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  1. The one I was thinking of was the Luvs on Stallion. The backing track is similar, but not identical.
  2. Different songs aren't they with different writers? There was a similar girl group song that also came out on Stallion. Can't remember the name at the moment
  3. pm sent
  4. Parisians -The cockroach? Flip of Twinkle Little Star
  5. AndyF

  6. It's one of those where I'd like to hear the instrumental as there seems too many words for the available notes and hence doesn't quite work for me. Never played it out and don't remember hearing it out. Think the group are not the same as the Voices on Penny. Seem to remember they're from L.A.
  7. Great memories of Blue Skies and elsewhere. R.I.P. mate Andy
  8. If you go to Flynny's website there's a page with pressing plant info, which may help. Andy
  9. Not to forget the awesome flip - What You're Doing To Me
  10. It was on the first CSC Anniversary tape around 2000/2001 so not necessarily just Huddersfield.
  11. Whispers website states their's was the first version.
  12. Mia Lewis - This Is The End (Decca) Awesome beat ballad though it did come out in the states on Parrot
  13. I remember Stuart playing this a number of times at the Brighton Alldayers. Evertime I would rush up the stairs to ask him what it was. The reply was 'You asked about this last time!!' Brilliant tune
  14. Puer Oh Puer Oh Puer For the classically trained among us
  15. as the brother sister of exotic dancer / singer / actress Lola Falana (their father was Cuban by birth). Thank God for that, I thought my hearing must be totally shot otherwise