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  1. nice will be giving this a listen
  2. this was a good niter for me, spent my time flitting between the main room and the modern room - met some sound people that night - plus this great performance!
  3. nice memories of Parr Hall, top post
  4. 1:35 Northern Dancer
  5. yeah that's an amazing site Chalky, is it yours? [edit: doh] it's been in my browser favourites for years...I've a Stafford playlist on my iphone back to OP - the Colin Curtis site has loads of tracks that are nowhere near the top 500 - the point I was making about the book was it includes pages with small record listings of ALL the major clubs and many aren't in the top 500 either, I wasn't recommending the top 500 lol anyway m8 how about this for a list of Twisted Wheel plays (there are plenty):
  6. the "Northern Soul Top 500" book Kev Roberts has pages on this very topic, so get a copy of that! or else search playlists for individual clubs e.g, Colin Curtis has a great blog where he lists pretty much everything played at the Mecca in Blackpool...
  7. take this new release as an example of great, new, dancer friendly music, it's Daptone and unashamedly four to the floor - isn't this great? I'd dance to this
  8. probably my new fav track of 2017, it just sounds so good, musicians and production all top notch
  9. I also used to listen to Richard Searling's Sunday radio show every week (even used to tape them) and the guests he got on broadened my very small knowledge of what was to be heard. From these I would say that the ones I found most interesting were Ady Croasdale, Andy Rix, Nancy Yahiro, Roger Banks, (dare I say it) Ian Levine and others. I'm a generation too young to be arsed about the politics on the scene tbh, not interested in it one bit, but I do remember those Jazz FM Sunday afternoon programs, the Nancy Yahiro & Ian Levine ones were the standouts for me, from memory I think Ian Levine stood in for Richard S one weekend?
  10. according to my itunes play list "If you believe your god is dead (try mine)" by the Swan Silvertones was number 12 on my most played tracks over the last year ;-) not even religious
  11. ^^ very nice, the Gospel Comforters is new to me, ace track
  12. gospel dancers? got my eye on a few
  13. I definitely remember DJ's asking us to bring records along ,they would play them on condition if they knackered them it was not their fault - needless to say I never took any along Metros is the best version imo