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    Massive music fan - Northern, Lo fi garage rock, new-ish US indie stuff like that.
    Played guitar and wrote songs in a few bands in the 80s and early 90s.
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  1. This is a cracking old school venue, run by knowledgeable and talented folks, playing the best northern soul. Get yourselves down there for a real treat!
  2. So you're Barry Town eh?!! Got tickets for the O2 - can't wait!
    Six hours of northern soul heaven! Brilliant.
  3. Loved it yesterday - what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thanks Derek, Keith, Shirl and Joyce and co. for making me feel so welcome - even brought me some tea to eat!. So nice to hear un(der)played records of such high calibre. Stimulating soul conversation, cheap bar and great venue. I'd recommend the Sunday sessions - brilliant! Great monthly nights down here on Saturdays too - check the events guide.
  4. First time on the decks here for me. Looking forward to a chilled out afternoon of underplayed! Hope to see some of you there, what better way to spend a Sunday.
  5. So excited about Friday, Betty's a great DJ, with tunes to die for. If you like records played with taste and conviction come and join us for some serious northern soul. Fozzy puts his heart and soul into this club and it shows.
  6. PMd you
    Northern soul got as good as it gets on Friday! Plenty in, a real buzz about the place and some top drawer records played as well - every one a winner! Loved it, wish it was on every week ha ha. Really great to see some friendly faces, and some new ones too. Guest DJ Clint was fantastic - reading the crowd perfectly and judging when and where to drop the rarer stuff - brilliant! Mopsey and Fozzie effortless as expected, and yours truly doing his best. A great team and a great mix of music - all original, all quality. If you've nothing better to do on 12th May come along - Betty Bump's on!
  7. Thought you'd get at least one reply Chris.... I've never seen a copy of this but I'm sometimes a bit suspicious of double siders with different artists, spartan looking labels with little or no info on etc... ...cue loads of examples to prove me wrong..
  8. Wow that's come up quick... another fix of fantastic northern soul coming up....and on my birthday too!!! Looking forward to Clint's set - he went down a storm at the Shack last week so should be a real good 'un. Plus the usual (and not so usual) quality tunes from Fozzie, Mopsey and yours truly. Hope to see you next Friday (14th) at this brilliant club for a taste of steel city soul! Bring it on!!!!!
  9. OK 'A' then!
  10. Still plenty of clapping today at oldies venues.... Cause your mine - "dadadadadadada CLAP!", Outro to That's Not love, "You Should have held on...CLAP!....a little tighter" seems to be Wigan oldies and earlier though - any later discoveries with the clap?
  11. Isn't the original poster on about the original Roulette version - THE Chosen Few? ...before Kev put the Sheff Wednesday crowd on it!
  12. I'll be there! Fantastic Club, run by a proper soul man!
  13. Martin. STANFORD!!!! Yesss, the gentleman of soul, old Transitman himself. This is going to be fantastic..... Syl Johnson with a side order of Gerri Hall please! Not forgetting the man who makes this all possible Steve Foster, and his bottomless box of solid gold northern soul, and the one and only Mopsey, who's remit is to reduce every dancer to a sweating, euphoric mess! What's not to like.... come on down!