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  1. Wasn't this issued by Legacy about 15 years ago ?
  2. Well done !!!!!!!
  3. I'm not a 100000000000000000% sure but 1st pressing have the large text, later issues smaller text and the boots have Vulture music missing on the left.
  4. Only ever officially came out on Lizard. Ones with larger text are 1st issues, the smaller print later (not by much).
  5. Don't laugh I saw one yesterday being bid at about £110.00
  6. Ooo's a DJ copy
  7. I've bought a few ranging from £40 - 50 a piece, the Italian issue is worth searching out, about same price.
  8. Some of the small junk shops that used to be around the London South Circular, got a Spellbinders - Help me, Bobby Reed - I'll find a way, Darrell Banks - I got that feeling on Atco, Ila Van on Volt (?) all for about 20p each. They mostly sold 2nd hand furniture but there'd always be a record box.
  9. Yeah........+ - £40.00 sounds about OK
  10. I got told that when I woz a kid, I believed it too !!
  11. When LPs were the primary medium for the commercial distribution of sound recordings, manufacturers would cut the corner, punch a hole, or add a notch to the spine of the jacket of unsold records returned from retailers; these "cut-outs" might then be re-sold to record retailers or other sales outlets for sale at a discounted price. 45 RPM singles records were usually drilled with a hole through the label, or stamped "C.O.". A special section of a record store devoted to such items was known as the cut-out bin or bargain bin.
  12. Can anyone tell me if this is a pukka release ? Are there others ? Many thanks
  13. There's a Belgian pressing of "Self defense" for their Popcorn scene.
  14. SS ain't like it woz...................... There are some legit labels with some Spellbinders stuff, plus a few more less than legal. Couldn't find anything on the net so I'm guessing some sort of boot. Strange because "For you" is hardly rare.
  15. The worst is yet to come.............................
  16. They're scratching their poles..............
  17. This is the 2nd most bizarre (Top Shite) hobby, it's called "Vinkensport". It's a competitive animal sport in which male common chaffinches are made to compete for the highest number of bird calls in an hour. As of 2007, it was estimated that there are over 13,000 enthusiasts, called vinkeniers ("finchers"), breeding 10,000 birds every year.
  18. I had the find of my life in the Pittsburgh area, an unfound load of 90.000 records, all mint, 2 Willie Kendricks, 3 Trends, 1 Major Lance - You don't want, the list went on and on. It was a rough area and I knew the bloke I bought from knew that I had bought a bunch of gems but just had no idea to know their prices. Once in a lifetime. I used to pick stuff all around Cleveland from about 1993 - 1999 reckon the oldies or their kids were selling their records to the old record shops.
  19. Dirge that too............................
  20. I think you're right, for sure on UK Ebay, what a shambles......................
  21. There appears to be a significant change in people selling repros/boots/re-issues, etc. Some now don't even say when it's a repro, it's just listed as a NS record for sale. Seeing those Younghearts going now for £120+people must be bonkers to pay that sort of money for a boot. Where will it all end ?
  22. I paid less for some originals last year
  23. True enough quite a tricky one, for some reason most of her PI releases didn't seem to make it past demo and with this on the B isde you need to find an issue, good luck.
  24. Only one that counts, the 7" version.