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  1. Music is more fascinating🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👍
  2. In my book it's someone who don't understand what soul music is all about 🎶🎶😉
  3. Real cool man 🎭
  4. Got a few little tips up my sleeve for a madras restaurant style. sorry again chris👳
  5. Superb post keep em coming 👍🎶🎶🎶🎶👏👌. Any tips for a ruby ?
  6. Was always told at school pay more attention still not doing it sorry 😱
  7. If it's not a problem leave everything , l wish l hadn't got rid of all my echo's and blues and soul publications now the old grey matter is fading
  8. My opinion for what it's worth is, it's very good and soulful and a lot better than some of the stuff that's talked about and brought and sold on this site ,hope you get an answer from some good soul out there .remember friend don't let the soul police get you down 🎶🎶👏🎶👍
  9. It's a thin line the persuaders if we're talking sweet love it
  10. Worrying about buying the latest Marvin ,Curtis Issac sly temps albums when l should have been buying soul packs from hanway st 🎶🎶🎶😂,,
  11. Nicotine the most addictive drug in the world scientists found it easier to wean rats off heroin , packed it in 2years ago and never looked back l still get the pangs now and again vaping worked for me keep with it amigo sure people on here will give you loads of support 👏
  12. For me you can't beat hide nor hair, earl grant .tremendous intro great old stomper 🎶🎶👌
  13. Wait till your father gets home ,now that was a TV show ,anyone seen the lost episode 😉
  14. Didn't know that northern soul was invented?. All l want is a pizza pie man, roseveilt grier
  15. Thought you and your mate's were gonna come through the bloody ceiling one of these days l will throw that récord player in the skip