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  1. Looking good Baz. Steve
  2. I knew you would raise the tone of this conversation / thread ( whips and party ) I will see you Saturday night to enquire about this. Steve.XXX
  3. Well it's the lovely little miss Detroit,s birthday. Ali I hope you have a great day/ night and hopefully will get to see you on Saturday. My round. Steve n lou XXX
  4. Thanks Neil. I love you too. see you next week mate. Steve
  5. Somewhere in Australia is my old copy of ordinary Joe. With the sleeve signed by Terry Callier. To Steve your just a Ordinary Joe lots of love . T C. My old Cameo issue of Night Owl. Signed by Bobby Paris. To Steve one of the original Night Owls. Is also out their somewhere. Would love the record sleeves back if nothing else. Steve
  6. I have been hoping that there was going to be a NIghter here for along time. What a venue. I for one can't wait. Checked out the shift patterns and I'm off work.. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday that week. Doesn't get any better than that. Steve
  7. Dave. I will be wrong but it looks like cherry blossom to me. Steve
  8. That today Suz. Looks lovely. Grey and overcast skies here in Manchester. Steve. X
  9. Remember being offered one a few year's ago for £800. Unfortunately didn't have that sort of spare spending money in those days. Great record. Sure I remember it way back in time costing £400 Steve
  10. Have a safe journey Sam. See you tonight Steve
  11. Russell. That's fantastic news. Swallows back in Europe. My first sighting last year was March 27 th. Which incidentally was my earliest ever sighting. Steve
  12. Not music related but happened at the Casino. 39 years ago I was meeting my then girlfriend there and happened to take a friend to the Casino who had never been before. Who just happened to be a girl. When my girlfriend who was waiting on the stairs to the balcony saw me with this friend she just walked off . I never ever saw her again even though she lived in my home town of Widnes . I would give anything to explain to her what really happened even after all this time. Steve
  13. Simon. Who's this potential Spins is he some kind of mystery DJ Steve
  14. Marcelle I thought you worked harder to lose it Steve. XXX
  15. Over six years since I stopped smoking after 40 years ish of enjoyment. No patches, no substitutes , just me. I was one of those unlucky people who actually had a reaction to stopping, made me ill for months. After what I went through I would never smoke again just in case I ever stopped again and had the same reaction. Steve