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  1. The loss of anyone you have known for many years is hard. But when it is sudden and unexpected it is particularly difficult to take in. Waking up this morning to hear that Stafford stalwart Mick Howard has passed is a shock. Known to so many of us as a passionate soulman and honorary Scot with a lust for life, his passing will be hurtful to all that knew him. My thoughts are with the family and his many close friends around the UK.There were many that came to Stafford, but a few that contributed with their strong support and belief in the venue and music we played, something he continued to do for many years after it finished. People like Mick are as much part of the legend as any of us. He is of a generation that should not be leaving us yet, this is a sad day.................. Mick Always in our hearts, from a time when we were all together and young and foolish, sleep well Mate...............
  2. One of his earliest recordings, a Doo Wop classic, he was around so long
  3. I join with many today to mourn the passing of Timothy Wilson R.I.P. Timothy heralded from Salsbury,Maryland. Born in 1943 in his early career he was a member of The Five Hits & A Miss, Tiny Tim & The Hits and then The Serenaders, alongside George Kerr and Sidney Barnes appearing on Motown. Later as a solo artists he recorded for a number labels including Veep, United Artists, Buddah, Blue Rock and Sky Disc. Although not being well known outside soul appreciating circles, this doesn't take anything away from his talents as a singer and his distinctive voice. Best known for his 60's recordings, still this late 78 recording demonstrates the lasting quality of the man and his beautiful voice https://youtu.be/12yxh6yZ68s
  4. Yes that Jobete LP has always held it's price
  5. Tracklist1 More I get to know you by Five Special2 Trying to get next to you by Bobby Womack3 Now is the time for love by Lou Rowls4 Best girl I ever had by Gene Dozier & The Brotherhood5 I can almost believe by Jerri Jackson6 Something new to do by Bobby Sheen7 What about my love by Johnnie Taylor8 Put our heads together by O'Jays9 Am I gonna be the one by Colors10 Charade by Four Tracks11 I want you by Exportations12 Take another look by Frankie Sanders13 You blew it by World Famous Mad Lads14 Fit like a glove by Pheeroan akLaff15 New your woman by Tyzik feat Donny Gerrard16 Don't give up by Geater Davis17 No stranger to love by Glenda McLoad18 How can I tell her by Curtis19 A song for the children by Lonnie Liston Smith20 Trip to the mind by Hudson People21 Get so mad about it by Jeffery Osborne22 Very special lady by Earl White Jr23 This is my year by Rochelle Rabouin24 Georgia's after hours by Richard Popcorn Wylie25 Let me be a winner by Johnny Scott26 Pyramid by Soul Bros Inc.
  6. Yes that, Wali Ali & Kathy McFarland
  7. Yes from the promo only Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow triple pack LP from Jobete
  8. Happy Bank Holiday Monday.............. Stafford Modern & Crossover Pt2 This mix helps demonstrate the diversity of what was played at this little venue back in the early 80's enjoy !!!!!! https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/stafford-on-the-modern-crossover-side-pt2/
  9. OK on some devices people can't see the track list so here goes .......................Tracklist 1 Your smallest wish, is my command by 21st Century 2 Give me your love by Reo Lane 3 How did I lose you by Richard Popcorn Wylie 4 Feel so good by Ze-Brass 5 Get it together by Ben Cauley 6 Never ever by Hiroshima 7 The whole world is a picture show by Newcomers 8 If it wasn't for my baby Alt Version by Four Sonics 9 Oh I need your loving by Wali Ali 10 You can't stop my love by The Family Affair 11 Memories by Kathy McFarland 12 Who do you love by John Simone 13 Don't change by Jerome Jones 14 I love America by O'Jays 15 The whole world is a picture show by Newcomers 16 Just want this feeling to last Re-Mix by Marlena Shaw 17 What kind of love by Anacostia 18 Summer love by Baiser 19 Tell me why by Bobby Womack 20 Shake your A.S.S.E.T.S. by C-Brand 21 Love came into my life by Florence Trapp 22 Please don't ask me to stay C/U by James Walsh Gypsy Band 23 Hold on tight by Five O'Clock 24 Thousand years by Brand New 25 Hear say by Electric Express 26 Crazy by Manhattans 27 I did it again by Jesse Henderson 28 Lay it down on me by Gerald Mallory 29 Never stop loving you by Caviar 30 Loveline by Luke Day 31 I'm gonna make this world a better place by Patches
  10. Glad you lot enjoyed it. All along time ago now................
  11. Just seen this that is sad news.
  12. Stafford Modern & Crossover Mix............. In the early 1980's this little club in Stafford, England made quite a stir for a moment. Hear a few of the tunes that people would travel from all of the country to hear. 30+ tracks that just take you back there again, for a few hours................... https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/stafford-on-the-modern-crossover-side/
  13. until

    Fun show last night, here now for listen again ................... https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/crossing-the-racks-radio-show-11-04-17/
  14. until

    Last night show now ready for listen again, first one for over a month, Enjoy !!!! https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/crossing-the-racks-radio-show-04-04-17/
  15. Hi All Another week and a bunch more nice shiny things on the site, including these ....... Galaxy - Mandingo worrier - Saturn Mint £75 Reggie Garner - That's ain't no way / Half a cup ABC VG+ £45 Watch Tower - Forever together - Tower High Mint £100 Cookie Thomas - Touch me - CNF Mint £20 Voices - Baby you're messin' up my mind _ Victoria VG+ £240 Creations - A dream / Footsteps - Zodiac Mint £150 Jimmy Soul Clark - I blew a good thing - Karen Mint £100 Bachelor Brad & The Black Experience - Birds of a feather - Kris Mint £150 James Jolis/John Simone - So shy - Polydor Mint £75 Judy Story - Sun is always shining - Stage Productions mint £75 Plus loads more, full details and sound files on site www.topdogrecords.co.uk Thanks for looking Dave