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  1. Hi, "Hurry" reached number 3 in UK charts and even with miss press lable still only a couple of Quid. LOL Johnny.
  2. Ken B, Juke boxes sounds ; StHelens Lancashire, Milk Bar opposite Technical College circa late Sixties; "The Boogaloo Party" Flamingoes(actually had a Manny DJ Friendly Large Centre) Torquay; The Yacht/bar "Dancing Master" Bandwagon(with Jonny Johnson andArtie Fullilove)1969. Lower Ince,Wigan ;Cherry People" And Suddenly" on SS' Black Magic what a charming Piece of Sunshine Pop/Soul. Great Thread , Nostalgia Rules,"Come and Get These Memories"LOL Johnny ,Malaga ,Espana.
  3. Have you noticed the age old trend of "Versions" of popular tunes is common again ,with dealers/DJs? The Groovers "Don't Fight It" tcb =(Wilson Pickett's evergreen a modest £500) "House For sale"= Mark Williams(Oz EMI the welsh snooker champion at £225) What's your current Favourites/ Pointless selections? One of my Faves. ,"That Other Place" = Susan Maughan ( a good attempt at Wade Flemons)
  4. Hi Steve, (Leeds Central etc) Calm Down , Calm Down ,totally agree about informing the Soul Crowd . Who is he ? I buy constantly off Discogs And they try to proclaim Unofficial Release where Possible . Unlikebig dealers who talk in vieled terms of second issues etc etc ?.EBay is full of fake countrefiete ; Watches,Clothes ,jewelry car brake parts! Costing millions but area guys selling bootlegs at £5.95( how do they do it ? ) LOL Very Best Regard Johnny Hart PS do you really feel good about foul language Eg ?Tw *T.
  5. Miguel , Totally agree correct format etc . re Motown unreleased but having mega technical issues . Pay pal not responding , Wifi down my best friends just ran off with my partner and I miss him so much .So an incorrect posting was the only option in the circumstances . Am I forgiven ? Love the Top ten purchases idea ,with prices and source .LOL Best Regards johnny ,Malaga ,Espana.
  6. Ten purchases of vinyl 45 ,s price and country purchased from; Bloodstone" Just Wanna Get The Feel of It. =Motown w/d 50 dollars U.S. Art and Honey" Let's Make Love Now"= Motown W/D , I.99 dollars U.K KimWeston="Helpless" T.m Netherlands 12 euros (no picture cover ,made own ) High Energy= "Make Me Yours"=£5.67 UK Tmg David Ruff in = "Discover Me"=11 euros mtown W/d .Deutschland. The Tree Tops (Irish Four Tops?)= "Without The One You Love"5 euros ,Bellter p/c Spain Bobby womack "So many sides of You = UK Tmg P/c £45 Posse = "Take Somebody Like You" 5 euros" Us VIP Belgium Temptations = "Stay" 12 inch US 10 dollars(OK its not the overpriced 7 inch but it has instro &accapella versions All of discogs,eBay hours of trawling ,and negotiating ,much better than lots dealers ?
  7. Updating your Cue burning belt drive system ,? Poor Pensionista ,needs a similar cheap deck .Let me know price Ipay postage plus via paypalLOL john Darrell hart.
  8. Jesus Christi(Geeselad), How did I miss "No matter Where " by G C , of the Spinners sold all hi s LPs Its on None, 45s only just bought one !( top price is £60 + ) gracias for reccomendation ,sadly 'You've got my pants on fire " is a leap to far so far by the Tempts , many thanks for you delectable taste ,LOL ,Johnny ,Espana.Felix Navidad Does Mil,de'theseite .
  9. What a Classy Compilation from Hayley's so much better than Current Arthur Willis,Gangster Boy etc,etc. Te Quiero Roberto Mucho, Happy New Year ,Johnny ,Espana.
  10. Christopher , Great Work ,fantastic ; Chucks "That's me Lovin You",Marv and Tammi " Give In ,You Just Can't win".and Bobby's "One Girl" (much better than the Bobby Lind Rip of Elusive ,"Don't Be Afraid " from Taylor Made LP . Te Quiero Mucho Christobel LOL Johnny ,Malaga , Espana.
  11. Mike. & Modifiers, Call me Mr Prude ,soppy and lacking in reality but do we really need members comparing Elaine Constantine's Valiant personal view of the scene circa 1974 credited to Wigan's Ovation and dismissed as a" Bag of Shite" and other such general use of foul language permeating your site. Free Speech ,fine ,constructive criticism ,subjective views but hurling Abuse? LOL Johnny Hart Malaga, Spain.
  12. Mike , Gracias for again your sensitive ,and reasoned response, and time I admire you greatly and wish I had a modicum of your tolerance and patience, LOL Johnny Hart, Espana
  13. Happy Holiday total all S.S . amigos (especially Tattoo Dave ,my kind of guy!) LOL Johnny Hart ,Malaga
  14. No , no such thing as a free lunch. Just do the maths ask for a discount on total price , if not walk away. I buy from all of the 27 euro pals, unlike all the brexiteers above who think international is just Trumpton. Just bought Bloodstones "Feel" to total £50 ,from Ohio, way better than UK prices( Incidentally if you don't mind 12 inches ,with instro b theirs 48 on discogs from under a quid). Negotiate my Soulful Chums, Bullshit baffles brains every time!LOL . PS'Are the current Happy Egg "do I " and Very's Tainted played off OVO,in their TV adds,? Adios, Johnny ?
  15. Ronnie , Just found out from a great former soul source contributor( get real ) Lawrence Johnson,that Motown Unreleased 1966 is gonna be out in the next few weeks,for further details go to .WWW.mix cloud.comsnakepit2648.for afantastico show. LOL ,johnny ,
  16. Hi Sunny Soul, my terminology was indicative of the 60 s generation, so different of today which may have erroniously displayed a lack of sensitivity totally out of kilter ,quite rightly , to 21st century feministic values,no way was iI trying to make humour not of a serious sociological question. Best Regards Johnny Hart.
  17. From my early ventures to the Manc clubs in 68 to70 ; Wheel ,Blue Note ,Top Twenty,etc totally male dominated.From primarily St Helens crowd ,then ,Prestonians all the dealing ,organisation record buying and dancing was totally male led,including the Villains! In the early seventies area selected hardened females gained access .Indicative of atypical broader male lead social culture dominant at the time(a time when decent ladies didn't drink pints or even went in Pub bars alone,!
  18. Tmg 1267.issue picture sleeve Mint Minus, whats a sensible purchase price? Many thanks .
  19. Bazil, Thanks for your time and help have gone for it ,LOL ,conchitta
  20. Lest we forget, the adorable Ian Geoffrey Levine ,compiled aCD in June 2015 for Ace/Kent " Solid Stax Sensations" ,cdkend435, which includes the Roz Ryan's, Rance. 'S etc,etc and loads of dancers of inimatable. Quality and taste , Check it out ,Johnny ,Malaga, Espana,LOL.
  21. Johnnie Taylor "Love Bones". (Apart from "Friday" And "Blue In",on Wanted One Lp he has loads of Stax midtempo dancers worth a look) ,do Ace /kent still own the rights?
  22. Any further info on this Unofficial release I just picked up on Discogs for £8 on the Slow Fizz label, Ss threads in 2012 attribute it to Russ W or Chris King in the 80s.Obviously Voice over,Stephen Brook Stein, Stephen Fry , James Nesbitt ,Tommy Hunt, even Charlie Hatcher perhaps? Having disposed of my massive Motown L p collection have now turned my O.C.D. collecting to 45sForeign issues ,picture sleeves and similar Motown related oddities(after hearing the wonderful Kevin Roberts giving it as pin on a Solar radio show,I had to have it. Lyrically its extremely silly,and why put Evie Sands "Picture Me Gone"0nthe backside, .Any Info from my Soul Source chums to shut me up ?, Gracias, Johnny , Malaga ,Espana.
  23. Getting Warmer,the Answer to my original ? "Who's the male vocalist" would suggest the Chris King Famous Ric Tic Revue of Jan 21 st 1983 may provide the answer,when top notch vocalists; J.J. Barnes , Lou Ragland and Al Kent Hamilton where all on hand for a "Festival Super time", the plot thickens? LOL Johnny .
  24. Vive LA difference ,you put up your own dinero and produce Music ,Capitalism and Universal are a fact of life ,be my guest, look forward to your musical contribution with baited breath ! LOL ,Johnny.
  25. It was one of a limited short lived "freebies" from circa 1996 at Stokes Kings Hall aground breaking event from Kev Roberts, ( now into its 20th year) , I sold one immune to the Adorable Owl Richard Domar( most people simply discarded them ) for £2 ,agree £70 is much Loco, but then how many where made? Two Great Tracks ,£20 seems more realistic.?