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  1. patti williams - i'm doing the best that i can - forward vg+ £60
  2. mancha / paris round about same time, different source
  3. tonis legal team dont beat around the bush
  5. another one went through ebay last month
  6. it's had 4 official releases 1.. kent 100 club anniversary 1991 2.. horaces 1991 3.. kent 117 b/w "i play for keeps" 4..kent 135 2009 b/w karmello brookes
  7. he played the eyes of blue - heart trouble, covered as george clinton
  8. on the few occasions i aired my discs in public last year the monclairs - wait for me always found its way onto the decks
  9. patti williams - i'm doing the best that i can - forward vg+ £60
  10. manufactured by CHEST productions corp
  11. must be business accounts, i've just withdrawn a tenner from my personal paypal account
  12. just to add to the confusion, i had one of these sent over from jamaica a couple of years ago
  13. mary saxton - sad eyes - birchmount vinyl vg++ sleeve vg+ £100 nice copy of this rare album which contains the tracks losing control and take my heart graded in accordance with soul source record grading system M- As good as it gets, practically an untouched record that plays as if it were brand new store stock VG++The odd barely discernible surface mark or minor blemish, nothing that will affect play in any way. VG+ A few more marks or light scuffs than a VG++ record but still sounds fine for listening and/or DJing. No scratches.Light surface wear. A used but far from abused copy. VG Scuffs and light scratches throughout, most can't be felt. Expect some surface wear throughout the record with light surface noise and possibly a few pops in places. Should still serve as a suitable player copy for listening & DJing. VG- The record may have some scratches that will be deep enough to feel. Audible clicks and pops are likely consistent throughout the grooves.Expect noticeable noise throughout, NO SKIPS though. G A record that has been played and not taken care of. Constant background noise will be present. NO SKIPS but such records are the lowest grade likely to still serve as a cheap filler copy for those in need