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  1. True enough quite a tricky one, for some reason most of her PI releases didn't seem to make it past demo and with this on the B isde you need to find an issue, good luck.
  2. Only one that counts, the 7" version.
  3. Well, good luck in your search, please post when you've found one and what you paid, I'm sure you'll find one for about £20/25.00 it's not one of the "must haves" doing the rounds.
  4. There are some for sale on Discogs starting at a fiver a go.
  5. You should find one at about £20/25.00 depending on condition. There are 2 different labels, the one above and a purple one. God luck.
  6. ??????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. If you buy in the USA ALWAYS ask the seller to put a low value on it, most will do so anyway or gladly comply if you ask.
  8. I used to have that LP
  9. "Investigate" signed by Major Lance at the Torch in 1972
  10. For heaven's sake..........................
  11. Seller described it as VG- but it looked fabulous condition. A EX+ went for £450.00 and another EX for £400.00 but having said that the way Ebay going right now who the freck knows ?
  12. If £400 - 500 will break your bank account there's a legitimate UK issue (from the 70s ?) on MCA that'll cost you about £25 - 30.00 and a 1970s re-issue/boot done by our old friends in LA, Monarch, they also go for about £30/40.00.
  13. Guess in today's market about £400.00 maybe a bit more.
  14. I had one of these and compared it with an original, I'm sure it's a boot or at least some sort of re-issue
  15. I see he's already sold one, also seems to have sold a bunch of Bobby Reed on Bell, gets almost 100% positive feedback.
  16. Ask him what he's actually selling ?
  17. Looking for a CD called Detroit Desirables? I can't seem to find it!! Here is the track list Detroit Desirables: Unreleased Classics 1. The Andates Solid As A Rock 2. Andrea Henry You'll Be Sorry 3. Bobby Sheppard Surely 4. The Peps She's Gonna Leave You 5. Andrea Henry Time Fades Away 6. The Contours Keep On Trying('Til I Win Your Love) 7. Kim Weston I'm Gonna Make It Up To You 8. Four Voices You Love Is Getting Stronger 9. The Strides I'm So Glad We're Together 10. Ruby Andrews I'll Let Him Take Me (In His Arms) 11. Valerie Simpson There Comes A Time 12. Leon Haywood It Ain't No Use 13. The Supremes Just A Little Misunderstanding 14. Brenda Holloway All Your Love 15. The Contours I Like Everything About You 16. The Chalfontes Bill 17. Martha & Vandellas Baby Don't Leave Me 18. Fantastic Four Lightning Struck My Heart 19. Uti & The Utilettes Take A Step In The Right Direction 20. Kim Weston I've Got A Weak Heart 21. The Supremes Don't Let True Love Die 22. The Supremes It's All Your Fault 23. The Supremes Heaven Must Have Sent You Any ideas anyone - got one for sale or copy ??
  18. Am I missing something ? A price (and condition) ?
  19. Sure is and if 2 bidders want it logic's out the window the price rises faster than a souffle................
  20. I've had a couple of those on the GRT Cadet label, anybody know the story why it came out on both types of Cadet ?
  21. Makes sense Run for cover was released in 1966, so the GRT one was a later issue.
  22. "Over again"
  23. Strange there were 2 last week, they both went for less £30.00 each.
  24. Probably worth about + - £40.00 maybe a bit more.