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  1. I have brought Absolut for £6 a litre in the past, you can occasionally pick up a nice malt for about £20 a bottle, it's only just over an hour away by car, and it's far cheaper to fill the tank there too.
  2. My last shopping trip to Gibraltar had Tanqueray for £8 a litre, sadly you're not allowed to bring more than one litre back over the border, so much for the united Europe.
  3. The green stuff this end is crystallised grapefruit skin and rind, and it's my favourite accompaniment to a gin and tonic or martini, it beats olives into a cocked hat
  4. As a vegan I'll stick to Guinness
  5. Happy Birthday Peter, don't work too hard. Dave
  6. Another Sunday night chill out sound, the flip to "Walk like a man", quite crackly though
  7. A Sunday chill out track, the flip to "No more heartaches, no more pain"...
  8. Thanks Mark, I might take you up on that.
  9. You'd be surprised, there's a couple that are serious birders, Steve and Martyn, I'm more into plants and butterflies, but there are others too.
  10. Just had a quick look at some of your photos, you should post a few on the show us your best photos thread on here, they are stunning.
  11. he's recently returned to the fray, though don't know whether he's in an argumentative mood. He might be watching Wolves.
  12. Is this the five minute argument or the full half hour?
  13. Jeffrey Bowen, flip to "I'll get by"...
  14. I'll email the shop when I get a chance, maybe Sunday, I'll attach a couple of photos to give her some idea of the challenge involved. Thanks Steve.