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  1. For Sale – Northern Soul / Funk bomb! THE SOUTH SUBURAN RYTHM SECTION Libras Really Do Run It? Little-known version of the Matta Baby Do The Pearl Girl in-demander, but without the crowd noises. The drums really stand out on this version! VG++ £385 inc P and P Paypal Friends and Family. PM to reserve Pic of actual record for sale. You Tube link for example only
  2. So, as we move further into 2017 and as part of the 21st Anniversary year celebrations of soul at LOWTON CIVIC HALL, we bring you a series of special events. Simply entitled; LEGENDS, these nights showcase the music from some of the clubs that shaped our scene, played by the original DJ’s from those clubs. The special guests will be supported by DJ’s who have kept the flag flying at LOWTON over the years and featuring some of the great music that have helped LOWTON stake its own place on the scene. Here’s the planned event schedule and more information
  3. Lotsa people talkin about this at LOWTON last night...DONT FORGET YOU CAN PAY ON THE DOOR BUT BE EARLY Get the FREE cd to for your trouble...
  4. Today's the day, tonite's the night...Good Friday, Good Soul at LOWTON CIVIC HALL...Bob Hinsley, Kev Murphy and Baz Maleady joined by special guests Pete Eccles and Steve Burke, spinning great Northern and 70's soul at one of the country's best known venues..Come one, come all...
  5. Ready for the weekend? The Bank Holiday is here...relax, chill then come and dance the night away on one of the bigest and best dance floors in the North West, to the music we love, played on a great sound system, in the company of wonderful people....can't wait
  6. Lookin' forward to hearing featured oldies and floorfillers at LOWTON this FRIDAY from CHALFONTS, ESQUIRES, TED FORD, EDITH BROWN, BETTY BOO . FRED HUGHES, ADMIRATIONS, CURTIS LEE, JESSE DAVIS, EXCUSES and many more...see you there!
  7. Just got this back in the box, ready for a spin on Friday..
  8. BIG night this weekend for those that want to hear something a little different...more than a cert considering the Special Guest DJ John Manship, he might even have some records to sell Only two nights booked for 2017 so don't miss it this Saturday, next one November
  9. A few beauties for the floor from Bob H for this Friday
  10. Proceedings start at 8pm, don't be late, make sure you catch the qualidee tunes from Messers Hinsley and 'Man about Town' Murphy, some fookin' AWESOME tunes in them there boxes and something a bit different always gets an airing at LOWTON...then it's down to our special guests to take it from there, with their witty humour and sparkilin, personalities and if that fails they can play some blood great tunes instead
  11. Here's just small selection from our guests THIS FRIDAY...
  12. Some quality tunage between the pair of them Les, lookin forward to Friday
  13. Some of the boys enjoying the Soul Essence 'Experience' this weekend, no doubt picking up a few tunes and honing the playlists for next Saturday when the experinece comes oop north.
  14. Loking forward to Mr. Eccles flexing his musical muscles, looks like he's ben hoovering a few top class ditties lately, now he's a man of means and time is on his side (no begging letters thank you)...