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  1. Anyone remember this outfit? The images might be too small to read. List of available vinyl from around 1978. Most selling for £1.25. Thought some members might find it moderately interesting.
  2. I absolutely agree with you on this Conchitta. The behaviour of some members on here is inappropriate, including the use of offensive language.
  3. I don't know where you come from but leaves grow on trees round here. Touche, Mr Kinnel !
  4. It's no wonder this site is devoid of female participants is it. It's actually the dove - luv!
  5. Yes, there was one episode, in November 2011. The producers decided they'd see if the public noticed. I was that public. I noticed. I wrote in. They apologised, and "quirky" was immediately reinstated. You have me to thank. Gifts of money will be heartily received with euphoria and gratitude.
  6. I bet you do! What do you think spaghetti is made of!?
  7. If a bird could choose between eating a plate of worms or a marguerita pizza, which would it choose? I'm talking British birds here, not Italian ones.
  8. Do you put them on the end of a hose?
  9. What on earth is an Ortofon? They look like a James Bond style weapon of mass destruction? And a banana stylus?? That's more Mr Bean than Mr Bond.
  10. Which soul night was it? If you can remember and wave a flag in the direction of the DJs, they may be able to help you if they remember their playlists from that night? Maybe?
  11. It looks like Love Potion Number 9 ?
  12. I think that's what they call a result!
  13. Do you really????? Hmmm? How frightfully interesting? I'm sure Eddy had a plate like that and he flogged it because the local sheriff kept slapping his wrists because it wasn't properly spaced? I could be wrong.....it has been know......very, very rarely. Almost never in fact, and on the rare occasions I have been wrong, it's turned out right that I was wrong.
  14. EE, an eminent DJ from Cumbria.....rhymes with Teddy Redmundson.....
  15. Wasn't that EE's old plate?