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BLACKPOOL TOWER Weekender. Details

NOVEMBER  11-13, 2016  Blackpool Tower  Our 10th Anniversary 

£39* all weekend pass or book on line see below   

To gain entry, make your order, print off or make a note of your order number following purchase and exchange on the day for a wristband. This is a ticketless event.  

 ENTRANCE via THE PROMENADE. Opens at 8.30pm Friday Nov 11th

The UK's leading Northern Soul and Motown Weekender.
Featuring the North's Best Loved Soul DJ's and featuring The World Northern Soul Dance Championship ( in association with )

Goldsoul and Music & Media present The BLACKPOOL TOWER Soul Weekender
The ultimate in Northern Soul, Motown, Modern Dance Grooves inside the iconic Tower Ballroom and Circus.
Ballroom 'Northern Soul and Motown Classics' plus the WORLD NORTHERN SOUL DANCING CHAMPIONSHIP-Sat@9.30 (Current holder-SARAH KING )

 Northern Classics, top quality Modern Soul and Soulful Dance  Over 30 Top DJs including:

Richard Searling, Kev Roberts, Sean Chapman, Ginger Taylor, John Poole, Mark Freeman, Ozz, Chris King, Hitsville Chalky, Danny Clegg, Jordan Wilson, Blackpool Soul Club, Rod Allsworth, Jimmy Scriv, Keith Fletcher. 

Walkway DJs to be announced  

Modern  Soul DJs include Colin Curtis, Mike Stephens, Andy Jackson, John Kane, Steve Woomble,Jim Hargreaves, Pete Haigh

Tower Weekender show times NOVEMBER 11-13
Tickets from


20.30     Keith Fletcher 
21.30      John Poole
23.00     Kev Roberts
00.30     Ginger Taylor 
02.00      Ozz
03.00     Close 


14.00     Richard Searling 
15.30      Ozz  "Wheel n 60s" 
17.00     Close 

20.00     Sean Chapman 
21.30     Kev Roberts  inc Luxury Lodges Direct World Northern Soul Dance Championship. Current holder Sarah King
23.00     Chris King 
00.30     Ginger Taylor  
02.00     Hitsville Chalky
03.00     Derek Mead
04.00      Mark Freeman 
05.00     Close 


12.00      Richard Searling  
14.00      Danny Clegg
15.30      Jordan Wilson
17.00       Ozz
18.30      The Blackpool Soul Club
20.00      Rod Allsworth  &  Jim Scrivener 
21.30      Kev Roberts & Richard Searling 
24.00      Close    



22.00     Rob Haigh 
23.00     Mark n Debbie 
24.00     John Heaney  
01.00     Andrew Baskett
02.00     Derek Mead 
03.00     Close 


14.00     Sam Evans 
15.00     Chris Box  
16.00     Steve Woomble 
17.00     Close  

22.00     John Heaney 
23.00     Julie 
24.00     Mark n Debbie 
01.00     Sam Evans 
02.00     Ethan Howarth 
03.00     Close   



22.00     Jim Hargreaves 
23.00     John Kane 
00.00      Andy Jackson
01.30      Pete Haigh
03.00     Close  


22.00     Steve Woomble
23.00     Sam Evans 
00.00     Colin Curtis 
01.30     Mike Stephens 
03.00     Chris Box
04.00     Close    

The 10th Northern and Modern Soul Weekender takes place in the stunning, world-famous surroundings of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom and Circus over the weekend on Friday - Sunday 11-13th November 2016
In the magnificent Ballroom, which has just celebrated it's 120th anniversary, the action starts at 8pm on Friday with afternoon and evening sessions also on Saturday and Sunday.
For more details on the Blackpool Tower Northern and Modern Soul weekender , please visit
For all -weekend tickets still priced at only £39* each, please visit  or , or phone0871 222 9929
Alternatively you can purchase your ticket in person from Tower box offices on either the promenade or Bank Hey Street.  

Price includes VAT and Admin Fee   No Refunds or Exchanges.     * contains 1.95 admin fee


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Dress Code: Smart Casual   Over 18's only. Terms and Conditions apply.
Any questions, text us 07841-197874
M6, M55 head for Central. Satnav FY1 4BJ 
Closest Car Park-Hounds Hill but closes early. Nearest Railway station-Blackpool North

No refunds, exchanges or cancellations

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Welcome to the BLACKPOOL TOWER Weekender. Event Review Section

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My first time at this event and have to say I was disappointed. Lengthy queues for everything, music was too predictable on the Friday night with a couple of the DJs in particular not doing it for me at all, so much so that I gave Saturday night a miss. They kept the dance floor busy so the big crowd were obviously happy but there are so many great tunes out there that just don't get played. Saving grace was Richard Searling, Mick Taylor and Danny Clegg on the Sunday afternoon who dared to play tunes that are rarely heard out these days. Huge respect from me for being brave guys.



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· Edited by Andi

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Respect due to Sam Evans for playing newer stuff. Northern is NOT just "oldies". it's the beat, the rhythm, the feel ... "does it make me want to dance?" Shame that we were on carpet though, I think she ought to do more in the Circus (and maybe the main room) next year, where we have room to really move.

Also a shame that some of the "top" DJs are snobs about the label, and not playing something because "that was a re-issue" (Let's go somewhere) Does he mean that if he only could only get it on Motown it's a lesser record than if he'd managed to find it on V.I.P?

Can you really tell the difference when you are out on the floor? Most people are there to dance, to music that comes through the ears and goes out of the feet !

I wonder what they would make of The Good Girls' version of Love is Like an Itchin' in My Heart?

Overall a good weekend though.



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Welcome to the BLACKPOOL TOWER Weekender. Comments sectiom

This event is now over. Look up now to read the latest reviews of this soul event

Dave 65 glad you enjoyed me and Richards spot we might be doing it again next year something to look forward to atb mick Taylor 


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Nice one Mark . Guess there was also 'The Walkway' for those wanting something a bit different to what was being played in the other two rooms ? 

Edited by andybellwood

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I never caught your spot Mark because I didn't go on the Saturday night as Friday night polarised my view of the event. If I had gone on the Saturday, I probably wouldn't have caught it either due to the time you were on and it is sad that I missed hearing different tunes because you were on so late. I'm realistic enough to know you can't please everyone all of the time, what disappoints me is that some "top" DJs haven't got the balls to play lesser played out tunes in their sets amongst the stock classics to cater for the likes of me. 


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Hi Andy, I want to hear the tunes in the main rooms/big halls, getting the benefit of a massive sound system and the incredible natural reverb that the big rooms have.  The Walkway was just like me playing my own tunes in my living room but louder, with the carpet and the people soaking up lots of the sound.

I caught your set on the Saturday night at Whitby (September) in the Northern Room and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


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Dave, thank you for your kind words about Whitby. 

Blackpool imo is what it is - hence the incredible popularity particularly with the majority, I guess, returning year after year. 
Hope to see you at both Whitby's next year. Also if not already experienced, the Kings Hall might also be to your liking. 

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Loved every minute skipped the dance comp came in later was rammed but that's what it's all about.Did notice a flaw in djs playing the same that was played less than half hour ago 

Apart from that cracking weekend 


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