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  1. Don't Call me a "Veteran". Love to help with your manuscript ,from a dance floor regular perspective from 6, Whitworth Street Days "Call on Me" .LOL, Johnny, Malaga,Espana.
  2. "Let's Go Nowhere"? , Just a Health warning to S.S. Chums! Soul Slider put it audibly more subtley,Root and Jenny's great Live shows did not convert to vinyl(cousins actually) their 5 recordings 4 on Beacon And one as The Breakfast Club on Cane are "Different" As an annoying little arse, at Station Road ,I would pester the numerous uno DJ,on the planet Dickie Starling ,for dance plays .,e.g.; Smith Bros ,Capreeez, Tavares "Heaven"and aweekly irritant to him ;Richard Dean Taylor's "Let'let's Go Somewhere" ! In a stroke of eloquent genius ,on commence meant of his early morning spot before I could utter play "Let's Go " He handed me Mint copy of Beacon 136 from 1969. I rushed away with my treasure, forget Beryl Marsden and David Garricks this must be it , from a master of Brit Soul ,Richard! One play later had the desired effect, never would I annoy the Chosen One Again . It was /is Totally Awful.LOL Johnny Hart .Malaga.
  3. Carl Douglas ,did a fine version of "I Want To Give You My Everything" on20th Century Fox(about a tenner on Discogs),Check it out ! Once again , Who are Newby and Johnson,Total Happiness! LOL Johnny Espana
  4. What a Cool Soul Dude, Bobby I Salute you! Good lookin,great Dancer , fabuloso singer , and you wrote the stuff! Hope you and yours benefitted from the dozen or so wimpish. ,covers of "Do You Wanna Dance ",from Harry Webb to the Ramones. My personal fave tune your ,stylish aquatic dance shimmy, cover of "The Duck"! Johnny , Malaga..
  5. Hi , In my hunt for foreign issue Picture covers never new this existed; "I just wanted to Cry" = German 1co006 -93408 .What should I be paying for a VG/VG. Of all the ludicrous photos inflicted on Charlie's P/C s this is numerous uno, he looks constipated and dressed in a Cochise native American regalia. Many thanks for looking LOL , Johnny, Malaga ,Espana.
  6. Thanks Mike ,Trick bag , As I suspected such a diverse range of prices foreign issues (as we have found before ) are difficult to difinatively value , £300 .£80,£90 ,£45 most recent . Discovered A m/ vgon ironically a nice copy just flagged up on my discogs Wants list at 70 euros from Oslo.Best Regards LOL ,Johnny ,Malaga ,Espana.
  7. P S, While on the subject of your Illustrious recording career. Just created a CD of "Crazy Northern Instrumentals" my fave is"Foot see" ( the Live version with Julian Covey Intro and. DG "Soul Clappin",one of yours) .You bemoan the fact , in a prehistoric post , that you don't mind people nic in your stuff but at least "Giv e me Bit of Credit" .When I make up the liable how does "Foot see" recorded live 1974 by "Wigan's Chosen One" sound?LOL Johnny Hart Malaga, Spain.
  8. Pete S., Beinvenido mi amigo, 10 months of accumulated passion, I can't wait ! LOL Johnny ,Malaga.
  9. Hi Audiophobes, Help wanted,I have been offered a high tech Bang and Olufsen Amplifier with masses of speakers etc ,it is designed to cinema sound on your Gogglebox. Checked line inputs on rear ; DVD, CD, TV , Auxiliary many more but NO phono input for Rca plugs .Question will my Nu mark TT100 turntable play directly into it(it does not have its own internal pure amp) ?Many thanks for your help ,very best regards Johnny.
  10. Many thanks Steve and Souldogbot,thanks for your time. Best Regards Johnny
  11. Hi Dave, As a recovering Alcoholic, 3years dry in March ,on doctors advice after cardiac arrest I have no choice, Chose Life! My first big event Dry was a weekender in Portugal where most of the crowd enjoyed round the clock booze. After a lifetime of Soul accompanied by drink,I can now still enjoy it sober,and the morning's after are glorious! LOL, Johnny ,Malaga..
  12. To the original question,"How many versions issued 7 ,unless you know different? "Which came 1st " ? Well this is the correct order according to Chris Tarrant! Wilson Pickett= 1970 Atlantic unreleased ,til later "Soul Brothers Unearthed lp Reuben Howell =1973 Motown single /beside Carl Carlton=1973 ABC/single Bobby Womack 1973 Facts of Life Lap Supremes = 1975 Lp Temptations=1975 ,House party Lap Jimmy Ellidge 1975 /bside 12inch single Most popular in popularity stakes and price Rub'ys slice of Sunshine pop/ country .In Manny,s primero price guide in 2001 it was £15 16 years later ,RNS,Discogs,eBay etc have it at £250. LOL Johnny.
  13. Hi , Browsing through R ,N,Soul site (all 36 plus pages) Happened on this Instrumental Steve Lee have it on an acetate/Semi as by 4 Seasons with drummer? At about £35. Being a fan of crazy instros,sort out a convincing looking copy on discogs as by Wendall Parker& Cape Ann Kings on Carnival7 liable at £350. ,whoops £3. 50. Sounds like across between ,Lord Thunder and "You,ve Been Away". What's the Real Story? Many Thanks Johnny .
  14. Many thanks to Andy , PR and SS, Have checked out the "Flowers" track from 4 seasons double LP 29 Hits of Gold and it is the band track is the same all be it accelerated a few percent . And yes Francis Castellucio is chirping away in the far distant as Alvin of the Chipmunks,on the Capricorn 7 mix, I shall further my madness by purchasing the 1967 single of 4Seasons " Watch The Flowers Grow"for 83p,off which I will now do .(its on Discogs) LOL Johnny,Malaga ,Espana.
  15. Bedroom DJ would like 2/3 channel mixer ,many thanks for looking LOL Johnny.
  16. Watch this Magic! To all the dissenters who dismiss "The Snake " Hisss,watch this guy eat your words and Weep ?.Your £2,000plus rare jingles could not match this guy Cream always rises to the top! Johnny ,Malaga,Gracias for posting.Magnifico !
  17. Very entertaining for the many boring OCD nerds ,like me, ! Johnny.
  18. Hi, "Hurry" reached number 3 in UK charts and even with miss press lable still only a couple of Quid. LOL Johnny.
  19. Ken B, Juke boxes sounds ; StHelens Lancashire, Milk Bar opposite Technical College circa late Sixties; "The Boogaloo Party" Flamingoes(actually had a Manny DJ Friendly Large Centre) Torquay; The Yacht/bar "Dancing Master" Bandwagon(with Jonny Johnson andArtie Fullilove)1969. Lower Ince,Wigan ;Cherry People" And Suddenly" on SS' Black Magic what a charming Piece of Sunshine Pop/Soul. Great Thread , Nostalgia Rules,"Come and Get These Memories"LOL Johnny ,Malaga ,Espana.
  20. Have you noticed the age old trend of "Versions" of popular tunes is common again ,with dealers/DJs? The Groovers "Don't Fight It" tcb =(Wilson Pickett's evergreen a modest £500) "House For sale"= Mark Williams(Oz EMI the welsh snooker champion at £225) What's your current Favourites/ Pointless selections? One of my Faves. ,"That Other Place" = Susan Maughan ( a good attempt at Wade Flemons)
  21. Hi Steve, (Leeds Central etc) Calm Down , Calm Down ,totally agree about informing the Soul Crowd . Who is he ? I buy constantly off Discogs And they try to proclaim Unofficial Release where Possible . Unlikebig dealers who talk in vieled terms of second issues etc etc ?.EBay is full of fake countrefiete ; Watches,Clothes ,jewelry car brake parts! Costing millions but area guys selling bootlegs at £5.95( how do they do it ? ) LOL Very Best Regard Johnny Hart PS do you really feel good about foul language Eg ?Tw *T.
  22. Miguel , Totally agree correct format etc . re Motown unreleased but having mega technical issues . Pay pal not responding , Wifi down my best friends just ran off with my partner and I miss him so much .So an incorrect posting was the only option in the circumstances . Am I forgiven ? Love the Top ten purchases idea ,with prices and source .LOL Best Regards johnny ,Malaga ,Espana.
  23. Ten purchases of vinyl 45 ,s price and country purchased from; Bloodstone" Just Wanna Get The Feel of It. =Motown w/d 50 dollars U.S. Art and Honey" Let's Make Love Now"= Motown W/D , I.99 dollars U.K KimWeston="Helpless" T.m Netherlands 12 euros (no picture cover ,made own ) High Energy= "Make Me Yours"=£5.67 UK Tmg David Ruff in = "Discover Me"=11 euros mtown W/d .Deutschland. The Tree Tops (Irish Four Tops?)= "Without The One You Love"5 euros ,Bellter p/c Spain Bobby womack "So many sides of You = UK Tmg P/c £45 Posse = "Take Somebody Like You" 5 euros" Us VIP Belgium Temptations = "Stay" 12 inch US 10 dollars(OK its not the overpriced 7 inch but it has instro &accapella versions All of discogs,eBay hours of trawling ,and negotiating ,much better than lots dealers ?
  24. Updating your Cue burning belt drive system ,? Poor Pensionista ,needs a similar cheap deck .Let me know price Ipay postage plus via paypalLOL john Darrell hart.
  25. Jesus Christi(Geeselad), How did I miss "No matter Where " by G C , of the Spinners sold all hi s LPs Its on None, 45s only just bought one !( top price is £60 + ) gracias for reccomendation ,sadly 'You've got my pants on fire " is a leap to far so far by the Tempts , many thanks for you delectable taste ,LOL ,Johnny ,Espana.Felix Navidad Does Mil,de'theseite .