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    Well it was Mothers Day and the sun was cracking the flags, and the Mancunian Way was closed! And did it stop people from coming to the Twisted Wheel Club!.... Not a chance!!! And what a Belter of a day it was, with our Special Guest Deejay "MR NICE GUY BBC RADIO JOHN KANE" who did us proud on the 1210's as always, with 2 fantastic Wheel Sets! John & Jock did the business in Room (2) with a great mix of very expensive "Original" Northern Soul records, & RnB & some great Mod records from the 60's! A thank you to all the travellers who came to the Wheel on Sunday, who make the Wheel what it is. The Best!!! Who came down from - Edinburgh, Middlesbrough, Newton Aycliffe, Sheffield, Liverpool, Colwyn Bay, Wrexham, Buxton, Blackpool, Chinley, Crewe, Glossop, & Macclesfield and all the Wheel regulars. from Manchester and Salford to name but a few. Looking forward to seeing you all again, at our next Wheel "Sunday Afternoon Session" on Sunday 9th of April. With our Special Guest Deejay, Crewe's finest "ANDY SCOFFIN" and lets not forget its going to be JOHN KANES BIG 60th Birthday at the Wheel on Sunday 30th of April, and what a FANTASTIC DAY that will be!!! Thanks again. Robo. 66
  1. Hi Mod66 Thank you for your kind comments. I will be back at the Brighouse Ritz on Friday May 19th, I always look forward to working at this fabulous venue! I will be Dj'ing with Ginger in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear at Easter, in a few weeks time. Regards. Pete Roberts.
  2. IF I COULD TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME..? Hi TimB, looking forward to seeing you and all the Buxton Crew tomorrow at the Wheel, Its got all the makings of another very busy one! And we were very busy last year on Mothers Day, and like people said we cant think of a better place to spend it. Robo. 66
  3. MOTOWN MAGIC - Just listened to 2 Hours of Fabulous MOTOWN MUSIC!! .... For me the music that started it all. On the RICHARD SEARLING SOUL SHOW.. ON BBC RADIO MANCHESTER. If you miss it, you can listen again for 30 days. Richard does it again!! Fantastic. Best Regards. Robo. 66
  4. Don't forget the clocks go forward 1 Hour on Sunday, and we don't want you to miss, to quote "HOMER BANKS" 60 Minutes! Of this Fantastic 60's Club with our Special Guest Deejay BBC Radio JOHN KANE with a Kicking K. As always I'm looking forward to it, and to seeing you there, in this Unique 60's Basement Cellar Club!! Best Regards Robo. 66
  5. Well not long to go now for another top day at the Twisted Wheel Club on Sunday! 300 new glasses on order and 200 champagne flutes, ktf & koko Robo. 66
  6. It's Wheel on Sunday! And its going to be a packer!! I spoke to John Kane yesterday and he said that he is really looking forward to Dj'ing at the Wheel on Sunday as always Thanks to Gordon for a great night at The Pacemakers Soul Club and for their 14th Anniversary Soul CD, it's got some great tracks on it, and I played it twice in the car on my journey back home to Manchester. Loads coming down to the Wheel from the North East on Sunday, and with a coach of 30+ from Middlesbrough. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Robo. 66
  7. Just had a phone call at home, Hi Pete, its gonna be another packer at the Wheel on Sunday 26th March again!... With 30+ people coming down on a coach from Middlesbrough, as well as everybody else who comes to the Wheel, its gonna be a belter!! I have been asked who fitted that very special Vinyl Floor in Room 2 ? Its a Dancers Delight and we love it, and we can dance! I told them it must of been fitted by one of them Posh Shops, it could of been ARIGHI BIANCHI in Macclesfield or HOUSING UNITS of Hollingwood. Looking forward to seeing you all "OUT ON THE VINYL FLOOR" next Sunday 26th March at The Twisted Wheel Club! Robo. 66
  8. ***** Like said in my review, Sunday was Simply Fabulous! Last Sunday, as always we were packed with people who travel such a great distance to be with us, at the Twisted Wheel Club! A BIG Thanks to our guest Deejay YOCKY who as always did a great job on the 1210's, and had both rooms bouncing for us. Great to see Mary Fox's Brother Dave at the Wheel again on Sunday. And I'm sure Mary will be joining us soon! People still asking at the Wheel and Prestatyn, Pete where's your radio show gone?? Well I'm resting at the moment but i'll be back! OZZ, from "Ozz Sound and Lighting" in Stoke-on-Trent, said that he would gladly build me a Studio in my house so I could broadcast from my home if I wish, but I'm not sure my wife Jackie would like that. Thanks Again' Robo. 66
    Simply Fabulous, thank you as always for such a great turnout last Sunday. Next Sunday sees the return of the great Deejay BBC Radio JOHN KANE. And I'm looking forward to seeing you all then on Sunday 26 in that "Cellar Full Of Soul" Also hope to see lots of Wheel regulars this Saturday Night March 18th at - THE BIG CLUB - THE PACEMAKERS SOUL CLUB - NEWTON AYCLIFFE - DL5 5NU. ITS THE PACEMAKERS 14th ANNIVERSARY, and I will be their guest Deejay on the night for Gordon and Joan Toole. For what will be, very sadly after 14 years their LAST EVER NORTHERN SOUL NIGHT at this great Club. I have loved Dj'ing at this great Club over the years, and its a great shame that after all the expence and hard work by Gordon at his very professionally run Club, that Gordon and Joan Toole as decided to call it a day! Best Regards Robo.
  9. IT'S GONNA BE A BIG THING THIS SUNDAY AT THE TWISTED WHEEL CLUB IN MANCHESTER Yes, as always, The Wheel will be a Packer!! I have read some very interesting BOLD comments on here. YOU'VE TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE BEST IN MANCHESTER??... Who would make a statement like that? The Twisted Wheel Club is now in its 17th very successful year and has been enjoyed by 1000's. The Wheel is "OFTEN IMITATED, BUT NEVER EVER DUPLICATED" so other people tell me. The Twisted Wheel Club is in a very Unique, Gritty 60's Basement Club which lends itself to the music we play. To anybody who hasn't been yet:- The Wheel is a very well run Professional Paid for Club with - TWO BADGED DOOR SECURITY IN HOUSE SOUND ENGINEER WELL PAID, VERY WELL KNOWN DEEJAYS. Sadly, because we are in the Heart of Manchester City Centre, there is NO FREE parking! But directly at the back of this great Club is car parking for 1000's of cars. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday in the Cellar Full Of Soul packed with great people. Best Regards Pete Roberts.
  10. As everybody knows there's only ONE "Twisted Wheel Club" and its in Manchester! Not Salford.
  11. Hi Kath, Got back from Prestatyn last night so I could go to church this morning. John & I, really enjoyed working at the Harold Soul Club in Bradford as always! I was with your very good friend Jools over the weekend at Prestatyn. And you know Jools, did 2 great Deejay spots for us at the Twisted Wheel Club last month. As always it was great to see the 100's of people that I know who attend the Wheel, who all said that they had enjoyed the weekend! I had very interesting conversation with Miss Mills about her trip to Leafy Cheshire. Also I love to catch up with all the Deejays that I know and I have worked with over the years, and as always great to see and work with Jos from the Amsterdam Soul Club. It was great to see Yocky & Mandy who is looking so well, and Yocky told me he is really looking forward to being our guest Deejay at the Twisted Wheel Club next Sunday! Hope to see you all on Sunday at the Wheel, God Bless, Pete Roberts.
  12. Good Evening. Pete.
  13. Hi TimB Looking forward to seeing you and the Buxton Crew & the Blackpool Crew tomorrow! I will tell you for sure who you won't see DORIS or JEREMY at the Wheel . Railway Stations? We have got 3, just minutes away! And we have even got an International Airport just up the road. It could be cold, so don't forget that 70's sheep skin coat.