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  1. A big hi Jon, from an old soulie, I have just seen a clip of you dancing in Blackpool last year, truly inspirational.By the way you dance anyone would have thought you'd been on the scene for many years. By that i mean it as a compliment as you dance so well.The record playing "Sweet Happiness " by Newbie & Johnson is one of my all time fav's.I have also seen some of your play lists on you tube which are exactly my taste in Northern soul. I don't know if you get about a bit on the scene as I am a resident dj at the "Leeds Central" soul club and was one of the original dj's in the 70's.I'm sure it would be right up your street as the music played is as it was all those years ago and the same as your you tube records.The Central reunion all dayers are on every two months with the next one being on the 19th Feb.Then two months on always the third Sunday in the month.I'm sure you'd really enjoy yourself. Seeing you dance at Blackpool makes me proud to be a "Northern Soulie". If you do come across to the Central be sure to introduce yourself to me . Regards Fred Ward.
  2. Niet vloeiend maar ik kan krijgen door. HI Robb have been past the statue you mentioned many times in scheveningen you must be proud. Looks like you get about a bit seems an interesting job.I have been coming over to the Netherlands ever since I was born and have a big family over there and have 7 cousins jotted all over.Was last over in September. All the best for the new year Regards Fred.
  3. Just out of interest have you any ties with the Netherlands? My mother came from Den Haag
  4. We would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy soulful new year Jacque & Fred Ward
  5. All roads lead to 2 Central Road leeds on Sunday. ATB Fred
  6. I would recommend any of the following gents fragrances:- Paco Rabanne, Kouros,Pino Silvestre Drakkar Noir, Aramis,Lacoste original and Antaeus All are edt and outstanding Regards Fred
  7. Amazing coincidence the lead singer of Bob Kuban & the in men was called Walter Scott, but not the same person regards Fred
  8. What a nice photo of a great bunch of lads. Really looking forward to this year's Christmas cracker and seeing you all in December. Regards Fred.
  9. Hi Dave and Steve apologies. The vent issue is the rarer of the two and not the atco as I said earlier. regards Fred
  10. As Said above The Dynells:- Call on me .Top sound Steve, Originally released on Vent and Atco with Atco being the rarest of the two. Regards Fred
  11. Charlie has just reached the age of 60 a milestone in life.A top guy and has been on the Soul Scene for many years. I'm sure many "soulies" on here will know Charlie and what a great guy he is. All the very best birthday wishes Charlie. Fred&Jacque Ward.
  12. First of all I would like to thank Julie and Richard for my spot ,am looking forward to spinning a few sounds and seeing you all on Friday Regards Fred.
  13. If your posting is exceptional you get what's called a "Denise LaSalle" lol!
  14. Does it really matter which record was played first, when and where, surely the fact that they were played and we were and are privileged to hear such great music is the one thing we all agree on.Two of my favourite sounds were played there, in no order:- Johnny Sayles:- I can't get enough of your love and Earl Jackson:- Soul Self Satisfaction. Regards Fred.
  15. A big thanks to Julie & Richard for letting me loose behind the decks once again, have been digging deep through my records and have got some nice sounds lined up. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Regards Fred.