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  1. OK Queens was it's own night though eh? Used to go there as a teenager, used to get quite a bit of Motown played there, that's why I used to go... Last time I went about 2010 on a visit up-country (lived in Cornwall now twenty years), it was still the same! Shame it's closed down now eh. Queens was a great night back in the day ...
  2. YT comments can be set to need approval of the channel holder before being posted to the page. Could be that.
  3. Mid 8ts used to park near this one, hit it for a couple, on to Boozy Dog, Vaults, then on to Ritzys'...Castle was a top spot for nitelife back then, it was either Castle or Nantwich. The pub being discussed here, can't remember its' actual name back then was full of nurses as North Staffs RI is literally just up the road. Glory days, Ritzy in Castle had been at one time been the famous Tiffanys allniter or was it alldayer?
  4. <snip>
  5. She was going when I was still in the womb, she just showed me this flyer and I couldn't believe it, the last line, free beer for 1/2 an hour, Christ at those prices I can't imagine how much beer I could consume, I remember in a competition once back in the day, downing a pint of Boddies in 5 seconds so...
  6. Yep Chuck Berry has gone. Still my band plus a whole heap of others worldwide will be performing a whole rake of his songs next weekend, as every weekend. And Maybelline, still a lying so and so!
  7. Thanks Chalky and bbrich, those numbers are pretty good then, good on 'em. I've no desire to try DJing as I go to events when I'm not gigging to get away from being on the stage. But yes glad to see that the DJs where possible do get a nice earner. We always put in a good word for our local events on here that are posted, and we attend every event locally that we can subject to work commitments as we both work a lot of weekends, it's important to us that they do OK out of it, if folks don't do all they can to attend and support events then obviously the folks won't put them on and who would blame them? Nobody can run at a loss. Whenever I go to events I'm/we're always happy with the prices we pay, say for example St Ives Soul on Wax weekender 25 squid, three evenings of quality event for that seems very cheap to me, we're local so don't have to get accommodation but for a nice venue, a heap of DJs we consider that very good value for money, in fact looking at prices like 4 or 5 quid for a soul night or 10 to 15 for a niter or mini-niter, the soul scene provides excellent value for money, to the point that we always hope that the promoters and DJs do go home with a few bob in their pocket, we know also that some only break-even or even make a loss which is a shame.
  8. What sort of money do DJs get purely out of curiosity, say a big name at a large event and a smallish name who goes national? Just wondering how it stacks up against being a smallish pro stage musician.
  9. They'd be running at a loss if they did that! OK they'd be running at an even bigger loss.
  10. Where have you seen it Dave? I assumed it would be a USA species, one because they use the 'Hornworm' term and two because I found it in Borror and DeLongs' book. I have extensive knowledge on the Hawk Moth family Sphingidae although in Britain they aren't particularly important as habitat indicator species or of any real conservation importance, I just like them because they are what Entomologists call an 'Oh my'... As in folks say 'Oh my' on account of the size of most of them.
  11. Dave's response although it looks like a joke is actually bang-on! It is indeed Pseudosphinx tetrio (Linne 1771)
  12. Atlantic Soul Collective AND Tony Perrott! This'll be a crackin' nite!
  13. 'Stand up beside the fireplace, take that look from off your face'
  14. Rabbits are well known for ring-barking seedling trees, you can tell when Rabbits have done it because it's low-down and it isn't neat.