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  1. Diana ross !!!someday we'll be together and joe walker !!! This is my last goodbye my missus told me she gonna dance when the curtains close not sure if its for love or thank f... xx sure its the love
  2. Will be lookin
  3. 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂 nob
  4. Its gonna be a banger as always!!!!! xx stayin over so could get messy
  5. well I aint never seen no punk at a soul do in 16 years or rockers
  6. I think 99.9 percent of the scene today love the music or why would they be there !!!! I cant stand being at a wedding nowadays really cos av got to listen to OTHER shit and would not go to rock punk or any other genre cos it would drive me to jump
  7. Right I dont get the dressing up, they didn't dress up like that back in the day,I'm sure it was fashion back then so why today ?
  8. First hole at augusta this afternoon soul music playin too as it happens
  9. Got other plants in there too ! Bleeding hearts,huchera,penstimens,primula,flock,agapanthus,rose,aquelegia,fretillary and cyclamon !! Will they all take the sulphate of amonia ? Cheers baz
  10. Got fish blood and bone ? Any good
  11. Had these original pics given me as the most fabulous birthday gift!!!!! Out of there personal collection I was knocked sideways to say the least xx
  12. Cheers for the info dave !!!!we want that border full to the brim,so your saying if we leave them to seed they'll go mad ?
  13. Cheers steve !!!!!saturday allwhenevers will be startin soon garden is lookin bang on now and cant wait for summer soul do's thanks for the comment m8 atb baz
  14. Did you spy that in the background dave ? My wife got it friday and its incredible !!!!!!the flowers die away and look better fukin ride on ye
  15. What a great day today just taken these in the garden dont ya just love spring xx