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  1. is it boot the spoken or short intro? m
  2. I bought one with the spoken intro off here within the last 12 months... great record, paid a bit more than 150 though, think it was either 200 or just above... m
  3. I've been buying Psych and garage records over the last year. I still buy classic Northern lots of modern and crossover, very occasional R&B record, just the ones I like and stand out from that genre, very occasional funk 45, but there are so many aspects to that side of the tracks, different type of sounds...I like the deep flips you get on Funk 45s allot. One type of sound I've really found to be disappointing is the tracks that have come out of the gospel side of things, I know there are allot of folk on here that really dig that, but 95% of that stuff just didn't hit the spot for me, but there are one or two.., I was explaining to somebody I work with why I don't really ever need to go out of certain decades for my musical hit, and I realised you just can't expect normal music fans to just get it, if you know what I mean... it's a personal journey, taken with the record labels you love as they grow and discover and at the places you go to listen... Fads come and go, but the really good tracks stay no matter... and in time you get enough of those to really have acces to a great body of music, so special to you and others.... it's a fabulous thing and something I can never expect some younger music fan to get in an instant... forcthe most part here in the uk, you start with Northern soul, the real youth club stuff, and go from there.... looking back would any of us have it any other way, no fear, great music that stays with ya..... but then we all know that:-) Mal
  4. it was you Gilbert! laughs... Good to know they have surfaced on here mate Mal
  5. LOLZ Brilliant...
  6. it seems that maybe the Funk fad has now lost its steam... lots of great tracks have been turned up and are now accepted outside of the funk collectoes circles... whete else to go then? All the genres have been done as far as I can see...
  7. Nah, bought my old copy for 15 quid, sold for about the same, I certinally wont pay any more for another one, Great track but you know the bottom will fall out if it in a year or so...
  8. You need a pair of good quality rubber gloves mate, if your a bit of a purist I'd suggest a named brand, go for a pair of marigolds,.,
  9. Hi Ady, saw this thread and thought of an Mp3 I grabbed of Ebay well over ten years back, scan below, and uploaded the Mp3... It's not the complete song I'm afraid, and simply entitled 'She Said' I didn't win this acetate at the time, but Ive often wondered whether it actually came out or was this an illusive unreleased track that got away from me... be interested to know yours and Tony's feedback, is it anything special in terms of Huey's productions? Mal Unknown Huey P. Meaux acetate out of Texas.mp3
  10. Thought the Chocolate Buttermilk Band stood out at 1.5k usd, hasn't there been one for sale on here for months at a fraction of that? otherwise more of the same... lets be honest, you can never really put together a collection of so called rare soul these days from the likes of Ebay etc at a really acceptable cost... and taking in consideration of the condition of allot of these 45's, its sheer madness imo... still... Mal
  11. Yep that told us Benji.... my new valuation, I'd expect you to insure this piece for up to 250 pounds. It may fetch more at auction, the hand writing being a prime example of capitalised handwriting not generally found on examples like this.... A rare find, it's been a pleasure to to cast an eye on such beautiful item, thank you for bringing it in....
  12. yep that shot out at me also...
  13. I can't tell whether that's tounge in cheek, but The night is a classic northern track anywhere and everywhere it's been played for well over 30 years, it was a school club disco record when I grew up in Birmingham... Regards the ad, I get it, but seems a bit obvious for my taste, but then I'm not the target audience.... either way it's a bit of fun innit.... mal
  14. That's more Soul Train with Don C.., than Northern soul... just saying
  15. Virgil Henry....You ain't saying nothing You....Fabulus records DJ copy FBU07015B VG+ Slight mark doesn't affect play whats the label on this one mate? not a yank release surely? Mal