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  1. Thanks for putting that up. One of my all time favourites. Great to see them Kev
  2. You shoudl try some of my local Wirral Gin, Pete! Its only £40 a bottle. We took some out to Australia at Christmas. Really nice but not cheap. Kev
  3. I recently bought the dvd of one of my all time favourite films ...Spike Lee's "Do the right thing" set in New York during a heat wave. Samuel L Jackson nails it for me, but it's funny how we british couldn't carry this off. If you haven't seen the film it is well woth a watch Kev
  4. I have the Jomar release and the quality is ok, but not brilliant. The flip is "I gotta get away" which is taken from the Gloria Barnes' album "Uptown". Not as good as the album quality, but then again I wouldn't expect it to be. Neither track mentions the Ohio Players, but Johnny Brantley produced both artists and Gloria Barnes is singing on the Ohio Players track in any event I always assumed the Jomar release to be some kind of boot/unofficial release, but would be pleased to be told otherwise. Kev
  5. Just turned the radio on to hear The Ohio Payers blasting out:-)
  6. That's my kind of shot. I like the grainy effect too Kev
  7. Fantastic shots. I have the Airbus Beluga flying over my office in Mollington every day, as it comes into land at Broughton . It's so low, that if I'm on the phone I have to wait until it's gone. You can almost see the rivets. I keep meaning to get a good shot of it Kev
  8. They appear to be still there at the Red Rocks end of the beach, which is a bit further along from my photo. This might interest you Kev
  9. Walked along the edge of the sandhills on Saturday between West Kirby and Hoylake. Taken on the phone, but you can see in the middle distance just how much the estuary has silted up. They used to rake it with a tractor every week which kept it like a typical beach but that was 20 yrs ago probably. Kev
  10. Hi Chris, Am I right in thinking that the Thelma Houston track is only on the UK release of her Mowest Album? Kev
  11. Thought I would upload my brother in law's Defender in Oz. It's ex Australian army 20 odd years old. He has the flags on the back cos' she's Canadian and he's Scottish, It has Ammo boxes in the rear with speakers in them. Sounds great! Kev
  12. Steve, I keep thinking about something like that, I'm using a Nikon D7100 with a135 F2 AF DC prime lens and and an 18-200 F3.5 zoom, but I'm mainly taking landscapes and my daughters horse riding. It's not a full frame sensor so it's 1.5 times the focal length. Kev
  13. What are using out of interest Steve? Kev
  14. Just to prove that it was fantastic weather most of the time. Pier at Semaphore, Adelaide.
  15. Having spent Christmas in Australia I thought I would be posting a photo of something in brilliant sunshine. I even took my SLR with me, but the photo I was the most pleased with was taken on my mobile. It was taken in Melbourne under a bridge, where we had to take shelter from a thunderstorm. Kev