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  1. repoted at blimey time flies! read full article
  2. Thanks Nicola, but it's the flip written by Tom DeCillis(I'm the Girl') i'm after.
  3. as you say Martyn...easy. done. many thanks
  4. Martyn, thanks. I'll give that a go
  5. Hi anyone help with a soundfile/youtube of 'I'm the girl', R1514B ( the flip of Marion Stewart's 'The man I love') atb
  6. Does what it says on the tin...Northern.
  7. I notice both me and Kegsy have the same 'roundle graphic ID', (KE). It sort of doesn't bother me...but members looking for his posts specifically may be a bit disappointed to find me!
  8. As much as I also cherish the nostalgia…and respect the views here…Has everything become so sacred that a simple NS Pastiche is getting most of us hot-under-the collar? Being chased around ‘Stolen from Ivor’ in the M/CR Arndale on a Saturday afternoon before kick-off was what did that for me.
  9. Yes the list (as it appeared in the Motor Town Review) is less than half the SUE UK discography.
  10. there is one on JM presently
  11. I was rummaging through my stuff for a future Connections thingy I was preparing…and got side tracked with my copy of ‘From Hitsville U.S.A. -The Tamla Motown Show’. In particular, the SUE Records list (as scanned). And thought, what is the rough value of all these today? (as sold). I applied these simple arbitrary ‘rules’… Where it was listed on Discogs, I took the Discogs Median value for each Where the Discogs Median wasn’t listed, I took the lowest Discogs price for sale (if there was one). There was 6 (Six) of these Where there was neither 1. or 2. I took the most recently known price (e.g,,, etc). There was 7 (Seven) of these. Where there was neither 1. 2. or 3.- I took it as 0 (Zero). There was only one of these. £1634. Hope you find it interesting?
  12. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It's time for #5 in this now established series of soul infographics from Kenb Three of 'The Philadelphian Funk Brothers' View full article
  13. Northern Soul Connections #5 by @Kenb Three of 'The Philadelphian Funk Brothers' It's time for another in this now firmly established northern soul infographic Northern Connections series This one involves three of 'The Philadelphian Funk Brothers' Northern Connections #5...
  14. Hi Roburt, was the Salford (Venue) one in Little Hulton? rings a bell, but maybe for a different reason!
  15. great watch...thanks for sharing Rob