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    You know the one - can't remember the artist or title, but it's great.
  1. It looks pretty obviously like a still from a TV screen so may well have been from an Imber World News report. Dx
  2. They should be pretty obvious to anyone used to handling original 45s - there are more than this. Dx
  3. Barbara Pennington is head and shoulders above the rest IMO. Dx
  4. The boss says it was kept behind the curtain. Dx
  5. I spy a mulletted Pete Hollander in the background. Yes it's downstairs at the Queens Hall. Dx
  6. It was dropped from a helicopter in a failed attempt to assassinate RW whilst he was posing for the cameras after the fire. Dx
  7. At 53 just pup but - Morecambe Pier, Bradford (bouncy bouncy dance floor), Brian's Wheel Revivals at their best and Leighton Buzzard... Plus Lifeline when we made it there (massive respect on that one). Also used to love Carlisle when we co-ran it at the White Heather (93-94) - with people often travelling up from London and down from Dundee - it was great to be booking DJs we really rated (Dickie Watt, Carl, Spenna, the Scots lads etc) plus doing the first spot (which was usually about 3 hours from 8 o'clock - allowing me to do a properly structured spot ranging everything from early Wheel to Curtis and Bileo)... Plus Saus was at his best there. We usually lost money but it was worth it and we usually then treked down to Donnie to stop with W&S until Monday... Remember divvying up the fast stuff amongst us to ensure everyone there was fully fried towards the end of most nights. Dx
  8. Dancing on stage - definition of a dick.
  9. The sample is Cliff Nobles though. Dx
  10. Infinitely better by Garland Green IMO and a great deal cheaper (AND with Girl I Love You on the other side). Dx
  11. Could only find a print out of the flyer for Number 3 (one of mine - probably got the others on disc at work), but also found an ad for the 'Return of the Ultra Rare Night' from a Spring 1996 Manifesto (even though it says 1995(!) on the ad - the date is correct for Easter Sunday 1996) - which would place number one in 1995. Dx
  12. I ought to be able to find out coz I did all the flyers and adverts! Dx
  13. Defo later than 1994 I'd have said - we had only just moved up to Cumbria and they were on when we were at our second house - 1996 I reckon. Dx
  14. Am I wrong in remembering James King doing a PA at Morecambe? Certainly remember taking a big stack of copies up there with Mark Sargeant just after it was released by Expansion. Still a brilliant record. All the Syncopate stuff was coming out about the same time - Lanier and Co 'Dancing in the Dark' was great. Dx
  15. Went to most of them - they were great. Dave PS Just had a quick blast though the tracks forgotten just how great the stuff played was back then.