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  1. soz not for you !!
  2. I sent to PPtorch didn't realise the pp was PayPal illcancel and do it again steve
  3. fifa wordings for a penalty shoot out , if you lose the shoot out your eliminated from the competition but its not listed as a defeat so 2014 holland went home undefeated !!!
  4. stand the storm shirley ceaser - hob is gospel ex £12hold delores hall-good lovin woman- jayboy demo ex £17 mob id like to see more of you-colossus -ex £7
  5. 44 dire teams england included ahem if they qualify
  6. saw it earlier wtf !!
  7. brunswick y/d £5 a- side is ace also -to change my love
  8. no mick i prefer main ingredient version , thanks all the same
  9. as i expected a fake , thanks for the info sutty
  10. you going on saturday neil ?
  11. saw an rca promo on youtube steve like you say thought album only also / unless it was'nt authentic anyone actually know !!
  12. anyone put me on to the main ingredients - have you ever tried it - uk rca promo cheers diddy
  13. top class 45 bud!!!
  14. what a jaunty list alan , i jolly well enjaunted all the way till the last jaunt ...........