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  1. It was up the hill from the bus station and opposite Clifton park. It ran midweek Northern Soul nights before the all nighters, and replaced the assembly rooms as the place for 14 to 18 year old went for the weekly dose of Wigan and Cleethorpes tunes. I remember one skinny curly haired Rotherham youth in there that could spin for England. Like a battling top.... Rovrum was a hot bed of Northern around that time, including the Windmill nightclub at Millmoor. Absolutely loved it in there. Ed
  2. I wonder which record was the most successful commercially? Ed
  3. I second that emotion, AND the mighty mighty Millers won a game, thanks to a proper Yorkshireman putting out his B team. Roll on next season, and hopefully an away day at Blackpool....
  4. Wish I could dance to it all way through at full pelt still, but need 3 breathers during the track these days, just like ton of dynamite! Ed
  5. Indeed a real talent by helping write this, and others. A sad loss R I P. Ed
  6. Fascinating guy! Imagine if George had been a cell mate with Johnny Bragg..... What great songs they may have come up with! Ed
  7. Hard to beat this version..
  8. Both uniquely 'northern' tracks and both artists sadly no longer with us. Ed
  9. I think this track first got a mention in 2009 on here........A 1966 recording that never got put on a single at the time. The whole 'discovery and production' has to be applauded: Disc: 1 1. Jimmy Ruffin He Who Picks A Rose 2. Gladys Knight & The Pips If You Ever Get Your Hands On Love Disc: 2 1. Stevie Wonder I Want My Baby Back 2. The Contours Take Him Back If It Makes You Happy (Cellarful Of Motown Version) Disc: 3 1. The Spinners We're Gonna Be More Than Friends 2. Kim Weston You Can Do It Disc: 4 1. Brenda Holloway We'll Keep On Rolling 2. The Temptations Angel Doll 1994 Box Set Version (Mono) Disc: 5 1. Marvin Gaye My Love For You 1995 The Master Version (Mono) 2. Four Tops I'm Grateful Disc: 6 1. The Isley Brothers Sure Is A Lotta Woman Mono Version 2. Barbara McNair I Know Better Outtake Version Disc: 7 1. The Velvelettes That's A Funny Way 2004 Anthology Version 2. The Originals Don't Stop Now Album Version So many great records deemed 'not good enough' by Hitsville at the time, have been uncovered, and I'm sure this trend will continue for years to come as the desire to find new tracks is relentless. Ed
  10. Got this on an EP back in the day, and its still the 'one' for me: Ed
  11. Premier league Football is awash with dosh. England national team the same. Everybody has their nose in the trough. We only know the half of it. Then go to EUFA and FIFA and the numbers increase tenfold. Sam is small fry in the scheme of things. As I said, if you ever get chance to meet him informally, you would get the other side of all the stories. Life's never black and white. Ed
  12. Not sure if you've ever met Sam, but I can tell you he has a 'presence' about him that oozes self belief and confidence. I bet plenty of Newcastle fans regret him being sacked there a few years ago. Problem is the poor fella becomes bigger than the owners, and that's fatal. With £90m at stake for premier status, I'm sure he will be rewarded well. Ed
  13. I think the comparison is relating to the vocal effort. Both Jud's wail along for large parts of the songs, and then find some soul to get your attention. Probably why, as always, these records fail as chart hits because of the inconsistencies of effort. And why we get to cherish them! Neither record would have passed the motown hit or miss test, I suspect. Ed
  14. No doubt the price is higher today than 2009 when the post started. Must be more likers than dislikers or it would not be so expensive! I think parts of the record are great, but I can see why its its not every bodies cup of tea. Ed
  15. Certainly back in the day, the DJ was revered by the young audience who aspired to changing places across the record decks etc. Another kind of hero was the radio dj. As a teenager, in South Yorkshire, the main northern soul show was radio hallam 's soul shotgun, with one John Green as host. Roll forward 30 years or so and I got a call out of the blue about attending a sportsman's evening from a guy called.......... John Green! The most obvious question to me, if weird to others, was ' your not soul shotgun, are you' ? To which the shocking confirmation came it was!! Since then I've had plenty of conversations with dj John! A small world indeed. Ed