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    Northern Soul, since I was about 12 years old & also drifted into reggae during the 1980s.
    I have a relatively small Northern Soul collection, although it's been growing over recent years.
    Anything to do with 1990's Bally/Williams Pinball Machines, unfortunately they take up a lot of space so I've been forced to only keep two - Theatre of Magic and Twilight Zone.
    I'm also a Naim Audio addict
    I have a wife and two children.
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    Epitome of Sound - You don't love me

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  1. This one gets my vote, used to be guaranteed to get me and the other clappers on their feet.
  2. Correct, that would've been the venue name at the time.
  3. I was there that night. If I remember correctly, the live appearance was at the Fenn Green hotel on the Kidderminster to Bridgnorth road.
  4. Just a 'heads up', in case anybody on Soul Source has a bid, or is planning to make a last minute bid on the above item. I asked the seller to confirm that it was in Near Mint condition as stated in the title, he got back to me and said that he didn't realise it was advertised as NM, because he just 'copied the title from a previous listing'. I suspected that this may have been the case. Anyway, for those that are interested, from his reply to me, it sounds like a VG condition record. He was honest enough with me, but as I write, the listing hasn't been amended to reflect it's true condition.
  5. To be fair, she clearly states 'I am of course open to very sensible offers', so if a sensible offer is accepted, you'll get one hell of a discount off the current £670 high bid
  6. BBC Radio 2 playing this a lot lately, definitely growing on me.
  7. 'We cherish the music' - There goes that 'it's all about the music' line again. The music is cherished by collectors/DJs that care enough to seek out the genuine 45s, it is also cherished by companies that legally re-issue it on CD from original master tapes (where available), Ace/Kent being the finest example. It is cherished by those on our scene that seek out the artists that created those records and tell them how those often forgotten recordings they made are revered by us soulies, Andy Rix and Ady Croasdell, being just two examples. Being happy to dance to dodgy sounding fake records, spun by fake DJs is not cherishing the music, it's fake - just like this thread, this whole thing has to be a wind up and I must congratulate you on getting three pages out of this so far Merry Christmas
  8. For sure, he's having a bit of pre Christmas fun methinks.
  9. Just out of interest, what is your position on audio quality of bootlegs? Do you have any personal criteria in that regard, or will any old distorted crap do?
  10. My understanding is that the Northern Soul scene was built around rare records, rather than rare recordings. Bootlegs and pressings are pieces of plastic with rare recordings cut into them, often with dodgy sound quality. 'It's all about the music' is often given as an excuse for playing boots too. For me, it's always been about those genuine rare records, where the DJ that fills the dance floor with those records is king.
  11. No, but I did fall victim to the wing collar shirt and slim dickie bow look. Time for this topic to be closed methinks, it's going nowhere fast
  12. Strangely enough I did for a while - Aubergine Zoots and a grey leather box jacket too. I was leading a double life
  13. Clearly - I'll get me coat...
  14. OK, So you're into Northern Soul, but did you also go nightclubbing in your youth too? If so, where did you go and what were you memories and favourite records from your particular nightclubbing period? My nightclubbing years were around 1982 to 1986, when I was aged 19 to 23. I used to go to Pagoda Park, Millionaires, and The Dome in Birmingham, also Eves in Wolverhampton a few times. Awesome sound systems in all of them, amazing light and lazer shows, folks generally getting drunk and hoping to 'pull' - you know the routine. One of my lasting memories was at Eves in Wolverhampton, the DJ was in a circular booth and us punters could stand above this booth and watch him do his stuff, I remember one night that the DJ was playing some Tamla Motown (as mainstream clubs often did for 30 minutes or so) but what made this special was the fact that the he was mixing 'live' using original 45s, playing no more than a minutes worth of music from each record, he literally had a pile of records on his right hand side and was feeding them to the decks, one by one, then flinging them onto another pile to his left after he'd faded the next one up, pitch and beat perfect. It was an impressive sight to be honest, vinyl mixing at it's best. Anyway, some of my favourites from those days: Freeeze - Southern freeze, Jazzy Dee - Get on up, Phil Fearon and Galaxy - Everybody's laughing, Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop, Hashim - Al Naafiysh. (All on 12" singles of course) Anybody care to share a memory or any non- Northern favourites from their youth?
  15. Sometimes I wonder if the Northern Soul scene has been hijacked by internet trolls trying to wind us 'purists' up! The way things are going, I reckon it might be best to sell my collection of decent originals and find another interest in my old age. FFS