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  1. FFS - as nasty as it gets.
  2. Looks like another re-writing of history to avoid acknowledging the UK (northern) soul scene proper. ...I thought you only got 'white sheet kids' in the southern states of america - very big on setting fire to crosses on people's lawns I believe. Dx
  3. Give me Mel and Tim any day. Dx
  4. Wonderful stuff - really miss hearing these sorts of spins. Stone Crush - OT Sykes Shadow of a Memory - Minnie and the Minuettes Forgotten how good the Escorts is - got a copy kicking around somewhere.
  5. The two guys bottom right have to be Cheech and Chong and Grace Jones is at the very top. Dx
  6. Bombers were wonderful things - enabled us to dance to this Benny Hill paced comedy northern and love it. Dx
  7. Would've said Potion of Love has a much better intro myself. Dx
  8. This is it - 'I just wanna be there' is album only. Dx
  9. Remember Paul Philips telling me years ago that, whenever they had a poll in Echoes, not only were by far the highest votes for 'what would you like to see MORE of in Echoes' for Northern, but also for the 'what would you like to see LESS of in Echoes'... Funny, we don't spend our time trying to stick it to poxy reggae fans. These lot are just arseholes though - have you seen the Oi band (more hair than brains) doing Fuck Northern Soul on Youtube - these are the sort of bonehead nazi c*nts that turned me off scooters and rallies (bearing in mind I was secretary of the biggest club in the country, by a factor 2, for a good many years). Used to have loads of this type where I come from - funny they're all into Northern now that psychobilly has dissappeared up its own arse. Dx
  10. I was gong to ask the same question. Dx
  11. Not heard it before (know the other one) - great record - reminds me of The Word Game by Benny Spellmann (but not as good). Dx
  12. My once mint copy of Luther Ingram is cracked where Les Cokell stood on it when I lent it to him. My George Smith is also cracked due to cold shock after taking it out of a very hot Shotts and placing it on a -5ºC Crewe minibus dash board. Remember following Saus and his boot popping open and albums fluttering out all over the M6. Dx
  13. GOTTA be Richard Temple...
  14. Methinks they've been listening to the piano in Love Slipped Through My Fingers. Dx
  15. Would love a copy of this version: