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  1. is elliot still there ?
  2. yes watched it with great admiration , after following my home team since the 70ts through good and bad , stockport and were worse than bad now the greatest achievement modern football will ever witness ,
  3. shakespeare may keep them up , id stick at that
  4. none of that list probably, they are a list of go arounds , roy hodgson ffs should retire in disgrace
  5. wouldnt put neville in charge of a church fete tombola lol
  6. cripes !!! im damaged after listening to that
  7. thats a real stupid decision , football stoops even lower ,
  8. patti williams- im doing the best i can -forward promo £70 uk signed posted cheers
  9. willie harper -but i couldnt- alon w/d vg++ £25 sapphires- got to have your love - abc paramount w/d seen more action than a ww2 tank so £15 moments - rain in my backyard -stang ex -£6 worth of perfection gene chandler- i can take care of myself -constellation with stars (if that makes a difference ?)vg++sol £40 danny white - cracked up over you -decca vg+ £15 p&p£2.70 signed uk
  10. a polished performance by bobby- something new to do- wb7662 vg plus £ 100 add £8.00 insured uk only cheers
  11. a big well done from me , joan dave phil louise great night whenever i attended ,ethos was spot on , its just a venue , move it move on !! people will follow steve
  12. going to this , looks great sounds great
  13. soz not for you !!
  14. I sent to PPtorch didn't realise the pp was PayPal illcancel and do it again steve
  15. fifa wordings for a penalty shoot out , if you lose the shoot out your eliminated from the competition but its not listed as a defeat so 2014 holland went home undefeated !!!