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  1. It's cold here at the moment Peter, snow on the mountains by the coast, so even an outdoor pool here today would be a no-no, probably a no-no until April.
  2. I know what you mean Suz, but I had several winters in Minnesota and several in Toronto when I'd frequently be on my backside after falling in the snow, so I'll stick with the sunshine for now. You do live in a beautiful part of the UK, but I wouldn't trade the weather.
  3. That's precisely why I said he was being a knob of the highest order.
  4. He charges nearly 11 Euros to post one to Spain, not that I want one, but if it was cheap enough I'd have ordered and posted it on from the UK when I get there next month.
  5. I foolishly gave this away shortly before my computer crashed with the download on, the image was still on my camera. I think I remember who I gave it to, but you know how it is.
  6. I don't suppose the time vortex goes back to the early 70's does it? I'd be on my way if it was, I could sort out my wants list quicker that way.
  7. A nice reminder of why I'm living on the coast in sunny Spain.
  8. It's the flip to Big Blue Diamonds on Okeh Peter.
  9. He's just being a knob of the highest order.
  10. Not on a juke box, but Edwin Starr's 25 miles was played over the sound system in Morrison's in Gibraltar just before Christmas.
  11. Nice flip too, one of my favourites, a multi talented artist for many years, and will certainly live on through his output.
  12. A couple more on eBay, both far more than I'd want to pay for a new boot.
  13. What happened to the new foodie thread?
  14. A Sardinian Warbler taking Baloo's advice
  15. To be honest Martyn, when I saw him I thought he was a woodpecker, they are just a bit bigger than a jay.