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  1. Wow............. Just came across this site and it fills in so much information: Ed
  2. You can have a 3 course meal waiting for this to kick off...............................Superb after that though. Cleethorpes biggie. Ed
  3. Since I heard this, and records like it first............Falbala, The Flasher, Superlove, My hearts symphony, as an introduction to Northern Soul (Baileys nappy nights), then this is what Northern Soul was. However, the 'bigger boys' who had done the Wheel/Torch/VaVa etc must have been horrified at this 'genre' creeping into the playlists. These super pop dance records increased the numbers of youngsters coming onto the scene, but at the expense of folks who probably had had enough of it getting commercialised. The record charted, so somebody must have made a few bob out of it. On the other hand 90% of the rare soul we all love made nowt for anybody apart from DJ's, COLLECTORS, AND PROMOTERS!! Ed
  4. What a talented guy Gino Washington is? We know Gino even had his own tv show. What does Tomangoes actually mean? Obviously he made a few tunes, and here are some great ones.
  5. Always thought this old stomper was a slow starter: :)Ed
  6. Surely the definition of low rider music is as oblique as the definition of Northern Soul music? To complicate the issue more...............Stepping out of the picture is considered a 'classic' by both genres! So much so that the demand for this tune is 'doubled up' because both sets of collectors want it! Then, to complicate matters even more some records have one side in demand by the Low Rider scene, with the flip in demand by the Northern Soul scene. Example Track Artist Title Composer Producer A The Heartbreakers [Derby City] How Do You Say Goodbye Eddie Haynes, Elzy White Elzy White Jr LR B The Heartbreakers [Derby City] I've Got To Face It Elzy White Jr Elzy White Jr NS Images As always it has to be down to your own perception of genre Ed
  7. I got a book at the 2004 LA soul Usa trip and had Ruben sign it. Wondering where our paths cross between traditional Northern Soul and with the low rider (in music terms) scene, I guess the best example we talked about was: And in reality, regardless of a records soulfullness or rarity, surely unless you can kind of dance to it, that's where the demarcation lays? Ed
  8. As time marches on, and less live acts are possible, these musical stories may fill a gap. The Jackie Wilson story? The funk brothers story? Who know's? Ed
  9. If you ever get the chance to see Amber Riley, take it. Soul singers are soul singers, whether in the past or in the present. I enjoyed watching the 'new' Contours at Whitby singing the 'old' Contours songs. MAYBE ITS JUST A LITTLE MISUNDERSTANDING......... The dream girls is about the terrible way 'singers' were treated by Mr Gordy and others. There are no Motown songs to be heard in this musical. A story worth telling imo. Ed
  10. Saw dream girls last month......Amazing. Amber Riley needs to get a recording contract...........As good as it get for a singer who can belt out a soulful sound. Talk about screaming? took my breath away. Cop this: Ed
  11. Quality tune. Ed
  12. Here is a bit more label info...... Ed
  13. Just loved that record back in the day. Anybody heard this take before, as it's new to me. Ed
  14. £40 according discogs.................. No comparison really in terms of quality: Ed