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  1. When I moved to Norwich I did some volunteering for Age UK and inevitably got asked to sort and price the vinyl and CD's. Mostly Jim Reeves albums and the like but occasionally the odd gem would turn up. Any decent 45's I would scan and display it in the window and interesting albums I would display inside. My best find was Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne which the drummer from Belle & Sebastian bought - they were doing a gig in the Norwich. The Geno Washington single shifted after I advertised it on the local northern soul FB page.
  2. Still lots of happy clappers ( me included ) at The 100 Club. Few that spring to mind are:- Charlene & The Soul Serenaders - Can You Win Ben E King - Getting To Me Cresa Watson - Sweet Temptation
  3. Is that for USA or UK? USA seems to command a better price?
  4. I'm selling Rob. Found it today on a record digging trip in Norfolk for Andy Hackett. He's started a disco roadshow but he's short of soul tunes so asked me to find him some stuff. His next one is on Friday night at The Alliance ph in West Hampstead supporting Boz Boorer's new rockabilly band if you fancy a night out.
  5. Cheers fellas.
  6. What's the going rate for "I Can't Move No Mountains" on UK Atlantic?
  7. Johnny Bristol - Hang On In There Baby - Do It To My Mind - You & I Four Tops - ( It Would Almost ) Drive Me Out Of My Mind - 7 Lonely Nights / I Can't hold On Much Longer Holland Dozier - Baby Don't Leave Me / Why Can't We Be Lovers
  8. Maybe worth a simple google search under images - then save image to pictures/photos unless it has to be original sheet music.
  9. Happy birthday Geoff. Hope you have a great day. All the best Mike
  10. George Martin next to Billy Paul bottom left?
  11. Congratulations Eddie. Hope you have a great day. Mike
  12. Both good but If You Think You're Groovy has the Marriott - Lane stamp of quality.
  13. Reminds me of when I saw Booker T at the Bush Hall a few years back. He was promoting his new album Potato Hole and was backed by The Driveby Truckers, a band of longhairs who could rock. New album tunes sounding great and crowd getting into it when in a break between tunes someone shouts out " play what you're known for ". Some people need to stop living in the past!
  14. Cheers Rob. Popped into Rough Trade for Jeb's 45. Got the EP free as I had to go back for a replacement as the first one was scratched. Not sure about the Xmas party. If I don't see you, hope you have a great Xmas and New Year. Best Mike
  15. Decent album which includes The Kindly Shepherds and The Masonic Wonders. Vinyl is Ex- Sleeve VG ( minor crease along the bottom, minor tear on the spine, small drill hole front and back and a bit grubby on reverse ( see photos ) £13.00 plus £3.50 postage and packing PayPal friends and family or bank transfer