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  1. Hope I don't have to buy three copies of Jack Montgomery at the price I paid thought this would see my days out mmmmmm gutted.
  2. Eup mark!!! Our man has set ours on 2grm, we have stanton decks, had em 12 months and still got same stylus on but they have been packed away for 6 months so stylus about 5 ish months play, how often would you change because our needles still LOOK new!!! Cheers baz
  3. Hi everyone!!!!! We're relatively new to collecting 7yrs ish and all this talk is really worrying us,bought a copy jack Montgomery "don't turn your back on me" vg+ at Christmas, played great by the way we don't know anything about deck set up!!!! But in only ten days and probably 6 plays it's sound quality is not as good as when first played(plays now with a hiss),some other tunes av done the same,a well known dj friend of ours set up our decks for us so our trust is in him but now you've got us really worried about the needles,weights and styrene issues that you talk about!!!!! Our records are there to play but now we're thinking different  really worried baz n shelly Xx help help
  4. Fly
  5. Bang on Same ere, can slip up on rare occasions but works for me and when the beat flows it's just awesome. Baz
  6. Sorted now thanks!!!!!!
  7. See ya there Jim first visit can't wait!!!! Baz n shell
  8. Another call for this gem please x la reine la mar "thats not the way to love" thanks baz
  9. La reine la mar "mama I don't want to! Thats not the way to love" nice copy of this gem please x baz
  10. Yeah bit strange being as that's his job have you youtubed the two records you put back and are you kicking yourself or dancing around cos that bell... Dint get away wi selling ya some crap baz
  11. Fantastic I bet your waitin fo Mr postman!!!! never put out a want cos it's been so illusive to us over the years? Then other choons come along so it goes on the back burner but you just lit the fuse again great
  12. Good luck been after one for 5yrs an never seen it apart from one for sale at Sheridans lifeline 10yrs ago should av snatched it then but had it whipped outta my hand ant seen it since anyone? serious tune xx atb spook hope you get one m8 x baz n shelly