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  1. I had a 1200 egg incubator running constantly, hatching every egg that was offered, had all sorts in there, macaws, gyr falcons, ducks, turkeys, chickens, goshawks, you name it I tried to hatch them out. Mostly from captive bred birds, but not always.
  2. That's one I should remember, I used to breed them for release.
  3. Peter Adolph just wanted to call it "Hobby", but wasn't given a patent on that name, as you can imagine that would have opened up a real can of worms (still available in Poundland), so came up with "Subbuteo" as you said. Buteo buteo is one of the three neo-Latin bird names I can remember, the other two being Perdix perdix, the Partridge, I used to know a Mr. Partridge and he owned his own printing company called the Perdix Press, and the ever so unlikely Troglodytes troglodytes which is the Wren. No prize for figuring out why I can remember these three.
  4. It might be a little too sweet, but who knows, I have cashew butter and that works well, though it sticks to the roof of your mouth a bit. I only eat potatoes one day a week, so I'll let you know when I give it a go.
  5. I've never tried it, but I've been eating peanut butter and tomato ketchup with cold mashed potato since I was a teenager, I'll give it a try.
  6. Well done Peter, it is indeed Buteo buteo. Saw one last night being mobbed by a pair of kestrels, no camera with me of course.
  7. I like avocado on toast with fresh ground black pepper and sea salt. For a sweeter alternative, bread toasted on one side and then add a sliced banana and cover with cheese (Violife vegan cheese in my case) and put back under the grill to melt and brown a little, pure bliss.
  8. You should try it in a toasted sandwich with peanut butter on one slice and tomato ketchup on the other
  9. Recently flipped "It Was True", this is "Smokin'"
  10. Apparently you should buy them if you see them as production has stopped. I'd never heard of them, but then I live a sheltered life.
  11. Sounds like a white guy to me and he tries too hard.
  12. I try not to pay my taxes here, cash business and all that. Hope to catch up with you in September maybe, might pop over to Skeggy for a pint.
  13. The flip to I Check My Mail Box Every Day...
  14. So concave as opposed to convex, I can see it now. Still, you've not driven on a bad road until you've been to Alhaurin near me, you could lose a milk float in some of the pot holes there.
  15. Is that the remnants of a hail storm Mick as I'm a little baffled?