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    Quality music, quality dance floor, ok got to bring your own booze, but the positive on that, no beer monsters or div's !!.Great venue well done lads, see you at the next one.
  1. well you did say Crazy, and if that guy can post zola,i'm posting this c**p
  2. Great dancer, and the div's don't no it !!
    great day of music, and people, well done to everyone involved in a great set up.
  3. Quality record , good luck
  4. Classic tune !
  5. The bloke I paid my money to, was dressed as a woman !! , the strange world of northern soul .
  6. o
  7. no camera's at venues !, wonder where all those casino photo's come from , which I'm on ??. The biggest problem I think are the baggers and the beer monsters on the floor, normally around 11pm their beer kicks in ,look at me I can dance !!
  8. Gutted I'm gonna miss this, have great night all .
  9. Getting no sound, on this one .
  10. poor start , GREAT finish !
  11. youtube mp3 converter free download, just put into your web browser i.e › or choose which is best for you. p. s don't pick youtubes own converter. I use this site .
  12. Big oldies dancer, but the music was outstanding ,great to hear underplayed records for a change. well done to all the Dj's , pity it was a bit expensive to get in .
  13. Birthday bash, for this one. Cluggy come and get some cake.