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  1. Cheers sorted with these now , many thanks
  2. Looking for Four larks that's all that counts Cheers
  3. Sorted
  4. Many thanks
  5. Just looking for red Astor's now
  6. Sell me a Robert Thomas for £20 please. Or is that only if your buying !!!!
  7. Sorted cheers Fred
  8. Looking for Robert Thomas salvation charay Cheers
  9. Not too bothered tbh gordy or TMG 646
  10. Cheers, its the Atlantic i would like tbh, but if it doesnt come forward how much do you want for it
  11. Looking for Astor's candy UK Atlantic SORTED Velvelettes these things soul - SORTED Edwin starr my Weakness Gordy -SORTED Cheers
  12. Does anyone actually have the black and red as an original with the inverted S with c r in the curves, if so can they post a pic, i say this because if i had one and was selling it, i would be shouting and screaming the fact, but i cant find a single one that has sold that states the S c t thing, the wishy washy colour could be down to a plant printing/ ink problem. Or am i wrong !!!! (probably) prove me wrong.
  13. Cheers fellas, anymore.
  14. Anyone looking at clearing out there 70's boots or Re-issues I am looking for these or anything along the same line, no new boot's. Al Kent The way you've been acting Ric-tic Boot or Original Frankie Beverly If That's what you wanted Liberty Del Larks Job Opening Queen city Connie Clark My sugar baby Joker vibrations Surprise party for baby Neptune velvet satins nothing compares to you General American seven souls / Dynells I still love you/ Call on me After Dark eddie foster I never knew In Don Thomas Come on train Veejay Superlatives I still love you Uptite Herb Johnson I'm so glad Brunswick Vibrations Cause Your Mine Columbia Volcanos Laws of love Arctic johnny caswell You dont love me anymore Champion Ambassadores Too Much of a good thing Pee vee Buster and Eddie Can't be Still Still Larry Houston Lets spend some time together Pointer Sisters Send Him Back Atlantic Billy Prophet what can i do sue Dena Barnes If you ever walk Inferno The Group I Dont Like To Lose Spoul Sounds Len Jewell Betting On Love Teri de Ronnie Walker You're the one Phillips Richard Temple That Beating Rhythem Mirwood Adventurers Easy Baby Compass Moses Smith Girl across the street Dionn Don Varner Tear stained face quinvy Little Joe Royal You've got a love Tuff Dalton Boys I've been cheated V.I.P Detroit soul all of my life Music Town Young hearts little togetherness Canterbury Billy Butler Right Track Uk Soul City Frank Popp Breakaway Expansion Carol Anderson Sad Girl Grapevine Mickie Champion What good am i Musette Margaret Mandolph Something Beautiful Planetary Jerry Williams If You Ask Me Out Of The Past The Glories I Worship You Baby Soultime Duke Browner Crying Impact Embers Watch out girl Toby Bullard So glad i'm in love Flodavieur Bobby Patterson Baby's coming back Jetstar 116 Moses Smith Girl across the street Dionn The Sweets Satisfy me baby Soultown Porgy and the monarchs My Heart Cries For You Musicor Johnny Sayles I cant get enough St Lawrence Billy joe royal Loves desire Volcanos False Alarm Hawthorn Ben Aitkin Satisfied Ootp Florence Devore Kiss me Phil don promo Silhouettes Not Me Baby Goodway Secrets I Feel a thrill Omen
  15. Anyone got one of these sat around doing nothing there looking at shifting interested in other old boots also like Joey dee - put your heart in it Ambassadors - too much of a good thing - Pee vee Margaret Mandolph - Something beautiful - Planetary Volcanos - False alarm - Harthorn Cheers