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    Great spot from Sam (as always) and an interesting collection of tunes from John at the end of the night. Not heard since Youth Club days. Thanks to all the DJs. Andi and Anne
  3. Great night Huge thanks To John Stackhouse for inviting me to spin some tunes tonight .. Great vibe with The Soul Family & lovely a club .. Can't Wait to return later in the year To The Montesa Soul Club .. love Sam xx
  4. And another great underplayed tune from 1976 - This could well be played Sunday...
  5. This Sunday we are back here at the Festival Inn for another great Sunday Afternoon , and don't for get the clocks go forward an hour , see you at 3
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  7. The management of the venue have received a complaint regarding the use of talc & have decided to ban the use at the venue. I hope this does not inconvenience any one. To be fair the floor is fantastic & doesn't need any talc. Regards Johnny.
  8. How big is dancefloor n what genre is played??
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