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  1. Tony Blackburn - Love him! Dermot O'really - Or Dermot O'DREARY! (Better on the telly for some reason) Lisa Tarbuck - Fun Fun Funny! Just my two penneth Len
  2. 'Lenny Williams - Choosing You' 'LaShawn Collins - What You Gonna Do With My Love' Great tunes! Len
  3. I thought it was done with a marker pen! Thanks for posting it up. Len
  4. Absolutely agree - It was a fantastic / exciting period of the scene. Manifesto Magazine has been mentioned on this thread - If any of you have old copies, look at the events section, just two pages for three months events! The same crowd mainly used to end up at the same events week in week out. Whereas today we're 'splintered' all over the place, with many venues struggling to get enough people in (Do the math) Great memories. Len
  5. I may be remembering this wrong (So please correct me if so) But I'm sure I remember a kind of hand written flyer for the first 'Rarest Of The Rare' All-nighter (maybe done with a marker pen)......God knows what year though Great if someone can post it up. Len
  6. Tim Brown first / then Gary Spencer - Great nights! Len P.s - Me too ref 'Out-A-Site' lists
  7. Plenty going on this weekend - I've been told I'm camping in my garden with my daughter, so not a lot of soul for me. If my Son joins us he'll be playing 'Slipknot', so not so sure most of you will want my weekend's Top 5 next week Have a great Easter where ever you go. All the best, Len
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEV! All the best, Len
  9. 'Linda Griner' - Ain't heard that played out in a long long time - Great tune Len
  10. Yeh s*d it - I could do that with my Tippex Mouse. Which will be fine because it will become part of the record's history Len
  11. Thanks for your posts so far - Enjoy where you go this weekend, and share a few more that catch ya ears with us next week Cheers. All the best, Len
  12. Great voice ain't he? Len 'Joe Bataan - Crystal Blue Persuasion'
  13. Yes, I like that Mike. I've always loved 'Gypsy Woman'. I used to have a few bits of Latin Soul ('Ray Barretto - Hard Hands' / 'Bobby Valentine - Bad Breath') Here's 'Gypsy Woman' live. Len
  14. I’m sure Karl will agree with this - To be fair to Mick, I don’t think he would have been aware of it being Karl’s cover up. Although it seems a promise broken, when Mick was given a cut, he should have been told to keep it to himself, and of the story behind it / being Karl’s discovery. Karl kindly gave me a cut after my 40th Birthday back in 2010, and told me who it was by - I immediately forgot, and I liked that fact! Thanks again for sharing Karl All the best, Len
  15. You could put 5 on the thread below - It's also good to see what tunes you may have heard others play that you enjoyed when out 'n' about. Len