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  1. Chalky. I'm using a Canon 500mm f4 is usm mk2. and a Canon 70-200 f2.8 is usm mk2 . They are both amazing lenses. Perfect for both Bird and wildlife photography. Steve
  2. WOW. What a privilege that must have been Steve
  3. Dave. The only one I can remember is Tyto Alba. Barn Owl Steve
  4. Echo all the above sentiments. Rest in peace Mick. Sleep well Steve
  5. Toast toppers are like your taste in music mate. Steve
  6. Butter and sometimes jam. are the only things that go with toast Steve
  7. Martyn. Here's me thinking that any bird was big to you. Steve
  8. Best weekend football wise for ages . Palace beat the dippers. Big Sam Arsenal beat the bitters and dirty leeds got beat And we beat the clarets Steve
  9. Can I ask why Charles and Columbine ? Steve
  10. Chalky. It's fluffed it's feathers up against the cold winds that's what's fooled you
  11. I'm with you Martyn Definitely a chaffinch Steve
  12. Martyn. I dare you. Steve
  13. Thanks Rick. Never got to Cleethorps Pier. It would have taken days from Widnes to hitch it in those days and couldn't have afforded the train. Steve
  14. Me thinks if memory serves me right that the first two are boots. But what a great record from the Casino. And this I think first got played in 1977 so 40 years tonight I would probably be listening to it. Steve
  15. Been out and about today for a change Had a few firsts . Seen a Swift with a load of House martins, never seen one in April before, managed too see a Little gull another first but couldn't get my lens through the viewing hide to get a picture. see attached photo for reason. And managed to see for the first time in Cheshire a Red Kite , it flew over the car when I was on the M56 near junc 12 for Runcorn . Well chuffed Steve