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  1. Not long to go now, for our 2nd Soul Session of 2017. In this Unique 60's Basement Cellar Club! What makes me laugh is the people that are saying its not the Twisted Wheel at Whitworth Street? How can it be? They know it closed in December 2012 and was pulled down in 2013 to make way for another Manchester Hotel? ... And NO not my choice! If it hadn't we would still be there, don't they think that I and 100's of others still wish that we were still at 6. Whitworth Street. But we haven't, and this Legendary Manchester "TWISTED WHEEL CLUB" still lives on at this FANTASTIC 60's Club that we have got! And I don't think a lot of the people, who are doing soul do's now, would be doing them without hearing about and seeing the success of the Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester, the Club and City that started at all. Pete Roberts.
  2. Hi All , Just to say that I am really looking forward to Saturday night and Dj'ing at this Fantastic Venue again! Yes its T.S.O.P PRESTWICH REUNION #6 SOUL NIGHT Spinning the best classics of the 60s & 70s & in - demand Northern Soul. And if you have never been, and you are a Dancer this Top Venue has got a Dance Floor to die for!! Hope to see you all on Saturday Pete Roberts
  3. Really looking forward to this, our next "Sunday Soul Session" with our guest DJ ANDY SCOFFIN from Crewe. Pete Roberts.
  4. How right you are TimB .... And it was great to see you and the Buxton Crew on Sunday at The Twisted Wheel Club. See you next time and thank you for your kind comments. Best Regards Pete Roberts.
    Well we promised that we would start the New Year with a BANG!... And we certainly did that at the Wheel on Sunday. And what a FANTASTIC day it was! And did Blackpool come to Manchester?... Yes more than 50 of them to support our guest Dj Tim Rabjohn from the BLACKPOOL SOUL CLUB, and what a great job Tim did for us, and he will be back on the Wheel again soon. Again it was great to see all the people Old and New who enjoyed every minute of it on Sunday, and I still cant believe all the people who are regular travellers to the TWISTED WHEEL CLUB, some of them travelling 100's of miles to join us in this unique 60's Basement Club, it was great to see Derek and the Cambridge Crew, Tim & Steve and the Buxton Crew, Debbie from Eggborough, Liverpool, Skipton, Sheffield, Wigan, Wales, Crewe and the North East, and I only live 6 miles away and I'm always late. A Big thanks again for your support of this great Club for over the last 16 years. And I hope to see you all at our next "Sunday Afternoon Soul Session" on 29th of January with our guest Dj Crewe's finest, Mr Andy Scoffin. Pete Roberts.
    Without a doubt !!! .... And it's NOT free. Well done Tyrone and keep it going. Pete Roberts.
  5. Just a few hours to go now, for the Club that started it all! And what a great day it is going to be, See you all later at 3pm in the Basement. Pete Roberts.
  6. There's only one TWISTED WHEEL CLUB and its on tomorrow! Playing the Best in 60's Soul, RnB & Motown in Room 1, and the Best in across the board records in Room 2. Pete Roberts.
  7. Just to let you know, I have got some tickets for Saturday 21st January 2017 @ £7 or its £10 on the Door and I will be selling them at the TWISTED WHEEL CLUB on Sunday THE T.S.O.P REUNION #6 SOUL NIGHT FOR THE LONGFIELD CENTRE PRESTWICH MANCHESTER M25 1AY THE NIGHT RUNS 8PM TILL 1AM Spinning the classics of the 60's & 70's & in - demand Northern Soul Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday Pete Roberts
    ***** Sorry that I am late with this review, I have been very busy and have just got the time to do it now! And what can I say it was FANTASTIC as always!! BBC Dj JOHN KANE did a great job on the 1210's with his 2 Wheel Sets and had the floor bouncing! A big thanks to John & Jock who did the same in Room "2" with their across the board mix of Northern Soul, RnB, Mod & Motown Sets. It was great to see so many travellers Old and New who had payed for Hotels, and loved every minute of it! Thanks for your Fantastic Support of this great Club! For over the last 16 years! And from Jackie & I, John and Jock and all the guest Dj's , Carl & Sarah and Bar Staff & the Door Security Staff we hope you had a great Christmas and we wish you, all the very Best for 2017. Thanks Again. Soulfully Yours. Pete Roberts.
  8. All trains are coming to Manchester this Sunday 8th January, for our 1st Twisted Wheel Clubs Soul Session of 2017. And its gonna be a packer! With 40 coming on the Blackpool train and others from Blackpool travelling by their own cars, with plenty coming from Sheffield, Buxton and Cambridge, Wales & Crewe to name but a few, who will be letting the Soul New Year in at this Unique 60's Basement Cellar Club! We have had nearly 17 very successful continuous years at the Wheel since the Wheels second coming, and it as been enjoyed by 1000's in that time, and its still going from strength to strength with 24 Soul Sessions a year. And as you can see we don't just get people who just live around the corner coming to our Soul Sessions. And we are starting the New Year with a BANG with our guest Dj TIM RABJOHN from the Blackpool Soul Club. And as always Quality Known Dj's at every session at The Twisted Wheel Club. Best Regards. Pete Roberts.
  9. Less than 5 hours to go now!!.... And I know Storm Barbara won't be putting the 100's of the Wheeler's off from coming to the Wheel tonight. It's our last Soul Session of 2016 and it's gonna be a belter!! With our guest DJ BBC Radio John Kane playing you the BEST in 60's Soul & Motown . The Two Rooms will be bouncing tonight with:- John Kane & myself in the main room And John Green & Jock Heron in room 2 AND CAN I WISH EVERYBODY A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS & SOULFUL 2017 From The Twisted Wheel DJs Pete, John & Jock and Carl and the Staff at the Club Pete Roberts.
  10. Well it's here, the Big Night we have all been waiting for!!... The Wheel Xmas Party. See you all later for the BEST Soul Night that you will have over Christmas.
  11. There is only ONE Twisted Wheel Club! And it's on tomorrow! In a proper Manchester Basement 60's Club!
  12. Hi HXTFC1, Well the Wheel Xmas DO is nearly here, and at 9pm tomorrow it's SOUL TIME!