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  1. think red bull might be the way to go , to blast through storm DORIS. now I realise that DORIS is no laughing matter , with carnage caused up and down the country , but it just goes to show just how dedicated the Charity soul lot are in the quest to raise funds for this great cause , be it organisers . DJs, or of course the good people who turn up to support the cause ! so , however far the trip is for you and whichever direction you're coming from, get there safely y'all . all roads lead to Harrogate for this awesome event. shorty
  2. if only Chalky , could be spending some of that money on tunes . seriously though I know what youre saying , you get what you pay for . but the kit ive been using aint too shabby [ sony vaio with pioneer burner ] these things are great till they go wrong
  3. Modern room d.js arriving at the last quality soul all-dayer at the Manhattan. Just got to make sure Lodgie puts in a shift on the pedalling
  4. cheers Mick , you obviously know your way round the computer world , but its a real minefield for someone like , just hope when I buy one of these external drives I can get my music over from I-tunes and get a decent quality result lap of the gods . if anyone knows a good external burner , please let me know.
  5. cheers for that Chalky and Brummie , didn't realise you could get one for so little money , hope theres one that's idiot proof. but judging by the other c.d burning thread ive just spotted on here it is a bit of a minefield, so many annoying little traits , discs not finalising ect shorty
  6. saw some of the modern room boys , Mally , Chris ,etc at the Vybe event on Saturday, as well as some of the charity soul massive. everyone very much looking forward to this, with the new rare and underplayed room and Tommy Hunt in the house its a no brainer, get those tickets ordered from Nigel , save a few quid to spend in the superb merchandise room shorty
  7. looking that way chalky , is it possible to buy a c.d burner that say plugs in via usb, so I can still use my I-tunes library ? hopi don't have to buy another laptop
  8. will try what tabs has suggested when ive got some time, just got back from the Vybe weekender , a bit jaded now. will of course report back if successful or not. and once again thanks to everyone for taking time to suggest possible remedies . quality soul people. shorty
  9. no, not a member of I tunes monthly subscription. same thing is happening with I tunes , windows media , and express burn,did the diagnostics check with I tunes and it recognised the burner. my computer is a sony vaio with a pioneer cd deck , is it possible I need to update some drivers for this . HELP SHORTY
  10. just downloaded another application [ express burn ] and that's done the same thing , ejected the disc not long after I pressed the burn button, DOH !
  11. don't know I only burn c.ds David. did the diagnostics check with I tunes and it was fine . contemplating one of the free burning apps but which ones are good and not full of bugs
  12. just tried again , turned the burn speed down to 12x , closed all other programs down and used a different c.d type [ sony ] same result ,got to the third song then cancelling c.d burn came up and the error message 4450 . driving me potty
  13. yep burning the songs from a playlist , gets about 2 or 3 songs in then cancels with the error message 4450 , yeah its windows chalky , gonna try turning the burn speed down and closing everything else down
  14. thanks for all your answers guys , in answer to David , tried it on different disks , same result. tried to burn on windows media player , that wont work . I tunes plays and recognises c.ds
  15. first let me say anything computer related is a bit of a nightmare for me. I used to be able to burn disks from I-Tunes with no problem. now every time I try to burn a disc it gets two or three tracks in and then fails with the error message 4450 which means nothing to me. if I un-install and then re-install I-Tunes would I lose all my music library. has anyone come across this issue I would really appreciate some tips. similar scenario with windows media player, will not complete a disc burn. shorty