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  1. Hi Ed, See below an old thread on the same subject, but it covers anyone on the scene (Quite an interesting read) Len
  2. Hi Marcelle, You need to 'cut 'n' paste' - Get a tune up on You Tube, 'cut' the bit in the bar at the top of the page (the link - well done) Then just 'paste' it on to your post on here - 'Ping' it's on! Like this - Len 'Regina Sherard - Helpless Baby'
  3. Or cringe - If I read something I've written a long time ago, it's akin to how I felt when I heard my own voice on a tape recorder as a kid! (Gawd did I really write that kinda feeling) Len
  5. I vote leave if doesn't effect the sites' 'workings' - If anyone had the time, it would be interesting to go back and do a bit of a trawl through old topics and re-activate some that may be of interest to people who missed them when they were being discussed (Or not being members at that time) Others may add their different views as well. Len
  7. Hi Sean, No I didn't see your post ref your Benn Hall costs going up (26% is a huge hike!) Coincidentally I was thinking about the subject (probably related to my own usual business worries), and thought the way our scene is 'business wise' is pretty interesting (or bizarre even) Your numbers going up compensating for any rise in costs is a great achievement, especially nowadays. All the best, Len
  8. Hi AndyG, Ref a busy thread - We all know that the amount of posts / views on a thread does not necessarily equate to how many attend an event. I've seen over 7000 views on a thread in the past (Attendance equating to around 300 on that one) Personally, I like to see a busy thread, as long as it gives me an insight to what the event is about / what tunes to expect etc, especially as I'm not on other social media (Discussion is what the events threads are there for) There's 3 All-nighters on this particular date - I hope they are all nice and busy (I'm sure they will be) All the best, Len
  9. It's not a 'nice earner' though really is it? Ok, it's obviously better than ya average hourly rate, but personally I think, Butch for instance, should get £500.00 for an All-nighter, because he must attract at least 50 people (x £10.00 min) / and the other DJs for the rest of the nights' entertainment (depending how many people the promoter estimates they each attract) should get £200.00 each, to cover their expenses and a 'nod' for the night (That's really not a great deal especially if you compare it to some of today's 'great' DJs on other scenes) This would of course have to be incorporated in to the entrance fee (Ok so maybe £15.00), but I personally think that is its' worth Unless its a night of loads of DJs, but that's another take on it (Do the 'math' on this) All the best, Len
  10. In my experience - Yes! I remember putting the entrance fee up from £2.00 to £3.00 at The Embankment Club many moons ago, and was surprised at how many mentioned it / complained, then I saw the very same people head straight to the record bar! It made me smile actually Len
  11. That's fair enough. Isn't it funny (and kinda nice) that you kept the price at £5.00 for 11 years - A financial adviser would have kittens! ........Or did you keep it at £5.00 because that figure is so much easier to work out the change on the door? (Mine stayed at £5.00 for a long time for that very reason) Len
  12. I think some people may be getting mixed up between what they can personally afford, and what the entrance fee to an All-nighter is actually worth (Which is understandable I hasten to add) All the best, Len
  13. Two from me - All the best, Len
  14. If I had the money / and somehow got the record, I would take it straight to a restorer to get the writing removed. Nothing personal against Kenny, only met him once or twice, but he seemed like a nice guy All the best, Len P.s - I may consider leaving Franks' name on it as it's already there though / not really sure on that.
  15. See you there guyz All the best, Len