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  1. Got to see "Wolf of Wall street" at last, crikey 3 hours of non-stop drugs and sex. Wonder if it really was so wild ?
  2. No not bootlegged not a real biggie or worth doing I would have thought. Black issue, white demo.
  3. Good luck, years and years ago you could pick one up for about £25 - 30 whilst the US ABC ones were going for more than £50.00, don't know why it changed.
  4. They do go for silly money right now, at least £100.00, you'd be better off getting the US ABC release.
  5. The top teams will always go through, does anybody really believe that Burkina Faso will reach the group phase whilst Chile or Holland remain at home ? Love the "will generate about €600 million extra revenue that will be re-invested in football". For Infantino to get the votes he needed he promised all the Mickey Mouse countries a shot at the WC (aka money). The guy's just a slicker version of Blatter, heaven help FIFA because they don't seem to be able to do so.
  6. Well got to see "Sulley" yesterday, very, very good film. In terms of acting & producing, a very polished performance. As for the story plot, always a tough one when it's based on a true story but generally the film is accurate, although no mention of the fact that Airbus aircraft have water tight undercarriage doors, had it been either a Boeing 737 or McDonnell Douglas MD-80, the US's two other major fleet aircraft, they probably wouldn't have got off so lightly. Christiane was shocked with that US corporate/litigating culture where you guilty until proven innocent. What the film also showed was the US's "can do" culture, showing initiative without being asked or indeed asking, it's something I've always admired in America. Well recommended.
  7. Thanks will do that.
  8. Going to see "Sulley" tomorrow, brother's seen it says it's good.
  9. I asked it on a couple of dog lovers who couldn't tell me if it was cruel or not. The digs seem to love doing it but of course they can't speak so we don't really know.
  10. It's massive over here especially down in Flanders, during the Spring & Summer it's a risk just getting out of your car for fear of being crapped on by a swarm of pigeons!! By the same token "Is it cruel having Husky dogs pull a sledge in the snow ?"
  11. That's true, the whole gaggle that used to be stocked at that Leighton Buzzard record shop (can't remember the name) in the 1970s (Hesitations, Younghearts, Rose Batiste, Barbara Mills, etc) sell now for near original money. In a dark room it's tough to tell them from originals and the Johnny-come-lately/Bedroom DJs do buy them.
  12. I sell quite a bit on Ebay, you'd be surprised how many buyers come back and say "Oh! I didn't see/read that". I am sure they just see the photo-scan, price and bid accordingly.
  13. Does anyone drive/own and old or classic car ? I suspect that if you collect old records then you may "collect" old cars ? I've had a few, sold my last one, a TRiumph TR6, when we moved last year. I came into a small amount of money this year and now I'm retired looked for something else. I bought a 1986 MG Maestro, in Spain, nice and rust-free. Anybody else own an old car ? I know Steve Proudlove has an old ford Corsair.
  14. I'm pretty sure I had some on vinyl
  15. I believe the record just made it into the Billboard Top 100
  16. Wouldn't mind seeing a copy of that. Back in about 1998/99 I bought about 10 copies of Johnny Sayles in the US, all were DJ copies and the seller scratched out the "not for sale" text they were originals but has less text on them than regular copies. I'm guessing because of the 1960s chaos to get records pressed standards were not always followed.
  17. Mines the top one, I've had all of them and prefer the bottom one, never like the white one much, but hey-ho as long as it's an original.
  18. And yet in 1972 it was quite a rare record.
  19. All three of these are orginals
  20. Was never booted, did you see one on Popsike where seller says it's a re-issue or boot ?
  21. I see that Silent Witness is back on the BBC next week, its 20th season, one of the few long running programs that doesn't suffer from story fatigue. Besides always fancied that Emilia Fox, she's a real fox..............
  22. Original EX Younghearts @ £60.00
  23. Not much, about + - £20/25.00