues play the same old same old month after month but there is so much fabulous soul music out there that needs to be heard. Give it a go and you may be surprised with the results


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Appreciate all your comments...

music on Saturday night was excellent...

But good on Friday afternoon and especially Saturday afternoon you are having a laugh!

i sat through it Saturday afternoon along with maximum twenty people if it was that good where were all the folk enjoying it?

i take back my comment about good value .... It was good value 

i have bedn to a fair number of weekenders and numerous nights of Northern Soul 

in my humble opinion the nights in Keighley are fantastic but this weekend failed during the day to represent that opinion thats all and as a paying guest i am entitled to them as is everyone else...

and i am not new to the music having been steeped in it for over 40 years!!


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It started with snow enroute but that didn't stop everyone from turning up to attend the friendliest weekender on the scene, so here are a few well deserved thanks to all concerned:

The regular soulies staying in the hotel, nearby hotels plus the local Blackpool soul crowd, who attend every year and without them it wouldn't happen

Ian & Adele Nicol for all their help & CDs, John & Alex Simms Simpson for the best equipment by far.

The Keighley Okeh DJs Steve Burke, Lodgie, Andy Balmforth, John Simms, Alex Simms, John Townend Regular DJs Ian Nicol, Chris Preistley, Pete Meadows, Tony The Hat, Karate Bob, Mano, Dave Griffiths, Russell Ashton, Kev Jones, Ian Brewster, Alec Southern, Harry Nightingale, Plus Blackpool DJs Jem & Michael Mc Nulty

Finally the Carousel Hotel management & staff who have made sure everyone went home happy, well fed and watered!

See you all in October 2015 for the Okeh Illuminations Weekender & in 2016 for It's Okeh By The seaside No6 - Gary & Sue xx


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Well done gary proper weekender with across the board music policy great time with good freinds cheers mark


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