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  1. Lamont Dozier 👏🎶🎶🎶
  2. Got a few of his albums not a bad track on em guys a genius 👍🎶🎶👏
  3. I thought the one that your referring to was Kim weston but once again that's only what l have been led to believe
  4. Anyone for anymore👏🎶🎶🎶
  5. Absolutely love my dear heart, such a fantastic arrangement and vocal any of you good folks out there know anything about the whole damm thing especially the artist seems all a bit strange world of n/s to me read somewhere about a Italian movie
  6. Love has passed me by ,that's the one not the greatest record in the world in my opinion but it's sure gonna find a good home 🎶🎶
  7. Racking me brain's here about one they gave away think the artist was someone with a name like Tyrrell any idea mate 🎶🎶?
  8. Got one somewhere think l might have to dig it out also got a few other anniversary records seem like their becoming sought after always loved the 100 club 👍🎶🎶🎶
  9. How much does a number 1 go for vgc cheers trev🎶🎶👍
  10. Ask him to post it on here mate and ask him for a price bet you he gives you a load of old spill bullshiter
  11. AllardyCE shameless greedy twat and the fa knew what he was like before he got the england job but having said that tell me who else would you rather have to get you out of the kak bet you they stay up lm off down Ladbrokes in the morning pay me Xmas expenses
  12. All l want for Xmas is a Ben Sherman shirt. A real one please no snide ktf love that saying. Ktf. Ktf. Ktf
  13. Sure it's justify and not testify that is by the Parliament's
  14. Did you ever get your great copy of the moods album