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    Like Janec I was last at the Central sometime around 1978. Thought this event was first class. Music spot on and everyone so friendly. Can't praise the day enough. One of the best all-dayers barr none.
  1. Controversial past but musically a Legend.
  2. until

    Getting to and from Jersey was certainly interesting!! That said I have mixed feelings about the event. The people and the hotel were great but some of the music left me confused. Billed as Northern Soul I really struggle to see the relevance of "everlasting love" "night to remember" "this is it" need I go on. If these were played tongue in cheek for those in the know then shame the rest of us weren't in on the joke. I found the afternoon sessions seriously lacking in Northern and think the sessions should have been billed as RnB (and that's pushing the definition) and Ska. Disappointment aside it was great to see old friends, and in-between the faux renaissance sounds great to hear a few belters .
  3. Extremely touching and uplifting. May he grow stronger and stronger with each day.
  4. Hope you all have a fabulous time. The year we went it rained (torrentially) so fingers crossed the sun shines for you.
  5. So very very sad. Heaven is a richer place. RIP x
  6. until

    We have missed just two Skeggy weekenders since it was first launched(excluding those at The Central which we didn't patronise) A couple of Skeggy stalwarts were missing namely Mr Skeggy himself Snowy and Tony Wiggan. Friday and Saturday nights were superb but the Saturday and most of Sunday afternoon sessions were in our humble opinion nothing short of diabolical, no continuity, no playing to the crowd, none of that unique Skeggy atmosphere, with the DJ's announcing a no request policy??? . Sunday evening catered only for new soul. We totally get that for this wonderful genre to survive the young must carry that torch, and that is a fantastic thing, but surely it's not too much to ask for those older and loyal Skeggy soulies to expect to hear some established sounds. if only for an hour during the afternoon.