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  1. Go on YouTube and scroll down quit a way but don't look for the title on main script, it's the bit below if that makes sense!!!!
  2. Just found it not really my kinda tune sorry but thanks for the post
    Great day as always at the h&g never fails nice one chaps
  3. I didn't know him but by all accounts I should have xx rest in peace soul friend x
  4. This is our take on it me and Shelly collect records to play no matter how much they cost ,ours all get played and our take on it is that we expect nothing back for it so resale value has no meaning to us !!!!! If we have a big want an its staring us in the face at a do !!!!!overpriced !!!!!!our desire to own it simply overtakes that extra 30 quid so me and shell are guilty of paying more so why the f... Are some people chunterin and fukin moaning about the price of this tune an that tune an its not worth that!!!!!!!when there investment has gone up😂😂 baring in mind that I don't buy records to make money 😕 so stop the f...... Moanin I'd rather give them away to some young souli I see that has passion than sell um !!!! That's me am bolloxed x nite
  5. Have a great day Pete baz
  6. Can't wait for Fri!!!! Two great guests this week so can't fail!!!! C soon Xx baz n shelly
  7. Can't wait  see ya soon!!! Just love it
  8. Remember gettin boogie down back int day great tune x really sad news rest in peace sir baz
  9. When is it this ere day your on abart just a card usually works they only need recognition really
  10. The stunning cologne cathedral and our hotel im wasserturm on our trip to cologne Christmas markets .baz
  11. Well the 169 I have and the 149 that Mick put on here earlier sound totally different to me not just final lyrics as Steve said above sings it in a slightly different way right through the track
  12. Pmd ya Pete
  13. Is there a difference in price?
  14. Cheers mick!!!! never heard it before sounds more real to me;-) than my copy atb baz