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  1. Ah English Nature. Now that's an organisation I have done battle with. Living opposite a SSSI. Designated as lowland heathland, it is being overrun by self seeded silver birch and ultimately they will give way to oak. The trees are are stunting the growth of the heathers and selfishly, from my perspective, eroding the view of the estuary and whilst EN accept this and are cutting trees down elswhere on the site, they won't cut them down in front of us. Despite us offering to pay for the work. I have negotiated with 4 different officers over 4 years and just at the point when I thought I was getting somewhere, they left or were re-posted to a different part of the country. I presume your great shame and disgrace was employing a Botanist, not the fact that you worked for EN
  2. I have to say, I am very impressed Dave. Having been in this house for 22 years I've seen walkers picking the fruit and eating it and yet when questioned they haven't been sure what it was they were eating. My wife is a keen gardener, but her knowledge tends to be centred around flowers. I must have asked 20 people over the years and no one knew. Well done that man and Thanks. Kev
  3. Thanks Dave, I already have one so I'm not looking to get another. My neighbour has a tree that is the same but it bears no fruit. Maybe PM me if you want to keep it a secret :-) Kev
  4. Lovely Garden. You're just the person to help me identify my hedge. It's in flower now and will be full of fruit in the summer. They're like small plums, that start green then turn yellow, then reddish. Some say they are quince, but not sure about that. I'll put up some photos of the fruit when it appears. Thanks Kev
  5. My office in Chester is in a converted barn and they come back every year. I will keep you posted with the date Almost without fail when it's warm we have the door open and one flies in. Always makes me smile when they have found their way hundreds of miles back to where they were born, but can't find their way out of a building that they've been in for 5 minutes. We have to pull all the blinds down and switch all the lights off so that the only source of light is the door they came in :-)
  6. Oh to be in the Greek islands. Been almost every year for the past thirty years. I agree Dave, the small ones without an airport are the best. My favourite is Paxos below Kev
  7. That last part of the last paragraph is excellent. Kev
  8. Only one for me that has been with me before the term Northern Soul even existed Kev
  9. Do you think I was born yesterday! How about a bit more speed and a little less haste Don't cut your nails on a Sunday, it's bad luck Get your elbows off the table when your eating Don't talk with your mouth full Sit up straight When did you last have a bath To name just a few I must have been a right pain in the arse :-) Kev
  10. Tamla T54231F is listed as being an unreleased Valerie Simpson Track called Genius II / One more baby child born. Kev
  11. Thanks for putting that up. One of my all time favourites. Great to see them Kev
  12. You shoudl try some of my local Wirral Gin, Pete! Its only £40 a bottle. We took some out to Australia at Christmas. Really nice but not cheap. Kev
  13. I recently bought the dvd of one of my all time favourite films ...Spike Lee's "Do the right thing" set in New York during a heat wave. Samuel L Jackson nails it for me, but it's funny how we british couldn't carry this off. If you haven't seen the film it is well woth a watch Kev
  14. I have the Jomar release and the quality is ok, but not brilliant. The flip is "I gotta get away" which is taken from the Gloria Barnes' album "Uptown". Not as good as the album quality, but then again I wouldn't expect it to be. Neither track mentions the Ohio Players, but Johnny Brantley produced both artists and Gloria Barnes is singing on the Ohio Players track in any event I always assumed the Jomar release to be some kind of boot/unofficial release, but would be pleased to be told otherwise. Kev
  15. Just turned the radio on to hear The Ohio Payers blasting out:-)