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  1. Sorted many thanks
  2. Yes have seen Manships, there is another on northernsoul45s a bit cheaper aswell, how much are you looking for
  3. Cheers Neal your a star
  4. Ah, :] was it a legit reissue, cant afford that one
  5. Looking for the 70's reissue at the right price Nate evans mean green - this time with feeling Cheers
  6. Anyone got this track on crescendo please
  7. Cheers sorted with these now , many thanks
  8. Looking for Four larks that's all that counts Cheers
  9. Sorted
  10. Many thanks
  11. Just looking for red Astor's now
  12. Sell me a Robert Thomas for £20 please. Or is that only if your buying !!!!
  13. Sorted cheers Fred
  14. Looking for Robert Thomas salvation charay Cheers
  15. Not too bothered tbh gordy or TMG 646