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  1. Released on the Deconstruction label 14/10/91 on 7inch single.The video was played I think on mtv at the time.This was their debut record. Hope this helps Regards Fred
  2. I remember one night we were on our way and couldn't find the place.We were all well blocked and must have passed this police sergeant three times who was standing on the corner of a street and looking suspicious at us.As we were passing the local police station. Psyco (Chris Jenkinson) who was in the car with us suddenly said "stop the car and i'll go into the station and ask the old bill the way." Talk about bottle, we were amazed at Chris.Needless to say he came out with directions and as they say a good night was had by all. One record always sticks in my mind from Clifton hall,I think it was a Searling cover up,Over the top by Roy Dawson covered up as the Chicago gangsters. Regards Fred
  3. As already said superb music, however the music and the clothes don't go together. Might also send out the message that us Soulies dance and dress like that .It also shows that you can't manufacture our scene. Regards Fred.
  4. Rudy's Scarborough, brings back memories, some good and some not so good.Sadly the manager John Rona (from Barnsley ) got kicked to death in an alley near to the club.And I think the murder was never solved. On the pleasent and funny side Bub was a regular DJ at the club on bank holidays and was always up for a laugh, on one occasion I remember Bub setting off a fire extinguisher and covered a bouncers head with foam to which Bub was barred from the club. All of us were just rolling about on the floor laughing! Regards Fred.
  5. The Brian Philips mentioned above,is it the legendary Brian 45 Philips? Cheers Fred.
  6. Looking forward to the Bank holiday all dayer and getting behind the decks once again.Got some nice $ounds lined up to play. As i've said before what better place to be and savour,the venue, the people(Centralites), the Dj's,the "$ounds"and the fantastic atmosphere. If you haven't been before come down and experience it for yourself! See you all there Regards Fred.
  7. A big thanks to Julie & Richard for letting me loose behind the decks once again, got some nice $ounds lined up for Friday.I look forward to seeing you all.Regards Fred
  8. Just shows the bbc are out of touch with their listeners, or do they really care? the fact that many people signed the petition,seemed to change bbc's decision makers mind and to put on special one offs with Brian, only seems to add insult to injury.Sadly it's the usual case of after the horse has bolted.Only to read later that Tony Blackburn will be presenting future shows from 6.00am like someone has said above if it wasnt for bbc I player I just wonder how many regular listeners would tune in at all Regards Fred.
  9. Looking forward to the first of 2017's Leeds Central Re-unions and 6th anniversary This being one of if not the best in the country. You've just got to get down to experience the day and savour the place,the(Soulies (Centralites), the atmosphere,the Dj's,the "$oul $ounds" and be part of an original venue,original Dj's, a place filled with like minded people who come from all over the country to be together and have a truly fantastic day. You will hear people who have been for the first time say "what a fantastic atmosphere".See you all on Sunday Regards Fred
  10. If my memory serves me well, they hailed out of Huddersfield. Regards Fred
  11. how about Bobby Patterson what a wonderful night for love. Regards Fred
  12. The question is, is it Juke box or Duke box? Regards Fred
  13. I remember when I was a teenager and used to frequent a coffee bar in Huddersfield, namely Studio 58 on new street where a lot of the Huddersfield "wheel" crowd used to go they had lots a tasty "wheel soul sounds" on the juke box, one notable record which immediately comes to mind was "On Broadway " by the Drifters. Studio 58 was the place to be and be seen where the Huddersfield "In crowd" were always there and where us young uns would like to be in and amongst them.People I can remember from those times were:- Ralph Senior,Frankie Carr, "Cobber" whose real name was Ian Hicks and his mate Keith Nestor, Pip,Mick Haigh, (mosh) Lesley Brown, Andy Crossley and Dave Clegg,I,'m sure i've missed a lot off but we're talking many years ago. Regards Fred Ward
  14. Didn't Al Stephenson have a lot of his collection on the juke box? Regards Fred
  15. A big hi Jon, from an old soulie, I have just seen a clip of you dancing in Blackpool last year, truly inspirational.By the way you dance anyone would have thought you'd been on the scene for many years. By that i mean it as a compliment as you dance so well.The record playing "Sweet Happiness " by Newbie & Johnson is one of my all time fav's.I have also seen some of your play lists on you tube which are exactly my taste in Northern soul. I don't know if you get about a bit on the scene as I am a resident dj at the "Leeds Central" soul club and was one of the original dj's in the 70's.I'm sure it would be right up your street as the music played is as it was all those years ago and the same as your you tube records.The Central reunion all dayers are on every two months with the next one being on the 19th Feb.Then two months on always the third Sunday in the month.I'm sure you'd really enjoy yourself. Seeing you dance at Blackpool makes me proud to be a "Northern Soulie". If you do come across to the Central be sure to introduce yourself to me . Regards Fred Ward.