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  1. The new specsavers advert made me smile; if you've got young kids, don't leave the vinyl unattended!
  2. did someone mention food . only joking . now regardless of when article 50 is triggered , our Roman has triggered the next Groovilicious Modern soul getdown. some quality people expected . see ya there shorty
  3. cheque o.k ivor ?
  4. All roads lead to Gisburn for the next Groovylicious Modern soul night at the white bull country Inn. DJs Roman. Lodgie . Robbie England . Shorty . Special guest SOUL SAM .
  5. Really looking forward to this . Detroit comes to Manchester on a school night . lets show him some love! shorty
  6. not sure how many rooms are left now , I'm sure Roman and Wendy will have the info on this . I know there was a special deal for Groovylicious soul. please message me if you need tickets for the event . As Roman says Soul Sams last visit was a packer ! [ advance tickets £4 ] shorty
  7. and not forgetting our Easter egg raffle ,with all proceeds going to Kenny Thomas' daughter Christina's fund. I'm sure some of Kenny's superb music will feature in the evening. so please support that shorty
  8. gonna get our resident Groovalicious chemists [Hovis and Sue ] to prescribe something to calm Mr Lodge down ,if that's possible , failing that his care worker Mr. Reynard can usually keep him out of too much trouble !
  9. sounds good Roman , have to watch out for those blue smarties though , they make Lodgie hyper. hope he behaves himself at Prestatyn. Groovylicious at the White Bull , should carry the British standards kite mark , QUALITY assured !
  10. wow, Groovylicious returns on Easter Saturday , means I can combine my love of Modern soul and chocolate ! joking apart though the last one was awesome , and with Soul Sam bringing that touch of je ne sai quoi , well , bring it on . if you like your Modern soul through the decades ,youre in for a treat . Steppers , uptempo movers x-over , gospel , deep soul for the dance floor . gonna be a great night. shorty
  11. another class Charity soul event at the Manhattan . great spirit of camaraderie and bon ami with the wonderful human being [no pun intended] that is Tommy Hunt in attendance, great time with superb peeps , and of course raising money for that cancer research. need to find that photographer who took the pass pictures of Lodgie and Andy R. must have had an extensive make-up team with him ,took years off them. check the charity soul wesite for news and future class events shorty
  12. yep , can see that from some of the top class people coming along and the great artists due to appear .watch that charity total fly in 2017. see you tomorrow mate.
  13. HATS OFF, to Toc and the boys who put so much time in to set up these amazing events . come along and support it , if you love soul music you're guaranteed to hear something you like . see you there. shorty