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    Various, I breed German Shepherd Dogs, my kennel name is Mirrwood. Google for the website.
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  1. Ditto Steve dreadful news. All round good guy as well it seems! ALSO NO LONGER INFECTED.
  2. Regarding Fats Domino I clearly remember that Richard did the final set BUT on a Fridays Oldies Nighter. He played Fats Domino It keeps raining as the last tune. Not sure if Richard finished every Oldies night BUT I can say he definitely did play it when he did the last spot. He also played Soul Source, Evie Sands, If that's what you wanted, Nolan Chance on Bunky, Job Opening and The Belles on NZ Action. All at Oldies nights.
  3. Good luck. Had a dose of cancer myself 5 years back. Still here to tell the tale. Sorry you have to sell up. Regards Steve Foran
  4. 4 Tops Shake me wake WHAT A TUNE. The line when Levi sings "And as the tears rolled down my face" Goosebumps just writing it.
  5. I hope this is the correct place to post this. I am guesting for 2 hours at 6pm till 8pm tonight on on Paul Kidds Keeping the faith show if anyone is interested. Hope this is ok? Many Thanks Steve Foran
  6. Advert for Arla milk.
  7. FYI There was a thread on FB on Rare Soul Talk. I expressed my view that George Lemon is an awful dirge which makes my ears bleed. Just to fill in the gap. Just my opinion!
  8. See Ted Massey and Ginger I am not alone on George Lemons. Made me laugh reading this again.
  9. Yep same here. Forced me to log all on an Excel Spreadsheet. Mainly because I was bidding and buying things I have. On the plus side found I had a Bit n Pieces Nasco Demo which I thought I had sold.
  10. Ray Agee Losing again.
  11. Ha ha good reply. Must be a Steve thing!
  12. Bobby Kline erm real sorry but I could not give it house room. Dreadful (out of) tune.
  13. Got that off George myself.
  14. PM sent
  15. Yvonne Vernee was over here with The Elgins. At the time is was very ill. My mate Phil Aspinall took a record sleeve and she signed it to me. I had no idea! It is stuck through my letter box when I got up the next day. Sadly Phil died about 18 months ago. Much appreciated gesture from a great lad.