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  1. Owz that!! Full set.... Took me years, your number one being the hardest, not last just the toughest to aquire. Not for sale!! Dazz
  2. All now sold
  3. The showmen - our love will grow - Swan Honey & the bees - why do you hurt the one who loves you - Arctic Tony Danials - How lonely - sport E.T.white and his great potential band - loosen up - great potential records Ok....all above all play through with no skips or jumps but all have pops and clicks, labels showing wear n tear or have writing on label. The pops n clicks are only audible on run in and all play loud n clear after. £40.00 on each 45 Pm to reserve buyer pays p n p
  4. Wayyyyyyy too cheap!! For today's market, but it's refreshing to see people selling with a sense of reality. Top marks!! Dazz
  5. Pmd ya
  6. that was myself you and Andy Dyson and I seem to remember we got to around 20 ish separate copies not copies that have been shared around. so in essence, not insanely rare considering the price tag, but it's real deal grab ya by the bollocks northern. dazz
  7. Near mint canadian Quality Allen Sisters..........Had it about a month , was playing a few..as you do...when resting my blakka box lid in the upright position NOT beyond 90 degree (the fatal error) and crash!! all done for the sisters, three clean pieces. Dazz
  8. WIND HIT Both labels and vinyl are just as you would want them to be.....excellent Reduced from 1400 to 1200 need to shift. Scans on request. S D postage Inc. Pm for more information Thanks Dazz
  9. Jackie wilson. You brought about a change in me. Always finish with it. Dazz
  10. Not sure what you mean when you say how does that work....simple really. I have records in my play box I don't like, but will play simply because it's not my call.....dance floor is king, punters give money over, I get paid to keep the floor going, if a tune is requested I got but may not like I will still play it.....provided it fits the rest of the set And defo not only just the tried and tested, I like most djs worth there salt should introduce "new" tunes. It is what the scene "was" all about after all. Dazz
  11. Well said Mr. Rimmer I ALWAYS play to the floor, its not what I want to hear that matters, or me playing Billy big bollocks, look what I just brought, dance floor is king as far as I am concerned after all it is supposed to be primarily a dance scene. I even have records in my play box I actually don't like and play em at times if it would suit the flow of any given set Dazz
  12. Never ever played a "boot" ever. Don't own a boot. The list of tunes given earlier in thread contains plenty of very near 4 fig value 45's in TODAYS market place. I really can't be bothered to explain why it's just plain wrong to play anything other than original vinyl as there is a few important reasons and it would just go on and on. And let's make this clear, its also not right to play " legit British reissues " which were made on the back of the popularity of the soul scene generally in the 70's. There is ONE JUST ONE exception to the rule..... Betty boo say it isn't so 70's grapevine, that's it.... No others!! Again can't be arsed to explain why, if you need to ask or you just don't get it then it's just pointless. Dazz
  13. Cheers danny
  14. Funny
  15. Dj timings please Danny. Dazz