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  1. I see he's already sold one, also seems to have sold a bunch of Bobby Reed on Bell, gets almost 100% positive feedback.
  2. Ask him what he's actually selling ?
  3. Am I missing something ? A price (and condition) ?
  4. Sure is and if 2 bidders want it logic's out the window the price rises faster than a souffle................
  5. Makes sense Run for cover was released in 1966, so the GRT one was a later issue.
  6. "Over again"
  7. Strange there were 2 last week, they both went for less £30.00 each.
  8. Probably worth about + - £40.00 maybe a bit more.
  9. These are pretty rare and well worth having
  10. I'm tempted to say "one is black, the others is blue" usual different pressing plants, times, etc they're both original.
  11. There have been a couple of Ebay last week, one black & one blue (I prefer blue) they went for about £25/30, good luck.
  12. I've had a couple of those on the GRT Cadet label, anybody know the story why it came out on both types of Cadet ?
  13. + - £25 - 35 depending on condition.
  14. Seem to remember seeing them once at the Marquee in London, we got in as they were halfway through their act. As always the records are better than the live performance.
  15. I'm so glad, I would have hated to have binned it, well done