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  1. How this is supposed to fool anyone I'm not sure ... http://www.ebay.com/itm/LARRY-CLINTON-SHES-WANTED-RARE-NORTHERN-SOUL-ACETATE-HOLY-GRAIL-1-SIDED-VIRTUE-/391677554497?hash=item5b31cd2f41%3Ag%3AxxcAAOSwjDZYenqL
  2. Gotta be the awesome tinkling at the start of "You had me fooled" for me ... And the fact that it continues all through the song is no bad thing ...
  3. Yeah right ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252726355838
  4. It's Barbara Mercer I believe ... It was on a Golden World tape.
  5. The Italian movie thing might come via the 'other' Shawn Robinson , the Hollywood stuntman who died in '15 ...
  6. I would assume that the latest trawl through the Charity shops has not yet been completed , there are afterall about a hundred in every tiny little town these days , unlike the few and far between that existed last time the subject was broached ...
  7. Just watched "Hidden Figures" , based on the work of the female 'computers' responsible for much of the trajectory calculations in the early days of NASA. Great insight into the way things were on so many levels in the States in the early 60's , good soundtrack too , not the usual run of the mill tunes you might expect. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4846340/
  8. Wow , has there ever been a less soulful record ever recorded ...
  9. Lookin' forward to it ....
  10. Got loads here including Carla , all handed to me halfway down the stairs on the anniversary nights and all staying firmly in my box ...
  11. Last one through made £112.00 , has gone for £170.00 in the past.
  12. Especially as it was sold in October '16 for £133.00 ... leastways it's the same photo ...
  13. Tends to when Mr Hardy's involved , he's on the production team on this one so I'm sure the gloves will be off ...
  14. No , the 'box' design was in use from May 1967 (HL10135) through to 1979 (HL10577).
  15. The new BBC drama "Taboo" with Tom Hardy at his most menacing got off to a great start tonight , nice to have a decent watch on a Saturday night again ...