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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It's time for #5 in this now established series of soul infographics from Kenb Three of 'The Philadelphian Funk Brothers' View full article
  2. Northern Soul Connections #5 by @Kenb Three of 'The Philadelphian Funk Brothers' It's time for another in this now firmly established northern soul infographic Northern Connections series This one involves three of 'The Philadelphian Funk Brothers' Northern Connections #5...
  3. Hi Roburt, was the Salford (Venue) one in Little Hulton? rings a bell, but maybe for a different reason!
  4. great watch...thanks for sharing Rob
  5. for those not too far from Stockport (Greater Manchester) there's a Strawberry Studios exhibition at The Market Place Museum that runs until Jan 2018. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am -5pm. Well worth a visit. Obvious connections with 10CC but also Factory Records, Smiths, Stone Roses, etc.
  6. It's a bit of fun...please take it as such. Can you add any to the list?
  7. I guess you may already know this, but Daryl ( and John Oates) have history with most of the musicians coming out of Philly, and the respective studio's of Sigma, Virtue, etc. They both played on Electric Indian 'Keem-O-Sabe' 1968, Marmaduke ( as well as others sides) with what most folks regard as " The Philiadelphia Funk Brothers"
  8. This might have done the rounds as a topic, so forgive me if so. What record would you have wanted your favourite Northern male/female/group (dead or alive) to have covered- that is Non-N.S. Maybe (...only maybe) exclude some obvious one's e.g. Beatles/Lennon & McCartney, etc. P.S. thought it a bit more light hearted than recent topics
  9. Well Steve, I can only speak for myself. I've never 'bought into anyone's way of life' for anything. Not then- and not now. I jettisoned the scene for many reasons, some of which are highlighted in this topic. And although I might not have witnessed first hand how things have evolved over the past two decades, that doesn't mean i lost touch or lost that feel. There are always people keen to cash in-and civilians keen to participate. Most of us know the differences.
  10. Hi Russ It's just worth a quick mention that returnees(retreads) can also have been 'theoneswhowerethere'...but not maybe for the whole time. It doesn't follow that returnees make for a Div (by any definition).
  11. 1963: A slice of bread and Jam- by Tommy Rhattigan. one boy's year of adventure at the heart of a large Irish family in derelict Hulme. An easy read, but possibly more so if you are familiar with the locations.
  12. Article Highlight: It's the spring issue of member Kenb's now regular infographic Northern Connections series View full article
  13. It's the spring issue of member @Kenb's now regular infographic Northern Connections series This time around there's a debonair touch to the connections Northern Connections #4...
  14. I got Mark's book delivered today-Sat 18th. And read it. I just couldn't put it down. Fascinating accounts on a much overlooked and overdue subject. I'm not a book critic as such...I just loved it. Favourite chapter for me is 13. congratulations, Mark atb ken
  15. I have a 1970 B&S The Motown Story edition- in good cond. I'd be interested in issue 13 or 14 to swap. or possible other early issue. Full description/scans etc if required. atb ken