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  1. until

    BACK ON THE RADIO TONIGHT. Last show for this month, Malayka Erpen on next weekUsual mix, funk, modern, boogie, crossover and northern including the popular 'Sweet N' Low' selection and 8 o'clock Bangers. So join me live on air or on the web and in the chat room on. 7pm-9m. From the soulfully hard to find, to the just plain
  2. Just two, read below ............................... Leonard Adair - That smile upon your face - Stage Production VG- £300 This is the oh so hard to find midtempo Chicago slice of stunning crossover soul. Condition, straight out of the hood, seen better days, but plays through well, hear sample taken from record, no filters, images in video of record for sale. You choose !!!!!!!! Little Samson - Don't take your love - El D VG+ £400 Rarely comes up for sale, midtempo crossover slice of magic, plays close to mint, just a few none audible marks on wax
  3. 3pm-3am 12 hour special '' A bunch of mates playing the best soul music they can, all in one room' One of the best sound systems in the country 7-8 'Curry Time' DJ's Soul Sam Arthur Fenn Mick H. Malayka Amanda Cottrell Emily Jane Matt Sneath David Abbott Sean Haydon
  4. Busy day, whole bunch of new stuff gone up on site, 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good'. Including these shiny things, Mighty Pope - If you want a love affair - RCA Mint £175 Oscar Perry - Main String - Peri-Tone VG+ £60 Parfays - You got a good thing going boy - Fontana Mint- £45 Bettye Swann - Kiss my love goodbye - Atlantic VG+ £80 Judy Storey - Sun is always shining - Stage Productions Mint £75 Willow Band - Willowman - Epic Demo Mint £65 Andre Williams - You got it, I want it - Ric Tic Mint £25 Hearts Of Stone - If I could give you the world - V.I.P. W/D Mint- £35 Little Mary Staten - Steppin stone - GME VG+ £100 J. Harris Band - Strange - JBC Mint £175 Hearn sisters - The ride - Flange Mint £85 Lee Porter - Bad situation - £35 Plus a whole bunch more, full description and sound files on site www.topdogrecords.co.uk Thanks for looking Dave & Malayka
  5. SOLD
  6. OK here the deal, straight out of The Hood copy, labels water damaged one side and missing the other. But wax is VG+, plays super well here clip below taken from the 45 no filters etc. Also see labels for both sides in the video. This is the super rare 60's original mix that rarely comes up for sale at a great price, you decide !!!!! James Dockery - My faith in you is all gone - Soul Craft £180 + P&P
  7. until

    Last nights show ready for listen again. Bit of a dodgy start, but great stuff follows on ........................ https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/crossing-the-racks-radio-show-14-02-17/
  8. Last nights show ready for listen again. Bit of a dodgy start, but great stuff follows on ........................ https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/crossing-the-racks-radio-show-14-02-17/
  9. Morning All, here's a few hard to find LP's with some killa tracks hidden away.................. Truth & Soul - Jesus made me what I am - Memorial Mint/Mint £25 Legendary so, so soulful Gospel LP on this tiny Shreveport label, includes the stunning 'God's getting tired' and the dancers 'I got just what I want', Jesus made me what I am' & ' I want the lord' Willie and The Bumblebees - Honey from the bee - Sweet Jane Mint/VG+ £50 Oh so hard to find Minnesota set that includes the indemand funky edged dancer ' Shoot Straight' and the equally good 'Sahara' Spanky Wilson - Specialty of the house - 20th Century Mint/VG+ £20 Produced by Al Kent, David VaDePitte & Paul Riser this Detroit set brings you the stunning 'Easy lover' a track of Gloria Scott type sound, Crossover heaven. Dr. York - New York - Passion Mint/Mint £15 Still sealed copy stuffed full of so, so soulful 80's modern soul Perk Badger - The Mighty Perk Badger - Universal Love Sound Mint/Mint £250 His elusive last LP, stuffed full of boogie modern soul and ballads JB's - Food for thought - People VG+/VG+ Just a classic and hard on original pressing Round Robin Monopoly - Alpha - Truth Mint/VG+ £35 Funk classic out of Memphis, so many great tracks Johnny Scott - Feeling the feeling - Portra Mint/Mint £10 Memphis man delivers a killa set of 80's modern soul and ballads Lovell Webb - I want some singing - Guillotine Mint/Mint £15 Still sealed copy of this Detroit modern soul set that includes the uptempo 'Somebody led U wrong' & the boogie killa 'A no show'
  10. until

    Well those nice technical people st GFM, namely Jerry Hipkiss got this done super quick tonight so here it is already for listen again .............................First play of the new Cannonball release from Razz-Ma-Tazz https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/crossing-the-racks-radio-show-07-02-17/
  11. Another week more good stuff through the door and on the site, 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good' Including these nice shiny things Tarantula - Listen to your heart heartbeat - Tannyer Mint- £75 Sonja Grier - Right here, right now - Spirit Mint £20 Archie Williams & Company - Wait she's coming - A & W Mint- £500 Dell Ingrid - Try it you'll like it - Ultra-Class Mint- £150 Marvin Henfield - Do what you want to - Proctor & Blue VG+ £350 Essence - Black Reflections - Ronn Mint £80 Dramatics - All because of you - Sport VG £90 Hearts Of Stone - If I could give you the world - VIP Mint £25 Iron-Knowledge - Show stopper - VG+ Tammy £75 Intrepids - After you've had your fling - Columbia Mint £30 Johnny Scott - Let me be a winner - Portra Mint- £40 Electrifying Cashmeres - What does it take - Sound Stage 7 Mint £60 Plus a bunch more, full descriptions and sound files on site www.topdogrecords.co.uk Thanks for looking Dave & Malayka
  12. Hi All Another week, more new stuff arriving, put up over a 100 titles this week including these shiny things ............... Versatiles - Cry like a bay - Staff Mint £75 You Me & Him - Hey love, I'm for real - K. Shavonne Mint- £110 7 Dwarfs - Stop girl - Ideal Mint- £175 King Arthur - Hey baby - Soundscape Mint £30 Benny Freeman - Come on and tell her - Soundex mint £35 Bears - Put a little love in your heart - Mata Mint £60 Willie Williams - Name it - RCA Demo VG+ £90 Fabulous Apollos - Some good in everything bad - Valtone Mint £80 Ortheia Barnes - I've never loved nobody - Coral Mint- £100 Otis Blackwell - It's all over me - Epic Demo mint £175 Destiny - Nothing can stop me now - Jewel W/D Mint £30 Thanks for looking, full description and soundfile on the site www.topdogrecords.co.uk Dave & Malayka
  13. Last Copy, don't miss it !!!!!
  14. So today I'm offering just 5 copies I've found in a box of this supa rare Detroit modern soul 2 sided 45, so first come first served. Has sold for up to £100 in the past, currently none for sale on the web. Chantique - I know I'm falling in love / Too much of anything - AIP International £45 +P&P