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  1. I think you're right, for sure on UK Ebay, what a shambles......................
  2. There appears to be a significant change in people selling repros/boots/re-issues, etc. Some now don't even say when it's a repro, it's just listed as a NS record for sale. Seeing those Younghearts going now for £120+people must be bonkers to pay that sort of money for a boot. Where will it all end ?
  3. I paid less for some originals last year
  4. True enough quite a tricky one, for some reason most of her PI releases didn't seem to make it past demo and with this on the B isde you need to find an issue, good luck.
  5. Only one that counts, the 7" version.
  6. Well, good luck in your search, please post when you've found one and what you paid, I'm sure you'll find one for about £20/25.00 it's not one of the "must haves" doing the rounds.
  7. There are some for sale on Discogs starting at a fiver a go.
  8. You should find one at about £20/25.00 depending on condition. There are 2 different labels, the one above and a purple one. God luck.
  9. ??????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. If you buy in the USA ALWAYS ask the seller to put a low value on it, most will do so anyway or gladly comply if you ask.
  11. I used to have that LP
  12. "Investigate" signed by Major Lance at the Torch in 1972
  13. For heaven's sake..........................
  14. Seller described it as VG- but it looked fabulous condition. A EX+ went for £450.00 and another EX for £400.00 but having said that the way Ebay going right now who the freck knows ?
  15. If £400 - 500 will break your bank account there's a legitimate UK issue (from the 70s ?) on MCA that'll cost you about £25 - 30.00 and a 1970s re-issue/boot done by our old friends in LA, Monarch, they also go for about £30/40.00.