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  1. until

    Anyone pondering what to do on the weekend 10/11/12 Feb, hopefully above summary and DJs listed so far should tell you all you need to know about the sort of soul you can expect to hear, but free to get in touch by PM if you want to know more. Len will post up DJ times for the 2nd room in the next few days...both rooms and all sessions shaping up to be great Still some rooms available at the hotel itself, discounted by 20% on normal rates (down to £60 for single room or £80 double)..including a cracking breakfast Then maybe go for a walk round the brilliant nearby Stanwick Lakes before the Saturday or Sunday afternoon sessions. Or if you don't mind short taxi ride there's the Travelodge approx 5 miles away in Thrapston just off the A14 (J13), currently looking like about £40 a room there. Tickets moving well so please use the link in above post if you'd like to get on board for just one, two or hopefully all three days! Cheers, Steve
  2. Please PM if you have one of these in decent condition and might consider outright sale or trade(s). Thanks, Steve
  3. until

    Back by popular demand, tickets are now available for this second weekender at the Stanwick Hotel, Northants. For tickets and info please call / text 07905 028003....or buy online here: Weekend passes are £20...or you can choose just the Friday night (£7), Saturday day/night (£10) or The Sunday Soul Sessions (£5). Room rates for the hotel are discounted this weekend: Single room £60 per night B&B or Double room £80 per night B&B. Alternatively there's some decent local B&Bs just a short taxi ride away + three different Travelodges each roughly within a 10-15 min taxi ride at Thrapston, Rushden or Kettering. Here's a heads up on what's on when: Friday 8pm to 2am: - In the main room it's a "Thank Funk it's Friday" Groove On special...floor filling 70's/80's soul & funk anthems with DJ's including Rob James, Louie Martin, Max Reese, Ade & Patch, Jem Brittin. - In the smaller second room it's "Freestyle Friday", 70's to modern soul with DJs including Brian Goucher, Steve Scotney, Phil Attley & Tank. Saturday 2pm to 2am: - In the main room it's 12 hours of classic Northern Soul with DJs including Jem Brittin, Len Dopson, Al Leighton, Glenn Bellamy, Hammie, Geoff Ware, Dave Vanner, Andy Horne & Brian Bates. - In the second room it's "Collectors Corner" soul treats in the afternoon and early eve, then from 7pm its 60's to modern soul all night with DJ's including Brian Goucher, Max Reese, Mick & Mo, Len, Stevie P, Kiddo & Steve Scotney. Sunday 4pm to 11pm: - Sunday Soul Sessions special in the main room with Gouch, Scotters and several regular supporters of these gatherings, including Tricky, Pete Mattock, Sid, Tank, Dean Lockwood and other DJs to be confirmed ...SOUL by the bucket load to end the weekend!
  4. Blimey this has soon come round again! I'm easily tempted by most food. Looking forward to it as always and was great to play a handful of records alongside Brian at the last one. Cheers, Steve
  5. Blimey this has soon come round again! I'm easily tempted by most food. Looking forward to it as always and was great to play a handful of records alongside Brian at the last one. Cheers, Steve
  6. So very sorry to hear this news. I only met Paul about 5 or 6 years ago and feel lucky to have seen / heard him play some of his records a few times. Such a friendly man, brilliant sense of humour and amazing taste in soul...he put me on to some stunning records I might never have otherwise heard and I'll treasure them even more now. Rest in peace Paul.
  7. Soul Weekender, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Weekend of 10th / 11th / 12th Feb...the second Soul Weekender at The Stanwick Hotel (The Soul Junction), Stanwick, Northants, NN9 6QY Two rooms playing Classic Northern, Funk, Motown, Modern and Rare Soul... For details on prices (single day tickets or whole weekend), rooms and DJs etc, please see posts below.
  8. Thanks as always to those few who could make it along to share some soul and banter..We'll back again next year starting with the soul weekender 10th/11th/12th Feb at this great venue. All the best to Gavin Harrison and his pal also staying over at the hotel last night and about to start the final few days of his charity walk from Scotland to London for Children in Need....dressed as Darth Vader! Link here if anyone feeling generous for this worthy cause We offered Darth a spot, but the big gloves, no chance... just drinking Guinness through a black straw and mutterings of "I am your Father" (in the proper authentic voice I might add)....and that dark look in his eyes when anything really deep was played. Len had a go at trying on the mask but always going to be a problem on the height thing there mate Oh yes and some's what I played from the dark side and Im sure Brian, Chris, Tricky & Sid will also post up their plays sometime.... Major Harris - Beside me (Muffat 45) ..thanks for this one Brian Mather - This is serious (DSG) Mather - I can't forget about you (DSG) Rachel Modest - I try (ATA 45) Lyle Divinsky - Fallin' (Lyle Divinsky CD) Lawrence Beamen - Better than you (Knafo Entertainment CD) The Sisters Love - This time tomorrow (man-child 45) Grace Love & the True Loves - Everything happens for a reason (True Love LP) The Exciters - You got me (RCA LP) Rita Wright - It don't mean nothin' to me (Ace / Kent CD) Arnold Blair - Finally made it home (Triumph / Super Disco Edits 45) Betty Wright - Don't you dare (Ms.B Music download) Energy MC2 - If you break it (Soul Junction promo 45) Lonie Jones - Treat your baby right (Jenmark 45) Psychodelic Frankie - Putting you out of my life (Hi-Speed 45) Fantastic Four - If you need me, call me (and I'll come running) (Eastbound 45) Little Gregory & the Concepts - Look, and you'll see (Lompri 45) Cheers, Steve
  9. Lightweight! No worries Pete..hopefully see you at the next one and no doubt at the Cali in the meantime
  10. Really enjoying this album the last couple weeks, the lp not cheap but well worth it I think and yes would be great to see him live in Jan, at Gorilla in Manchester or Under the Bridge in London. Big Crown Records going very well it seems and looking forward to whatever's next. Cheers, Steve
  11. Yes hopefully see you at the next one Hammie... by all means pop over for the last couple of hours when you're done in Bedford Looking forward to this coming Sunday and will be cozy all indoors this time now it's cold & dark again. Hopefully be a few in...we'll keep gong regardless for now anyway while the venue will still have us! Won't be one in December, maybe Jan...then hold tight as hot of the press we're organising an extended Sunday Soul gathering on the afternoon and early eve of Sunday 12th Feb, linked with the second Stanwick Soul weekender..details of that to follow on a separate event thread soon! Cheers, Steve.
  12. Thanks for posting this up each month or so Mike..Really enjoying the Rita Wright CD in the car this week and in particular the unbelievable track 3 "It don't mean nothin' to me" good I noticed Mick O'Donnell played it twice on his Soul Discovery radio show the other week, and has been on repeat here a good few times too. Perhaps a 45 release of that track to follow I'm guessing. Cheers, Steve
  13. I got my copy through the post today from "Love Vinyl" in London and I think Soul Brother Records + Simply Soul (Fish) have some limited stock in this week too. No doubt other reputable sellers will also have some for sale at the £12ish RRP before anyone has to think about paying over the odds via resellers on Discogs, on here or via ebay etc. Really great record by the way and thanks to Russ at Super Disco Edits for releasing it. Cheers, S
  14. Still looking if anyone wants to exchange theirs for a PayPal receipt, needs to be clean vg++ though please. Thanks.