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  1. or you could just get yourself one of these
  2. took some doing but, now plays fine with just a light click , however i dont think it will appear on manships christmas mints auction anytime soon
  3. which has now been repaired and is nicely tucked up in my dj box
  4. 2 mixes of peggy woods - love is gonna get you, one with and one without the horns
  5. patti williams - i'm doing the best that i can - forward vg+ £60
  6. eddie foster - i never knew
  7. patti williams - i'm doing the best that i can - forward vg+ £60
  8. mancha / paris round about same time, different source
  9. tonis legal team dont beat around the bush
  11. another one went through ebay last month
  12. it's had 4 official releases 1.. kent 100 club anniversary 1991 2.. horaces 1991 3.. kent 117 b/w "i play for keeps" 4..kent 135 2009 b/w karmello brookes
  13. he played the eyes of blue - heart trouble, covered as george clinton
  14. on the few occasions i aired my discs in public last year the monclairs - wait for me always found its way onto the decks