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  1. God I'm getting excited about this nighter. Last year the Springfield nighter was in my opinion the best night of the year. Never been. What have you got to lose. Give it a try. Steve
  2. Stunning, majestic and Moody. Andy Steve
  3. Social media site. Twitter. The singular must be Twit. So does that make every single follower a Twit ? Just a thought Steve
  4. Dave. The normal range of the bird is Scandinavia to Siberia and apparently only 300 confirmed sightings ever in the UK. Very rare visitors indeed Steve
  5. Dave/ Martyn. There has been two recordings of spotted nutcrackers in Scotland ( Lothian ) last October 2016 and that's it for the UK unless you go back to 2009 when one was recorded in Kent. Steve
  6. Stunning photos Martyn. And from your bedroom window to. I've travelled hundreds of miles over the years to see them as you know. Steve ( jealous from Manchester )
  7. Venus. Thanks for posting. Great tune from my misspent youth. Regardless of what the soul police will say. So many happy memories. PS I love gardening Steve. X
  8. You probably have seen me out and about, don't think there's many nighter venues I haven't been to. The lovely Lynne, one of my oldest and dearest friends from school. Sadly passed away just over a year ago. Still miss her. Eddie next to her is her husband. Eddie W on here. Steve
  9. Possibly going Parr hall nighter. Good evening Peter. Steve
  10. Here's the picture. All you non believers. I'm on the right.
  11. I'm sure there's a picture of me in photos, yesterday's or something like that on here when I clearly have hair. P.S. I actually have hair. I choose to shave it completely. Steve
  12. For years I had curly hair with no fear whatsoever of bread crusts Steve
  13. Sharron. That depends on how many glasses they have already drunk Steve. X
  14. Ten years ago I would have been extremely lucky to get a shot of this Little Egret in the UK more so in the north west. Today I saw three separate birds at Leigh in Lancashire ( Pennington flash ) Steve
  15. Suzanne. Oh for blue skies like that. It's so miserable here and I'm unfortunately back in work tomorrow. Lovely pictures as always, it's a beautiful place where you live. Steve