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  1. Here is a chance to grab both his 45 at great price. Both are stone mint copies. I have just a handful of each, then their gone ................. G.H. Franklin - Satisfied / First good thing - Faces £40 + P&P Only ever been one copy for sale on Ebay, has sold on lists for £100+, his harder 45 to find. One side a stunning southern deep side, flip is a cool funky dancer. George H. Franklin - Gone for good / That's how it is when your in love - Faces £25 + P&P Currently on the web for up to £100. Another stunning southern deep killa, with a pretty crossover flip
  2. Yes they were a group out of Detroit. Label was owned by Jimmy Holland lead singer of The Holidays. The recording was a construct, so the vocals laid down with a group brought together for the project, might even had some members of the Holidays on it, he was pretty vague on that when I spoke to him. The musicians again were brought together for the project. The name for the group as it is unusual, most likely came from a famous U.S. act in the late 19th century know as the Bland - Allison Act ( Grand Bland Plan of 1878 ).
  3. Hi All Another week, more cool 45's arriving at the door, including these shiny things .......... Jerome Rodgers - Decision is your's - Black Giant Mint £75 Corzette Holly / James Havior - Holding my hand/Jumpin with popeye - Flaming Arrow Mint £75 Four Mints - You want to come back - Holiday VG+ £175 Ceasar Valentino - Back in the game again/What it is - Moonlite Mint £350 Bland Allison - Can't get back to you again - Amtonac Mint £175 Destiny - Nothing can stop me now - Jewel W/D VG+ £30 Fred Hughes - baby boy - Brunswick Demo Mint £75 BPS Revolution - Life is a song worth living - Mint £250 Tommie Young - That's all a part of loving him - Soul Power W/D Mint £50 Ernest Mosley - Honey you are my sunshine - Monawolf Mint £50 Plus a bunch more, full details and sound files on site www.topdogrecords.co.uk Thanks for looking Dave & Malayka
  4. Three left ..............................
  5. Just found a handful of these in an unopened box, so thought I'd spread some New Years Cheer. On sale now at £75 - £150 on the web, has sold for even more in the past. These are original copies that came direct from Rickey about 10 years ago and are mint. He was an Atlanta artist and cut a number of sort after 45's this is a cool early 70'd funky dancer, backed by a killa 'Lowrider' ballad. Rickey Andrews - Next time / Take me back - RWA £45 +P&P You know the score, when their gone, their gone for good .................................
  6. Happy New Year Everyone 200+ new titles gone up across the site, 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good'. Including these nice shiny things................. The Deacon - Girl you can't miss - 2ND House VG+ £400 Harold - Shortage of love - Je-Har VG+ £225 Harold - Night fun time - Je-Har Test Pressing Mint £80 Exciters - Blowing up my mind - RCA Demo Mint £160 Rhythm Masters - Talking about my baby - 4Par Mint £200 Preston Peters - Got to have peace of mind - Markhap VG+ £75 Edwin Johnson - Ain't that enough to make a man cry - Post VG+ £135 Bobby Black - Coming and running - Axis Enterprises M- £35 Highway QC's - Best at rest - Peacock W/D Mint £75 Robert Harris - Funk on - Funkshun VG+ £225 Walker Wilson - Nothing but time - Emery M- £150 Union Pacific - Need your love - UP M- £400 Joystick - My baby - Silver Slipper M £220 L.J. Reynolds & The Relations - We're in the middle/Stop look - Monique VG+ £225 Plus a bunch more, full description and sound file on site www.topdogrecords.co.uk Best Dave & Malaka
  7. Hotel Options for 'Spirit' 21st January. Two options, the venues own hotel and the Best Weston (walking distance). The Royal (basic, but clean), 7 Nantwich Rd, Crewe CW2 6AG, 01270 257398. Best Western Crewe Arms Hotel 3-star hotel Nantwich Rd, Crewe, CW2 6DN, 01270 213204.
  8. until

    Last show of 2016 'Crossing The Tracks Radio Show'. A round up of some of this years most popular tunes on the show and around the clubs this year. Expect a bumpin' mix of 60's, 70's and 80's soulful movers, plus the always popular 'Sweet n' Low' selection........................https://www.mixcloud.com/dave-thorley/crossing-the-racks-radio-show-27-12-16/
  9. until

    Last Radio Of The Year !!!!!On air tonight 7-9pm. with a round up of some of this years most popular tunes on the show and around the clubs in 2016. Expect a bumpin' mix of 60's, 70's and 80's soulful movers, plus the always popular 'Sweet n' Low' selectionOn the web you can listen on the station site or via Tuin just follow the linkshttp://www.gloucesterfm.com/ http://tunein.com/radio/Gloucester-FM-966-s55312/
  10. Jimmie Reed Jr. - Ain't going no where - Mercury Mint/VG £150 + P&P OK here we have a mint copy of this great uptempo crossover 45, BUT, it has a crack that extends through the label and into the runout grooves of the record, but not all through the 45. Plays mint, so nice chance to grab this cool 45 at a great price.
  11. Hi All Happy Christmas, hope you are having fun. Here are a few nice new things gone up on the site today. 'From the hard to find, To the just plain good' including these. Winfield Parker - I wanna be with you - P&L Mint £55 Taj Mahal - A lot of love - Columbia Demo Mint- £75 Sequins - A case of love - Renfro VG+ £160 Ray Frazier - Your eyes - Carrage Trade Mint- £70 Faye Marshall - Tonight I'm gonna make you a star - Fay-Don Mint £20 Andre Williams - You got it, I want it - Ric Tic Mint £20 Herbert Lacy - Give me a chance - Georgia Gar Mint- £30 David Nevin - What ya wanna do - Pardner Mint £50 Dee Edwards - All the way home Mint £120 Sonny Harris - Do the vibration - San-El Mint- £275 Superior Elevation - Superior funk - Lake City Mint £120 Plus the last 5 copies, when their gone, no more get pressed...................... Jones & Gaston - Do they get the message - Cannonbal Mint £20 Thanks for looking, full description and sound files on site Dave & Malayka
  12. Crossing the Track Christmas Day Special

    On The Air Christmas Day Live.Gonna be doin' a show between 4pm - 6pm, So if the day starts to get a little to much and you just want to chill to some good music, tune in. Gonna be a classic mix of soul Tavares to Donny Hathaway, stuff to make you wanna dance, through to pretty ballads ..................Follow the links to listen On the web you can listen on the station site or via Tunin just follow the links http://www.gloucesterfm.com/ http://tunein.com/radio/Gloucester-FM-966-s55312/
  13. until

    Last Nites Show !!!!!!!!!!!!! Usual mix, funk, modern, boogie, crossover and northern including the popular 'Sweet N' Low' and 8 o'clock Bangers. So join me live on air or on the web and in the chat room on. 7pm-9m. From the soulfully hard to find, to the just plain good' https://www.mixcloud.com/…/crossing-the-tracks-radio-show-…/
  14. Spirit

    'spirit' Jan 21st 2017It just gets better two more DJ's added, kickin' off the new year with a bang, a 12 hour special.Pt 12pm-7pm free entry as a thanks to everyone's for their support over it's first year. DJ's Amanda Cottrell, Val Challoner, Alberto Folpower Zanini, Tony Bruce.1 Hour Break, time for the hard working bar staff to grab something to eat and everyone else a chance to nip down Crewe's own 'Curry Mile', well that where I'm off ............. Pt 2 8pm-3am, 'A bunch of mates playing the best music they can, all in one room'. DJ's Soul Sam, Pat Bleasdale, Cliff Steele. Malayka Erpen, David Abbott, Sean Haydon, Matt Sneath, Dave Thorley Plus a few more suprises !!!!!!!!
  15. Another week, you know the drill.................'From the hard to find, To the just plain good'. Including these nice shiny things. Leon Davis - I think they call it love - Davis Goliath Mint £375 J.J. Williams - Love market - Polydor Mint- £35 Charades - Corruption - Charade VG+ £50 Bob Meyer - I only get that feeling - Blue Soul Mint £350 Numbers - Turn me on - Rolashed Mint £175 Creations - Peek-a-boo- Liberty Bell Mint £65 Tinted Glass - The last hurrak - Diamond Lady Mint £300 Marvelle Hampton - I truly believe - Piggylo Mint £150 Lil Willie - A man don't last too long - Golden Mint- £100 Plus a whole bunch more, check site for full descriptions and sound files www.topdogrecords.co.uk