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  1. Aberdeen Soul Collective 1st April Roughly in order and all OV 1st Set Sam Dees - what's it gonna be Esther Phillips - home is where the hatred is Darrow Fletcher - the way of a man Baby Huey - drifting The Tonistics - dimona Guitar Ray - you're gonna wreck my life Frederick Hymes iii - time ain't gonna do me no favours Commands - hey it's love James Wayne and the Soul Soothers - I've found someone Little Charles - please open up the door 2nd Set (double decking with Sean Tasker) Angela Davis - my love is so strong Delreys Incorporated- destination unknown Skullsnaps - I'm you pimp The Chosen Few - birth if a playboy Kenny Smith - lord what's happened September Jones - I'm coming home Soul Notes - don't make me beg Stormy - devastator Johnny McCall - you can't get away Force - holy moses Plus Harvey Averne Dozen, never learned to dance (somewhere in there)
  2. What's wrong with a lovely bit of cheese Keeper or lemon curd...
  3. until

    the countdown is on....
  4. Some lovely stuff on those lists...
  5. Kent CD only, apart from an acetate/tape I think
  6. until

    A little taster
  7. £400-500 - highly sought after by a lot of people
  8. until

    cracking looking venue that one...
  9. A few from Aberdeen Soul Collective on the 1st that got the juices flowing Ascots - few feet from the gutter Sly, slick & wicked - your love was meant for me Sensational Five - it's hard out there Sampy and the bad habits - stick with me Johnny McCall - I need you
  10. Unfortunately neither Sean or Shaun are able to make it due to other commitments, however that's not going to stop us from having a good time. So come along and join us for a top night in the middle of the city for some serious soul...
  11. And there's a price difference between the demo and issue as well, wouldn't let go of my demo...it's just one of those tunes that are a keeper...
  12. Gillespie & Co, what a great new release - just oozes summer
  13. Five from Let's Dance Some Mo' dayer in Chester on Satuday Parisians - Cockroach Eugene Davis - Ruby Rudy Love - Suffering Wrath Mustangers - What do I have to pay Foreign Blue Renaissance - Finding You
  14. Swan 100 count box or tucker & bloom (lets your carry 120-130 and not as bulky as a magma) - never had any hassle travelling with either
  15. until

    Really looking forward to this, a full weekend in the heart of the city with a cracking line up and venues (hopefully sunshine too)