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  1. Will he be singing too
  2. Don't hold back Karl just say wot you mean
  3. BURY TOWN HALL - KENWOOD SUITE REVIEW Thank you for your kind comments re the Kenwood Suite Geoff - you, the punters, are the most important component of the event and it's always great to receive good feedback simply because it helps us decide if we're getting it right (or wrong - we're quite self critical in a +ve way). We had a great night ourselves and look forward to the next instalment in May. Interestingly I had a few queries about Louis Paul - just goes to show; you don't know what you don't know. Come and say hello :o) ATB Simon
  4. That's wots great about Northern and music in general - it's only your own opinion that counts and that's all that matters 😆
  5. BURY TOWN HALL - KENWOOD SUITE Another underplayed gem for tomorrow maybe
  6. Just been browsing through my boxes - I've got a british issue as well lol
  7. I love it - got an orange issue, had it for 20 years.....don't play it often; but that voice!!!!
  8. BURY TOWN HALL - KENWOOD SUITE Might dust this one off for a spin tomorrow
  9. Such a great track Andy - my 2nd fave on Blue Rock next to Big Frank - been spun a few times in the Kenwood Suite so far (Lenny, Paul Johnson & Myself playing snap lol)
  10. I look at it more simply (maybe overly?) No DJs can possibly be in it for the money; just do the math on fees vs the value of 1 record (say a 500 quidder which isn't much nowadays) Even at £100 for a spot it's over 5 gigs to get payback (Inc expenses) Hope that's no too off-topic, something that's always seemed obvious but overlooked by some.
  11. BOB HINSLEY AT BURY TOWN HALL, KENWOOD SUITE A recent acquisition and very probably a spin for Bob upstairs in the Kenwood Suite - we're honoured to have him as a resident (although Robbo says we should ditch him lol)
  12. BURY TOWN HALL - UNDERPLAYED CUTS, KENWOOD SUITE Another one that doesn't see the decks much - great gritty northern dancer, hard to find but not mentally priced when they turn up
  13. BIG SCOTTY AT BURY TOWN HALL Whenever I hear Curtis Lee played it reminds me of Big Scotty at Tony's Empress Ballroom, Blackburn - a regular event and spin for him back in the 90s
  14. THE BURY ALLNIGHTER - KENWOOD SUITE DJ LINEUP & ROTA Here's the timings for Bury, Kenwood Suite (underplayed cuts) 21.30 - 22.30 - Warmup 22.30 - 23.15 - Bob Hinsley 23.15 - 00.00 - Big Scotty 00.00 - 00:45 - Keith Williams 00:45 - 01.30 - Lenny Dopson 01.30 - 02.15 - Robbo 02.15 - 03.00 – Mick Howard 03.00 - 03.45 – Simon Ingham
  15. Yeh Top tune Diddy - and underplayed like so many mate