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  1. Harry. Hope you are keeping well. Long time no see. . It's as you say a stunning piece of photography. I assume the tank is full of minnows and the hide and camera are level with the water to get such a shot. probably spent days trying to get the picture, waiting for the light and conditions to be perfect. Dedicated springs to mind. Steve
  2. Ste . As if Us Widnes lads might be a lot of things mate but never a grass. Ste
  3. Ste. Glad Russell remembered Wendy,s name because I couldn't. She used to go a few of the Widnes soul night's, if my memory serves me right. Ste ( Mr memory ) Smith
  4. Andy. How much is it to leave. Steve
  5. What a great record. Don't know where I have been hiding not to know this. Price and availability anyone please. ? Steve
  6. Russell. That looks fab. Steve
  7. Sleep well Kev. Another soul taken from us far to early. So sad. Thoughts are with your family Steve
  8. WOW. Looks better than half the venues I have been to. So jealous Steve
  9. Jeanette Williams. About £120 Benny Troy. £60 Ed Bruce. £30 Precisions. £30 That's my honest opinion of what they are worth. Steve
  10. Neil. Hope you manage to get off the moors to enjoy your birthday mate. Dolly don't spoil him anymore. Steve n Lou.XXX
  11. Been out and about again today. Only managed the one shot worth keeping ( in my opinion ) cropped heavily as it was taken with the 500mm lens and the 2X converter from a very long way. Hopefully will get to see some Hen Harriers tomorrow and with a lot of luck some pictures Steve
  12. Peter. Hope you're birthday 🎂 brings you love, peace and happiness. Have a great day my friend. Steve
  13. Martyn. I'm not old enough to have used a 36 shot roll of film. One shot Pitt. That sounds like a old gunslinger,s name from wild Wolverhampton or gun toting Tewkesbury. Steve
    Gutted that I was working for this night. Rugby is up there with the best of anything, anywhere. Which is a credit to Sian and everyone who are / was involved to reach fourteen great years. Cant believe it's that long since I first walked through the doors on the Benn Hall. Long may it continue. Steve
  14. Steve. There's a great excuse to take the camera with you when on your dog walking duties. You never know what youmay see mate. there's probably dippers and kingfishers there if it's the river I'm thinking of. Steve