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  1. I heard this version of Amy Stewart - "Friends" in a bar in Greece, back in 1984 I think?, and it took me years to track it down. I was convinced it was Earl Klugh playing acoustic guitar at 2mins 50 secs and Ramsey Lewis playing the long piano break after it at 3mins 20 sec, so spent ages trying to source it without the use of internet, looking for a connection. Then Robbie Vincent did me a favour and played it on his show and it turned out to be Mike Francis. Although having never seen any info on it I have no idea who the musicians are. The best version of this by a country mile Kev
  2. Barbara West - Congratulations Baby. Not my favourite by any means. Sounds like an out of tune piano or an old music hall piano Kev
  3. There's this one which I liked at the time of its release Kev
  4. I liked this bit in the article " But you also still have the 65-year-old man who smells of weed who will always come into a record shop, stand around and then ask for something you haven’t got, and then leave. So it hasn’t changed completely.” Kev
  5. Anyone got a VG+ or better please pm me with price. I now have one thanks Thanks Kev
  6. Great shot! Kev
  7. Can't leave this out
  8. Probably worth picking this album up for Jimmy Hughes alone. I was also going to mention Mel & Tim - Free for All, Major Lance - "Story of my life" and "I wanna make up", William Bell - "Why is the wine Sweeter", Luther Ingram - Home don't seem like a home", Emotions - Stealing love. Would be great to go to a Stax only night out Kev
  9. I didn't discover this until a few years ago. I just love all the strings and the way Mavis comes in for her first verse. One of my all time favourite Stax tracks Kev
  10. Thanks Steve, I could do with some of that memory foam in my head. Kev
  11. Like a bit of walking myself. Just googled those boots and they look the dogs. Are they comfy? Kev
  12. There was a slight distraction yesterday when a hot air balloon drifted by. This was in Tushingham Nr. Whitchurch Kev
  13. I spend a lot of my time taking pics of my daughter horse riding and this is the beast that saps most of my vinyl budget!
  14. Had to stop the car and rest the camera on a low stone wall when I saw this down in the Cotswolds in August this year. These have been on the camera since then and the first time I've looked at them on the laptop. I've also farted around with them on Lightroom. No idea what I'm doing though! Kev
  15. Very surreal. Are those reindeer skulls?