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  2. Hi Dave, see what you mean, almost a mini-weekender! Now corrected. the Facebook page for Ben's memorial page is here: lots of moving messages and some great pictures!
  3. I got a Bob Relf ‎– Girl, You're My Kind Of Wonderful/Blowing My Mind To Pieces on a Trans Records ‎– TA-0010 and this as the same label of the A side on both sides but one side is Blowing My Mind To Pieces
  4. One more sleep n it's Friday Al be there, not sure about our bazza yet tho..... Should be another good Un Shelly and The Baz Man xx xx
  5. Wish they would answer bloody emails then Rob, will phone tomorrow and see. Cheers
  6. Yes Chalky I said it was an edit above see above comments
  7. But it is still an edit rather than a different take.
  8. One on ebay now:
  9. NO To my hears The instrumental part in the middle of the record has been shortened plus the end fade out is a little quicker
  10. yep it's me Chris I'm sure you will remember it's me that has senior moments lol looking forward to seeing you tomorrow know you'll knock it out of the park
  11. Well the Dj line up for Saturday Northern Room 8/9 Micky T 9/10 Simon Hunt 10/11 Pete Taylor 11/12 Mark Freeman 12/1 Yocky 1/2 Mick Jay Motown Room 8/9 Rob Yates 9/10 Clive H 10/11 Yocky 11/12 Mick Jay 12/1 Rob Yates 1/2 The Man Himself The New Modern Room 8/9 Fitzy and then from 9 till 1/2am Mark R / Barry Cooper / Big Clive H This is looking like it's going to be a very busy night, see you all there we start at 8pm
  12. I have attended this wonderful event for the last 2 years and what a joy it is. I have made so many friends, all like minded soulies with the same goal of raising money for Cancer Research UK. It's a lovely place to hold the event on the Comedy Carpet in front of The Blackpool Tower, and surprisingly great to dance on. Last year the whole weekend we were blessed with wall to wall sunshine while dancing the day away at the seaside. Organisers work very hard to make the event a success. Most people go for the weekend and spend their time on Friday and Saturday in the Soul Suite. After the Comedy Carpet is an after party to take you to the wee small hours. It was one of the friendliest weekends I have attended and we will all be going back for more this May.
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  14. PM to reserve. All prices in U.S. Dollars. Postage $8 for the first, $2 for each additional record. All records at least VG+ condition. Payment Paypal. MARVIN GAYE - Your Unchanging Love - same both sides - TAMLA - T-54153- $25 THE COMMODORES - The Zoo - same both sides - MOWEST - 5009 - $30 POPCORN WYLIE - Funky Rubber Band - same both sides - SOUL - 35087 - $30 JR. WALKER -( I'm A ) Road Runner - same both sides - SOUL - 35015 - $35 MAJOR LANCE - I Never Thought I'd Be Losing You - SOUL - 35123 - $30 ERIC & THE VIKINGS - I'm Truly Yours - same both sides - GORDY 7132 - $25 GORDON STAPLES - Strung Out - same both sides - MOTOWN - 1180 - $25 GORDON STAPLES - Sounds Of The Zodiac- same both sides - MOTOWN - 1180 - $25 TEMPTATIONS - I Wish It Would Rain - same both sides - GORDY - 7068 - $30 YVONNE FAIR - Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On - same both sides - MOTOWN - 1306F - $25 THE FIVE SMOOTH STONES - I Will Never Love Another - same both sides - CHISA - 8006 - $25 HIGH ENERGY - You Can't Turn Me Off - same both sides - GORDY 7155F - $25 DIFFERENT SHADES OF BROWN - When The Hurt Is Put Back On You - same both sides - MOTOWN - 1241F - $20 THE SISTERS LOVE - A Better Man Than You - same both sides - MOWEST - 5041F - $20 THE CONTOURS - Shake Sherry - one-sided promo- GORDY - 7012 - $30 JOANNE AND THE TRIANGLES - After The Showers Come Flowers / Don't Be A Cry Baby - V.I.P. - 25003 - $40 EDWIN STARR - Who's Right Or Wrong - same both sides - MOTOWN - 1326F - $20 CHRIS CLARK - Don't Be Too Long / Do Right Baby Do Right - V.I.P. - 25031 - $40 The Following Are All Red Vinyl Promo's - $25 Each THE TEMPTATIONS - Ball Of Confusion - same on both sides - GORDY - 7099 BARBARA McNAIR - Here I Am Baby - same on both sides - MOTOWN - 1106 EDWIN STARR - I'm Still A Struggling Man - same both sides - GORDY - 7087 THELMA HOUSTON - Me And Bobby McGEE - same both sides - MOWEST - 5013F The Following Are All Red Vinyl Promo's - $30 Each YVONNE FAIR - Stay A Little Longer - same both sides - SOUL - 35075 YVONNE FAIR - We Should Never Be Lonely My Love - same both sides - SOUL - 35075
  15. Looking for a clean copy of my heart cries for you. On Musicor original Neal
  16. Soul On The Prom .. guest .. PETE ECCLES

    SOUL ON THE PROM THE AZTEX VENUE LYTHAM SAINT ANNES FY8 1LS 25th March 2017 9pm till 2am Door £5 A superb night of Northern Soul at one of the Fylde Coast Outstanding venues Huge wooden dance Floor, reasonable bar prices, parking available. Guest Djs Pete Eccles, Dave And Angie Rostron Macky . Residents Stuart Mcintyre and Shaun Murphy. Please watch our video on Facebook "Soul On The Prom"

    Crystal soul club Stourbridge. Huge 900 capacity. West Midlands biggest soul night. Only £6 on the door
  18. Is this you Mike? If so (and you were referring to me, rather than Chris Churm) then I'll pop Little Tommy in the box for you. Remembering to play the record is another thing may need to give me a gentle nudge. Chris
  19. I heard this version of Amy Stewart - "Friends" in a bar in Greece, back in 1984 I think?, and it took me years to track it down. I was convinced it was Earl Klugh playing acoustic guitar at 2mins 50 secs and Ramsey Lewis playing the long piano break after it at 3mins 20 sec, so spent ages trying to source it without the use of internet, looking for a connection. Then Robbie Vincent did me a favour and played it on his show and it turned out to be Mike Francis. Although having never seen any info on it I have no idea who the musicians are. The best version of this by a country mile Kev
  20. Yeah I know Johnny I knew Rarity is not on the table concerning this 45 just wondered if people had come across it , so not quite counting the £££ LOL!!!
  21. Definitely in business - just spoken to Roxy. Worry not !
  22. Six for sale, all with pictures. Paypal F+F or buyer covering the fees. Contact me for shipping rates cause italian post is increasing prices (fuck 'em!). I strongly reccomend tracked and signed shipping for the more expensive records. Pm' me for reservations and any other request. 100% PURE POISON You keep coming back/(And when I said) I love you, Emi UK, EX, £90 bargain LEE MORRIS I have love for you/instr, Starville (red text label), EX, £60 KALU Funky fever/Shower of love, Showcase, EX, £60 Great modern/funk dancer with a lot of potential LACK OF AFRO Recipe for love/instr, Freestyle, EX, £50 (Saw at £75 on other lists) MS. VICTORIA BARNES Never too late/Save it for me, Aim, EX (bubbles on label), £40 WINFIELD PARKER I wanna be with you/My love for you, P&L, EX, £35 Classic modern soul floorfiller
  23. Looking forward to playing a few tunes here, lovely venue.
  24. So the A side is the lp track , with the end faded out then ? just what I used to do with the lp if that's the case
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