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  1. put it in here as I'm not sure if reggae is still allowed in wots, found this for 1.50 in a charity shop in Matlock, jolly good it is too, not seen it before, anyone else seen it
  2. nice one ! never seen or heard of one
  3. the mobile we use at work for 24/7 crisis calls for learning disabilities/mental health often gets calls about its ppi and recent accidents its had, mind of their own those old nokias
  4. I was really upset that I missed a meal out at a very trendy hipster eaterie with workmates this week, they enjoyed a de constructed sweet of apple crumble, it consisted of buisuit crumbs stewed apple and some cream, all separate on a plate , feedback was that it was crap and cost 15 quid rant over
  5. 4 years would leave it very dry, brittle, and faded, very green and mouldy during wet season, might require replacement screws as well
  6. well maintained and oiled regularly😎
  7. guess what im doing this weekend weather permitting😃
  8. anyone else read the latest Magnus mills novel about appreciation of vinyl records, not for everyone , its very odd, and also rings true in places
  9. flipping the head on its head so to speak, I've seen a boot of do the pearl girl for sale on eBay ,seller in the US, record booted in notts
  10. that's brought back memories, I can remember one stall having loads of king/james brown related records all different titles, however I can also remember that the ones I either won or bought all sounded the same at the time, would make a nice collection these days though. can also remember most second hand shops I went to had copies of Donny Gerard, hes always somewhere around
  11. might not work that one, when I went to Wigan I was so hyped up or otherwise enduring altered states that the boring bits between setting off and hearing your first record when you arrived are a blank
  12. strange fact I learned whilst listening to an interview with Greg lake, most music we like is based on African American rthyms, where as prog rock is based around European rhythm's ( you've prompted me, I.m now looking for a can t shirt for my next soul night)
  13. I've met four people at work who claim to have gone to Wigan, all ladies, I asked the first two what records they remember most, they both said they could not remember the third one was in her mid forties so must have gone in push chair the forth one was telling me how she went to nighters at Wigan pier
  14. don't knock those portable phones, we were at a soul night once and heard a great track we didn't know, I was about to ask the dj what the song was and my mate took out his phone and said, hold on, he then appeared to text his mate and low and behold he sent us the title and artist, never met this bloke out and about, his name shazam or similar, anyone know him
  15. mmm, Belgian beer and cheese night, yep you win beats cats hands down