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  1. Looking forward to what is going to be an incredible day. Can't think of a better way to spend Easter Sunday. It's going to be the best one yet and all for a good cause. See you there!
  2. No talc needed. This venue has a superb dance floor. It's actually a superb venue!
  3. Looking forward to spinning some tunes at the Verdin tonight. The best little venue in Cheshire. Thanks for the invite guys. See you later
  4. The thanks goes to you Johnny for giving us such a special venue! It's gonna be a cracker! See you there.
  5. Yea eBay does your head in like that! No consistency. I guess it's down to the demand when the record is actually posted. I paid £25 for the blue one about 5 year ago off eBay.
  6. What's the difference in value for this one?
  7. Nice one mate. I knew I'd left myself open to that as soon as I'd hit submit but thought what the hell! Thanks for the info.
  8. Hi Chris What's the difference between the black and blue? I have the blue. ATB Neil
  9. Always an ace night at the Morg! Great DJ line up. Bring it on!
    As always a first class night at the Crosville! Excellent music & a superb crowd. Brilliant atmosphere all night. The best venue in Cheshire! ATB Neil
    The best one yet. A full house & full dance floor all night. Excellent spots from all the DJ's including lots of underplayed stuff. The crowd loved it. As 'dancinshoes' said the dance floor is top quality, lovely to dance on. Superb atmosphere. Well done Johnny & all the DJ's & all the punters. We're on countdown to February! KTF
  10. Yea Steve. My love is getting stronger.
  11. Nice one Mike. Hope they're twisted Tomato! Have you got Cliff Nobles?
  12. Nice one Alan. You'll both enjoy it. It's an excellent venue & I'm sure they'll be lots of people there you know. See you Saturday. Neil
  13. Love Pringles