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  1. I've had two great purchases recently..... Love Makes a the world Go Round - Odds & Ends.... And the seller also sends me a copy of Let Me Try for free...... I couldn't thank the guy enough... I also purchased a copy of The Shalimars - Stop and Take a Look at Yourself which plays perfectly for $3.98... It was in a "pack" with 5 other random singles by Ringo Starr and The J Giels Band! With a bit of hunting there are still bargains out there.....
  2. Am I the only one on this site that knew the flip before the "Northern" side? It was well liked by a lot of Soul-Harmony/Group fans. I remember a relative hearing You Should O Held on and asking if it was the Dirty Dancing soundtrack....!!!
  3. Does anyone have a nice, very clean copy they are willing to sell.....? Would prefer stock copy, but Promo is fine if in nice condition. A sensible but realistic price will be considered. Thank you.
  4. This doesn't name the artist, but it seems there has been interest in the track before....
  5. I may be way off the mark here.... As I don't have a copy to listen to...... But is it THE RIGHT KIND OF LOVIN" by Cadillacs........ I'm really into old exploitation movies etc.....
  6. I bought a vg+ copy of The Way I Love you by The Continental Four from them and its pretty much what most would call EX+ or M- so I was very happy.
  7. Only really been collecting 2 years and realised it's a rich mans game.... I only tend to buy underplayed or ignored tunes... anyone with a large bank balance can pretty much obtain what they like by just throwing money at it.... wheres the fun in that......
  8. Paul Smith's I'll Run is with doubt one of my all-time favourite tunes that I never tire of listening to.... It's a 45 that I hope to own sometime in the future, however it has come to my attention that a "lookalike" bootleg was actually produced in American for their expat Carribbean community. I've seen a few so-called original copies come up for sale in the USA, but does anyone know how to spot a dodgy copy...? The label isn't that hard to realistically reproduce.... Is it just a case of checking matrix numbers etc....? I would be greatful for any information, as not to fall foul of some bootleg version and waste my money in the future.....
  9. I actually consider the 12-inch version of Heavem Must Be Missing an Angel to be a dance floor masterpeiece. Sometimes a band are popular for a reason..... They're actually VERY good....
  10. Thanks for posting this.... I purchased a copy straight away after hearing it as it's right up my street.... I didn't realise I already knew the track, but as a Tavares only version with no Freda Payne vocal... Such a great track, and for the record I love Disco!!!!
  11. This Time - Family Connection. £65 but nice and mint and a track I've always wanted....
  12. I see the demand coming from wannabe OVO DJ's. I just can't understand why anyone would want to buy a bootleg/Repro for a three figure sum when they can just listen to a CD, MP3 or re-issue at home with nothing to prove to paying customers etc....
  13. Posted the above in Comedy Sale of the Day.... It can only be DJ's buying these repros as from a collectors point of view it's worthless.... Damn.... with near 30 years in print and reprographics I could produce near perfect labels and make a killing selling this crap.... which I won't do!!!
  14. The lunacy continues..... I would actually love a copy of this track on vinyl.... Even as a re-issue at this price it's totally ludicrous.....
  15. The sad thing is that while there is still a market these guy will continue to sell no matter what anyone says.... These must be getting sold to "wannabee' cost cutter DJ's as I can't understand why anyone else would want them in their collection when you could just listen to the track on a CD.... I would love an original copy of the Yum Yums etc, but until the day I win the lottery or have the money to buy expensive items like this I will go without... I have been tempted at times as I love the whole experience of playing the vinyl (I'm from the CD generation...), however I like the fact my collection is 100% original and want to keep it that way.....